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• This appliance is intended to be used in
household and similar applications such as
- staff kitchen areas in shops, offices and other
working environments;
- farm houses and by clients in hotels, motels
and other residential type environments;
- bed and breakfast type environments.
To ensure best use of your appliance, carefully
read the operating instructions which contain
a description of the product and useful advice.
Keep these instructions for future reference.
1. Packing
The packing material is 100% recyclable and bears
the recycling symbol. For disposal, comply with the
local regulations. Keep the packing materials (plastic
bags, polystyrene parts, etc.) out of the reach of
children, as they are a potential source of danger.
2. Scrapping/Disposal
Danger of suffocation from packaging
materials and films!
The appliance is manufactured using recyclable
This appliance is marked in compliance with
European Directive 2002/96/EC on Waste Electrical
and Electronic Equipment (WEEE). By ensuring the
correct disposal of this appliance, you can help
prevent potentially negative consequences for the
environment and the health of persons.
The symbol
on the appliance, or on the
accompanying documents, indicates that this
appliance should not be treated as domestic waste
but must be taken to a special collection centre for
the recycling of electrical and electronic equipment.
Scrap the appliance in compliance with local
regulations on waste disposal, taking it to a special
collection centre.
For further information on the treatment, recovery
and recycling of this product, contact your
competent local office, the household waste
collection service or the shop where you purchased
the appliance.
1. After unpacking the appliance, make sure it is
not damaged and that the door closes properly.
Any damage must be reported to the dealer
within 24 hours of delivery of the appliance.
2. Wait at least two hours before switching the
appliance on, to ensure that the refrigerant
circuit is fully efficient.
3. Installation and the electrical connection must
be carried out by a qualified technician
according to the manufacturer's instructions and
in compliance with the local safety regulations.
4. Clean the inside of the appliance before using it.
This appliance does not contain CFCs. The
refrigerant circuit contains R134a (HFC) or R600a
(HC) (see the rating plate inside the appliance).
Appliances with Isobutane (R600a): isobutane is a
natural gas without environmental impact, but is
flammable. Therefore, make sure the refrigerant
circuit pipes are not damaged.
This product may contain Fluorinated Greenhouse
Gases covered by the Kyoto Protocol; the
refrigerant gas is inside a hermetically sealed
Refrigerant gas: R134a has a Global Warming
Potential of (GWP) 1300.
Declaration of conformity
• This appliance has been designed for preserving
food and is manufactured in compliance with
Regulation (CE) No. 1935/2004.
• This appliance has been designed, manufactured
and marketed in compliance with:
- safety objectives of the "Low Voltage"
Directive 2006/95/CE (which replaces
73/23/CEE and subsequent amendments);
- the protection requirements of Directive
"EMC" 2004/108/EC.
Electrical safety of the appliance can only be
guaranteed if it is correctly connected to an
approved earthing system.


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  • Page 1: Before Using The Appliance

    BEFORE USING THE APPLIANCE • This appliance is intended to be used in 1. After unpacking the appliance, make sure it is household and similar applications such as not damaged and that the door closes properly. - staff kitchen areas in shops, offices and other Any damage must be reported to the dealer working environments;...
  • Page 2: Safety And Warning Information

    SAFETY AND WARNING INFORMATION SAFETY • When scrapping the appliance, make it unusable • Do not store explosive substances such as by cutting off the power cable and removing the aerosol cans with a flammable propellant in this doors and shelves so that children cannot easily appliance.
  • Page 3 • Keep the appliance ventilation openings free. WARNING • Install the appliance in a dry and well-ventilated Electrical Shock Hazard! place. The appliance is arranged for operation in • Power cable modification or replacement must places where the temperature comes within the only be carried out by qualified personnel or by following ranges, according to the climatic class After-sales Service.
  • Page 4: Freezer Use

    FREEZER USE 6th SENSE food but to dispose of the entire content of the GREEN INTELLIGENCE freezer. The Black Out Alarm is designed to The 6th Sense/ Green Intelligence function works provide guidance on food quality in the freezer to maintain the right temperature in the following in the event of electricity black out.
  • Page 5 activated (if at all). Do not activate the function function, briefly touch the button , without more frequently than once every 12 hours. keeping it pressed for more than 1 second. 2. Make sure that the "Fast Freeze" function is not active: "Shock Freeze"...
  • Page 6 STORE FOOD IN THE APPLIANCE TIPS FOR FREEZING AND STORING FRESH under optimal conditions and defrosting may FOOD have already begun. • Before freezing, wrap and seal fresh food in: • When shopping, leave frozen food purchases aluminium foil, cling film, air and water-tight until last and transport the products in a plastic bags, polythene containers with lids or thermally insulated cool bag.
  • Page 7 TWIST ICE MAKER HOW TO MAKE ICE CUBES HOW TO TAKE ICE CUBES You can remove the complete Twist Ice Maker 1. Make sure that the storage bin is in place under (press and hold (1) the leveler on the left and push the ice tray.
  • Page 8: Tips For Saving Energy

    RECOMANDATION IN CASE OF NO USE OF THE APPLIANCE Short vacation 3. Screw the adjustable feet so that they do not There is no need to disconnect the appliance from touch the support surface. the power supply if you will be away for less than 4.
  • Page 9: Maintenance And Cleaning

    MAINTENANCE AND CLEANING WARNING Danger of electric shock! Before any cleaning or maintenance operation, unplug the appliance from the mains or disconnect the electrical power supply. Periodically clean the appliance with a cloth and a solution of lukewarm water and neutral detergent specifically for refrigerator interiors.
  • Page 10: Troubleshooting Guide

    TROUBLESHOOTING GUIDE Before contacting After-sales Service… • Is the water turned on? Is water getting to the Performance problems often result from little automatic ice maker? things you can find and fix yourself without tools of • Is there a water filter installed on the appliance any kind.
  • Page 11 If there is moisture build-up: • If the room is very humid, it is normal for • Make sure that air flow vents inside the moisture to build up inside the refrigerator. compartment are not blocked, as this prevents If the doors do not open and close properly: the circulation of air.
  • Page 12 ELECTRICAL CONNECTION FOR GREAT BRITAIN AND IRELAND ONLY Warning - this appliance must be earthed Fuse replacement If the mains lead of this appliance is fitted with a BS 1363A 13amp fused plug, to change a fuse in this type of plug use an A.S.T.A.

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