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Sony Effio-V User Manual

Hd day/night camera.
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Sony Effio-V HD Day/Night Camera
Apply to:Box Camera, IR Waterproof Camera, Dome Camera .
Thank you for purchasing our products. Please read the manual carefully
before operating
(Build-in OSD)
User's Manual


Table of Contents

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  • Page 1 Sony Effio-V HD Day/Night Camera (Build-in OSD) User’s Manual Apply to:Box Camera, IR Waterproof Camera, Dome Camera . Thank you for purchasing our products. Please read the manual carefully before operating Website:
  • Page 2 The limited stated: The information included in this article is according to the current edition content establishment, regarding this contains, the content doesn’t make any statement or the guarantee. In addition this article will possibly not contain the information which will be changed, without notice situation.
  • Page 3 Safety Precaution This symbol means that there might exist uninsulated dangerous voltage inside the case, be careful of electric shock This symbol reminds you to pay attention to important operation and maintenance instructions in the accompanied information Warning In order to prevent damage caused by fire or electric shock, please do not put cameras exposed in the moist environment or rainwater Please make sure the adapter is consistent with product specifications, otherwise it might cause fire, electric shock or damage.
  • Page 4 Notes Do not make the products under great impact or stay away from strong electromagnetic interference and vibration. There are some sophisticated parts inside the camera, therefore, during transportation and installation, please avoid the damage cause by stress or severe vibration. For the sake of safety, please do not switch on power before accomplishing all installation.
  • Page 5: Table Of Contents

    Contents I、Feature......................6 II、Interface ......................7 2.1 Interface ....................7 III、OSD ......................8 3.1 Scene select..................8 3.1.1 Shutter/AGC ...............8 3.1.2 WHITE BAL..............10 3.1.3 HLI/BLC ................10 3.1.4 WDR .................11 3.1.5 DNR..................12 3.1.6 DAY/NIGHT..............12 3.1.7 DEFOG ................14 3.2 PICT ADJUST ................14 3.3 EZOOM ..................16 3.4 DIS (Digital image stabilization).............16 3.5 Privacy ....................17 3.6 Motion detection ................17 3.7 SYS Setting..................18...
  • Page 6: I、feature

    I、Feature New Generation SONY CCD and DSP Adopting the latest CCD and DSP, the camera can receive clear and lucid images even at circumstances with very low illumination. Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) WDR Camera adopts cutting-edge and effective technology. With this function it can see all the view both inside the house and outside of the window with different lighting.
  • Page 7: Interface

    II、Interface 2.1 Interface ENTER Push the joystick down to enter OSD menu Select the desired feature by using Joystick UP/DOWN with Up / Down direction Change the status of the selected feature by LEFT/RIGHT using Joystick with Left / Right direction VIDEO TEST/ Additional video out for installation VIDEO OUT...
  • Page 8: Osd

    III、OSD Press“Enter”button for 2s, camera screen will pop up system main menu. (eg, pic 1) 3.1 Scene select Users can select different scene according to camera environment, including automatic, indoor, outdoor, backlit, traffic monitoring, user-defined.. 3.1.1 Shutter/AGC Move the cursor to the main menu function "Scene Select" menu item , press the "...
  • Page 9 control and "manual" control, and "fixed" control, the user can " left and right " to be set according to actual needs. a. Select "Auto" setting type, press the “Confirm “button to enter the sub-menu of Automatic Control Inside Auto Iris setting submenu, there have “AE LEVEL", “AGC MAX ", “SENS UP"...
  • Page 10: White Bal

    3.1.2 WHITE BAL It can restore the authenticity of the color when it is affected by the change of temperature. The user can choose different white balance mode accordingly, ATW/PUSH/USER1/USER2/ MANUAL/PUSH LOCK. Normally, only when you choose “user defined” setting can adjust the mood, otherwise the white balance is fixed 3.1.3 HLI/BLC In the main menu, press the cursor to “Scene Selection”, press “Enter”...
  • Page 11: Wdr

    3.1.4 WDR The WDR feature improves the dynamic range and the visibility of the image by providing the optimal gradation compensation of the image in one field. This is achieved by two ways of image processing, luminance compression and contrast enhancement, so that the tone can be enhanced at highlighted and dark areas For WDR, there are two sets.
  • Page 12: Dnr

    3.1.5 DNR In the main menu, press the cursor to “Scene Selection”, press “Enter” button to enter “advanced settings” sub-menu. In the "noise reduction" menu press "enter" button to enter the "noise reduction" sub-menu, it can adjust the level of noise reduction, the bigger the value , the higher the noise reduction level .
  • Page 13 In the main menu, press the cursor to “Scene Selection”, press “ENTER” button to enter “advanced settings” sub-menu. In the “Day/Night”, press “left” “right” key to select “white mode”, “black mode”, “auto mode”. A. Auto mode In the “Day/Night” menu, press “left” “right” key to select “Auto mode” and press “ENTER”...
  • Page 14: Defog

    3.1.7 DEFOG You can choose the Defog function according the environment, Defog can be used to help improve the captured image in poor weather conditions such as smog, fog, or smoke. The visibility of the cameras can be enhanced in any weather condition.
  • Page 15 Function Option BRIGHTNESS 000-255 CONTRAST 000-255 SHARPNESS 000-255 000-255 COLOR GAIN 000-255 Page15of28...
  • Page 16: Ezoom

    3.3 EZOOM n the OSD main menu to choose " EZOOM", Press “ENTER” button to bring up the setup sub-menu, in the EZOOM SETUP, users can do setup according to the needs of area size and position. 3.4 DIS (Digital image stabilization) Digital image stabilization (DIS) is a family of techniques used to reduce blurring associated with the motion of a camera during exposure.
  • Page 17: Privacy

    3.5 Privacy 15 areas optional, user can adjust the size, position, color, transparency of the chosen area Privacy shield can be setup for 1-15 areas, when mode is setup to open, users can press the “up” “down” "left" "right" “ENTER” to select the parameter of areas’...
  • Page 18: Sys Setting

    The detect sense: 0-127. Interval:0-127 Block DISP: there is on/off two choices. There is a diagram displaying when you choose on, otherwise, there is not diagram Mask area: Set whether to participate in the relevant area motion detection, when the block selected area, this area will be involved in motion detection. Monitoring area: Four visual surveillance area and users can adjust the parameter value to adjust the surveillance area location.
  • Page 19: Sync Camera

    3.7.1 Sync Camera the system default is "Internal synchronization" mode 3.7.2 Lens Lens Type can be set to "Auto” lens, "manual" Lens 2 types, the user can select the type of lens by the menu "left and right”. When using the optional auto iris lens can select "DC / VIDEO"...
  • Page 20: Image Flip Function

    3.7.3 Image flip function Move the cursor to "flip" item, press left and right to select "off" to "flip" turn "vertical" "horizontal vertical flip" option. 3.7.4 Communication In the System Settings sub-menu, move the cursor to the "Communication", press "ENTER" to enter the communication settings sub-menu, the user can set up "address", "baud rate"...
  • Page 21: Camera Id

    3.7.5 Camera ID In system settings submenu, move the cursor to "CAMERA ID SETUP" option, press the "ENTER" key to enter into the camera set up submenu. Then can set the camera name. You can set the camera code as numbers, uppercase letters, and related symbols..
  • Page 22: Language

    3.8 Language Move to the first line of the main menu, press left or right to enter the next page to set.\ The “Language” function were designed for the Surveillance camera’ menu, there are eight languages“English, Chinese, Japanese, German, French, Russian, Portuguese, Spanish”...
  • Page 23: White Pixel Mask

    3.9.1 White Pixel Mask When used in high-temperature environment, there might be dead pixel on CCD sensor. With this function on, the dead pixel is to be masked so as to improve the picture quality. There are three options---Manual , Auto and clear data 3.9.2 Camera reset “Camera reset”designed to delete all the configuration it set before, please confirm before this operation, or it will restore factory setting.
  • Page 24: Exit / Save All

    3.10 EXIT / SAVE ALL Press to restore all the settings to the default values. SAVE ALL Press to save all the settings made. NOTE: There will be no prompt windows while the settings are being saved. EXIT Press to exit the OSD menu. NOTE: Before exit the OSD menu, please press SAVE ALL<┘...
  • Page 25: Specification

    IV、Specification Image Sensor 1/3 Sony Double Scan CCD+EFFIO-V CXD4141 DSP PAL:976(H)×582(V) Effective Pixel NTSC:976(H)×494(V) System PAL/NTSC Low/Middle/High SYNC Internal Shutter 1/50~1/10000s; Auto AGC/AGC+Slow Shutter S/N Ratio More than 50dB(AGC OFF) Video Out 1.0Vp-p,75ohms Resolution 700TVL Minimum Color 0.1Lux(F1.2,50IRE,AGC ON), Illumination B/W :0.001Lux(F1.2,50IRE,AGC ON)
  • Page 26 Contrast 0-255 Sharpness 0-15 ±10% (AC24V Optional) Power DC12V Consumption 2.0W Operating C~+50 Temperature Operating Less than 90% Humidity Storage C~+60 Temperature Storage 20~95% Humidity Page26of28...
  • Page 27: Faq

    V、FAQ 1、No Image after installation a、check if the power is on b、check the cable connection。 c、check if the monitor is on 2、flicking image after installation Check the cable connection 3、could not control OSD by RS485 a、check the cable connection b、check the communication address and baud rate 4、camera does not turn B/W at night Set the Day/Night Mode to Auto through OSD 5、Noisy Image at night...
  • Page 28 Page28of28...

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