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Samsung 3 SERIES User Manual

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  • Page 1 TA350 TA550 LED TV MONITOR (MFM TV) user manual imagine the possibilities Thank you for purchasing this Samsung product. To receive more complete service, please register your product at
  • Page 2 Figures and illustrations in this User Manual are provided for reference only and may differ from actual product appearance. Product design and specifications may be changed without notice. Still image warning Avoid displaying still images (like jpeg picture files) or still image element (like TV programme logo, panorama or 4:3 image format, stock or news bar at screen bottom etc.) on the screen.
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    Contents Getting Started Safety Precautions 11 Accessories 12 Installing the Stand 13 Viewing the Control Panel 14 Viewing the Remote Control Connections 15 Connecting to an Antenna 15 Plug & Play (Initial Setup) 16 Connecting to an AV Device 18 Connecting to an Audio Device 19 Connecting to a PC 20 Changing the Input Source Basic Features...
  • Page 4: Getting Started

    Getting Started Getting Started Safety Precautions Icons used for safety precautions Failing to follow the precautions marked with this sign may result in a serious injury or WARNING even a fatality. Failing to follow the precautions marked with this sign may result in a personal injury or CAUTIoN property damage.
  • Page 5 Getting Started Caution Avoid unplugging the power plug Make sure to use only the power while the product is operating. cord supplied by our company. In addition, do not use the power cord y otherwise, it may damage the of another electric appliance. product due to electric shock.
  • Page 6 If the product is installed in a location where the operating conditions vary considerably, a serious quality problem may SAMSUNG occur due to the surrounding environment. In this case, install the product only after consulting one of our service engineers about the matter.
  • Page 7 Getting Started Cleaning Related ¦ Warning Before cleaning the product, When cleaning the product, do unplug the power cord. not spray water directly over the product parts. y otherwise, it may result in electric shock or fire. y Make sure that water does not enter the product.
  • Page 8 Getting Started If the product generates a strange Avoid letting children hang or climb noise, a burning smell, or smoke, onto the product. unplug the power plug immediately y otherwise, it may result in the and contact a service centre. product falling and this may y otherwise, it may result in result in injury or death.
  • Page 9 Getting Started Avoid placing a liquid container Do not press down hard on the such as a vase, flowerpot, product. The product may become beverage, cosmetics or drugs, or a deformed or damaged. metal object over the product. y If water or substances enter the product, turn the power off, unplug the power cord and contact a service centre.
  • Page 10 Getting Started Avoid placing a heavy object over When using headphones or the product. earphones, do not turn the volume too high. y otherwise, it may result in a problem with the product or y Having the sound too loud may injury.
  • Page 11: Accessories

    Getting Started Accessories ✎ Please make sure the following items are included with your TV. If any items are missing, contact your dealer. ✎ The items’ colours and shapes may vary depending on the models. ✎ Cables not included in the package contents can be purchased separately. ✎...
  • Page 12: Installing The Stand

    Getting Started Installing the Stand ✎ Before assembling the product, place the product down on a flat and stable surface so that the screen is facing downwards. Insert the Stand Connector into the Check if the Stand Connector is firmly Turn the connecting screw at the Stand in the direction shown by the connected.
  • Page 13: Viewing The Control Panel

    Getting Started Viewing the Control Panel ✎ The product colour and shape may vary depending on the model. Control Panel Speakers Power Indicator Blinks and turns off when the power is on and lights up in standby mode. Remote control sensor Aim the remote control towards this spot on the TV.
  • Page 14: Viewing The Remote Control

    Getting Started Viewing the Remote Control ✎ This is a special remote control for the visually impaired persons and has Braille points on the Power, Channel and Volume buttons. POWER SOURCE Turns the TV on and off. Displays and selects the available video sources.
  • Page 15: Connections

    Connections Connections Connecting to an Antenna When the TV is initially powered on, basic settings proceed automatically. ✎ Preset: Connecting the mains and antenna. ANT OUT Plug & Play (Initial Setup) When the TV is initially powered on, a sequence of on-screen prompts will assist in configuring basic settings. Press the POWERP button.
  • Page 16: Connecting To An Av Device

    Connections Connecting to an AV Device Using an HDMI or an HDMI to DVI cable (up to 1080p) Available devices: DVD, Blu-ray player, HD cable box, HD STB (Set-Top-Box) satellite receiver, VCR DVD / HDMI OUT Blu-ray player DVI OUT DVD / Blu-ray player AUDIO OUT...
  • Page 17 Connections Using a Component (up to 1080p) or an Audio/Video (480i only) Available devices: DVD, Blu-ray player, HD cable box, HD STB (Set-Top-Box) satellite receiver, VCR DVD / Blu-ray player AUDIO OUT COMPONENT OUT AUDIO OUT VIDEO OUT R-AUDIO-L R-AUDIO-L White Blue Green...
  • Page 18: Connecting To An Audio Device

    Connections Connecting to an Audio Device Using an Optical (Digital) or a Headphone Connection Available devices: digital audio system, amplifier, DVD home theatre, PC Digital Audio System OPTICAL ✎ DIGITAL AUDIO OUT (OPTICAL) When a Digital Audio System is connected to the DIGITAL AUDIO OUT (OPTICAL) jack, decrease the volume of both the TV and the system.
  • Page 19: Connecting To A Pc

    Connections Connecting to a PC Using an HDMI cable or an HDMI to DVI cable or a D-sub cable ✎ Connecting through the HDMI cable may not be supported depending on the PC. HDMI OUT DVI OUT AUDIO OUT PC IN AUDIO OUT PC OUT Display Modes (D-Sub and an HDMI to DVI Input)
  • Page 20: Changing The Input Source

    Connections Changing the Input Source Edit Name SOURCE → TOOLS → Edit Name → ENTERE Source In the Source, press the TOOLS button, and then you can set an external input sources name you want. → Source SOURCE ■ VCR / DVD / Cable STB / Satellite STB / PVR STB / Use to select TV or an external input SOURCE AV Receiver / Game / Camcorder / PC / DVI PC / DVI...
  • Page 21: Using The Info Button (now & Next Guide)

    Basic Features Using the INFO button (Now & Next guide) Guide The display identifies the current channel INFO → Watch TV → Guide → ENTERE CONTENT and the status of certain audio-video settings. The EPG (Electronic Programme Guide) GUIDE information is provided by broadcasters. The Now &...
  • Page 22 Basic Features ✎ Schedule Manager When you press the CH LIST button on the remote control, Channel List screen will be displayed at once. → Watch TV → Schedule Manager → CONTENT Using the colour buttons with the Channel List. ENTERE Yellow (Programme View / Channel View): You can view, modify or delete a channel you have reserved...
  • Page 23: Channel Menu

    Basic Features Channel Menu Channel Manager Option Menu Set each channel using the Channel Manager menu options (Watch, Add to Favourites / Edit Favourites, Lock Retuning Channels ¦ / Unlock, Edit Channel Name, Edit Channel Number, Delete, Deselect All / Select All). option menu items may MENUm →...
  • Page 24: Picture Menu

    ■ Standing Mode: Select when viewing from the upper position. ■ Export to USB: Export channel list to USB. this function is available when USB is connected. ✎ When Samsung MagicAngle is set to Lean back mode or Standing Mode, Gamma is not available. English...
  • Page 25 ✎ same basic set-up information will almost always be applied. Do not watch in 4:3 format for a long time. Traces (If not, contact your computer manufacturer or Samsung of borders displayed on the left, right and centre Dealer.) of the screen may cause image retention (screen 1.
  • Page 26: Changing The Picture Options

    ■ Motion Lighting (Off / On): Reduce power consumption (Advanced Settings are available in Standard / Movie by brightness control. mode) Compared to previous models, new Samsung TVs have a more precise picture. ✎ In PC mode, you can only make changes to Gamma...
  • Page 27: Sound Menu

    Basic Features Picture Options Sound Menu MENUm → Picture → Picture Options → Changing the Preset Sound Mode ¦ ENTERE ✎ MENUm → Sound → Sound Mode → ENTERE In PC mode, you can only make changes to the Colour Tone. Picture Options Sound Mode Colour Tone...
  • Page 28: Broadcast Audio Options

    Basic Features Sound Systems, Etc. ¦ ■ SPDIF Output: SPDIF (Sony Philips Digital InterFace) is used to provide digital sound, reducing interference going to speakers and various digital devices such as a MENUm → Sound → ENTERE DVD player. Audio Format: During the reception of a digital TV Broadcast Audio Options broadcast, you can select the Digital Audio output (SPDIF) format from the options PCM or Dolby Digital.
  • Page 29: System Menu

    Basic Features Selecting the Sound Mode Clock Set: Set the Day, Month, Year, Hour and Minute ¦ manually. ✎ When you set to Dual fg, the current Available only when Clock Mode is set to DUALf-g sound mode is displayed on the screen. Manual.
  • Page 30 Basic Features Source: Select TV or USB content to be played when Locking Programmes ¦ the TV is turned on automatically. (USB can be selected only when a USB device is connected to the TV) MENUm → System → Security → ENTERE Antenna (when the Source is set to TV): Select the desired antenna source.
  • Page 31: Economical Solutions

    ■ Menu Transparency (Bright / Dark): Set the Transparency of the menu. Subtitle ■ Boot Logo (Off / On): Display Samsung logo when the Use this menu to set the Subtitle mode. TV is turned on. AD/SUBT.
  • Page 32: Support Menu

    For more information on DivX® VoD, visit “http://vod. Yes: If the test pattern does not appear or there is”. noise in the test pattern, select Yes. There may be a problem with the TV. Contact Samsung’s Call Centre for assistance. Picture In Picture (PIP) ¦...
  • Page 33: Software Upgrade

    “www.,” into the TV. Please be careful not to disconnect the power or remove the USB drive until upgrades are complete. The TV will be turned off and on automatically after completing the firmware upgrade.
  • Page 34: Connecting A Usb Device

    Before connecting your device to the TV, please back up your files to prevent them from damage or loss of data. SAMSUNG is not responsible for any data file damage or data loss. Do not disconnect the USB device while it is loading.
  • Page 35: Screen Display

    Advanced Features The power-saving mode of some external hard disk drives may be released automatically when connected to the TV. If a USB extension cable is used, the USB device may not be recognized or the files on the device may not be read. If a USB device connected to the TV is not recognized, the list of files on the device is corrupted or a file in the list is not played, connect the USB device to the PC, format the device and check the connection.
  • Page 36 Advanced Features y Supported Video Formats Frame rate Bit rate File Extension Container Video Codec Resolution Audio Codec (fps) (Mbps) Divx 3.11 / 4.x / 5.1 / 6.0 1920x1080 6 ~ 30 XviD 1920x1080 6 ~ 30 *.avi MP3 / AC3 / LPCM / H.264 BP / MP / HP 1920x1080 6 ~ 30...
  • Page 37 Advanced Features Music Playing Music Music 1. Press the ◄ / ► / ▲ / ▼ button to select the desired Music in the file list. 2. Press the ENTERE button or � (Play) button. – You can use � (REW) and μ (FF) buttons during playback.
  • Page 38 Advanced Features My Downloads - Additional Functions ¦ Videos/Music/Photos Play Option menu During playing a file, press the button. TOOLS Category Operations Videos Music Photos Title Search You can move the other file directly. > Time Search You can search the video using l and r button at one minute interval or entering the >...
  • Page 39 Anynet+ is a function that enables you to control all connected Samsung devices that support Anynet+ with your Samsung TV’s remote. The Anynet+ system can be used only with Samsung devices that have the Anynet+ feature. To be sure your Samsung device has this feature, check if there is an Anynet+ logo on it.
  • Page 40: Setting Up Anynet

    Advanced Features Anynet+ Menu The Anynet+ menu changes depending on the type and status of the Anynet+ devices connected to the TV. Anynet+ Menu Description View TV Changes Anynet+ mode to TV broadcast mode. Device List Shows the Anynet+ device list. (device_name) MENU Shows the connected device menus.
  • Page 41: Listening Through A Receiver

    Advanced Features Listening through a Receiver ¦ You can listen to sound through a receiver (i.e Home Theatre) instead of the TV Speaker. 1. Select Receiver and set to On. 2. Press the EXIT button to exit. ✎ If your receiver supports audio only, it may not appear in the device list. ✎...
  • Page 42: Troubleshooting For Anynet

    Advanced Features Troubleshooting for Anynet+ ¦ Problem Possible Solution Anynet+ does not work. • Check if the device is an Anynet+ device. The Anynet+ system supports Anynet+ devices only. • only one receiver (home theatre) can be connected. • Check if the Anynet+ device power cord is properly connected. • Check the Anynet+ device’s Video/Audio/HDMI cable connections.
  • Page 43: Other Information

    If you install the device driver, you can set up the appropriate resolution and frequency for the product. The device driver is included on the CD supplied with the product. If the supplied drive file is corrupted, please visit the Samsung Electronics website (, and download the driver.
  • Page 44: Analogue Channel Teletext Feature

    Other Information Analogue Channel Teletext Feature The index page of the Teletext service gives you information on how to use the service. For Teletext information to be displayed correctly, channel reception must be stable. otherwise, information may be missing or some pages may not be displayed. ✎...
  • Page 45: Attaching A Wall Mount/desktop Stand

    Other Information Attaching a Wall Mount/Desktop Stand Preparing before installing Wall-Mount/Desktop Stand 1. Turn the product off and unplug the power cord from the wall outlet. 2. Place a soft cloth or cushion on a flat surface to protect the panel and place the product face down. 3.
  • Page 46: Assembling The Cables

    Samsung shall not be held liable for any damage or injury. Samsung shall not be held liable for any damage to the product or injury caused by using a wall mount/ desktop stand that is not compatible with the specifications or due to an installation not performed by an authorized installation engineer.
  • Page 47: Troubleshooting

    If you have any questions about the TV, first refer to this list. If none of these troubleshooting tips apply, please visit “www.,” then click on Support, or contact the call centre listed on the back-cover of this manual.
  • Page 48 The cable/set top box remote control • Programme the Cable/Set top box remote control to operate the TV. Refer to the Cable/Set user doesn’t turn the TV on or off, or adjust the manual for the SAMSUNG TV code. volume. A Mode Not Supported message • Check the supported resolution of the TV, and adjust the external device’s output resolution...
  • Page 49: Storage And Maintenance

    Other Information Issues Solutions and Explanations The TV is tilted to the side. • Remove the base stand from the TV and reassemble it. There are difficulties assembling the stand • Make sure the TV is placed on a flat surface. If you can not remove the screws from the TV, use a base.
  • Page 50: Licence

    Other Information Licence TheaterSound, SRS and the symbol are trademarks of SRS Labs, Inc. TheaterSound technology is incorporated under licence from SRS Labs, Inc. Manufactured under licence from Dolby Laboratories. Dolby and the double-D symbol are trademarks of Dolby Laboratories. Manufactured under licence under U.S.
  • Page 51: Specifications

    Other Information Specifications Temperature : 50°F ~ 104°F (10°C ~ 40°C) operating Humidity : 10 % ~ 80 %, non-condensing Environmental considerations Temperature : -4°F ~ 113°F (-20°C ~ 45°C) Storage Humidity : 5 % ~ 95 %, non-condensing Tilt -2°~ 22°...
  • Page 52: Index

    Repeat Mode Anynet+ (HDMI-CEC) RGB only Mode Auto Adjustment Rotate Audio Description HDMI Auto Volume Headphones Safety Precautions Samsung MagicAngle Background Music Select All Installation Space Balance L/R Self Diagnosis Installation Related Batteries Sharpness Installing the Device Driver Black Tone...
  • Page 53 Contact SAMSUNG WORLDWIDE If you have any questions or comments relating to Samsung products, please contact the SAMSUNG customer care centre. Country Customer Care Centre Web Site AUSTRALIA 1300 362 603 NEW ZEALAND 0800 SAMSUNG (0800 726 786)

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