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Whirlpool JT 369 SL Instructions For Use Manual

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  • Page 1 JT 369 Downloaded From Manuals...
  • Page 2: Prior To Connecting

    INSTALLATION PRIOR TO CONNECTING on the rating from other heat- HECK THAT THE VOLTAGE OSITION THE OVEN AT A DISTANCE plate corresponds to the voltage in your ing sources. For suffi cient ventilation there home. must be a space of at least 20 cm above the oven.
  • Page 3: Important Safety Instructions

    IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS READ CAREFULLY AND KEEP FOR FUTURE REFERENCE to use the appliance O NOT HEAT OR USE FLAMMABLE MATERIALS NLY ALLOW CHILDREN or near the oven. Fumes can create a fi re without adult supervision after adequate hazard or explosion. instructions have been given, so that the child is able to use the appliance in a safe oven for drying...
  • Page 4: Deep-Frying

    PRECAUTIONS GENERAL LIQUIDS . Overheating the liquid BEVERAGES OR WATER HIS APPLIANCE IS DESIGNED FOR DOMESTIC USE ONLY beyond boiling point can occur without evidence of bubbling. without food HE APPLIANCE SHOULD NOT BE OPERATED This could result in a sudden in the oven when using microwaves.
  • Page 5: Accessories

    ACCESSORIES GENERAL COVER a number of accessories available on cover food HERE ARE OVER IS USED TO the market. Before you buy, ensure they are during cooking and reheat- suitable for microwave use. ing with microwaves only and helps to reduce spattering, re- are oven proof NSURE THAT THE UTENSILS YOU USE tain food moisture as well as...
  • Page 6: Start Protection / Child Lock

    START PROTECTION / CHILD LOCK e.g. putting HIS AUTOMATIC SAFETY FUNCTION IS ACTIVATED ONE HE DOOR MUST BE OPENED AND CLOSED the oven has returned to food into it, before the safety lock is released. MINUTE AFTER “stand by mode“. (The oven is in Else the display will show “...
  • Page 7: Kitchen Timer

    KITCHEN TIMER when you need a kitchen timer to measure exact time for various purposes such SE THIS FUNCTION as cooking eggs or letting the dough rise before baking etc. is completely independent of all other functions and can be used at any time re- ITCHEN IMER gardless of whether the oven is currently cooking or not.
  • Page 8 CLOCK or after a power failure, the display is blank. If the clock is not HEN THE APPLIANCE IS FIRST PLUGGED IN set, the display will remain blank until the cooking time is set. (3 seconds) until the left-hand digits (hours) flicker. RESS THE LOCK BUTTON to set the hours and...
  • Page 9 COOK & REHEAT WITH MICROWAVES for normal cooking and reheating, such as vegetables, fi sh, potatoes and meat. SE THIS FUNCTION RESS THE ICROWAVE BUTTON to set the microwave power and to confirm. (The time digits will URN THE DJUST KNOB PRESS IT blink.) to set the cooking time.
  • Page 10: Jet Start

    JET START for quick reheating of food with a high water content such as clear soups, HIS FUNCTION IS USED coff ee or tea. RESS THE TART BUTTON with maximum microwave power level and the cooking time set HIS FUNCTION AUTOMATICALLY STARTS to 30 seconds.
  • Page 11: Jet Defrost

    JET DEFROST for defrosting Meat, Poultry, Fish, Vegetables and Bread. SE THIS FUNCTION JET D needs to know the net weight of the food and should only be used if it is EFROST FUNCTION between 100 g - 3 kg, see the Jet Defrost table. on the glass turntable.
  • Page 12 JET DEFROST FROZEN FOODS: FROZEN FOODS: than deep-freeze F THE WEIGHT IS LESSER OR GREATER THAN REC F THE FOOD IS WARMER : Follow the procedure temperature (-18°C), choose lower OMMENDED WEIGHT for “Cook & Reheat with microwaves” weight of the food. than deep-freeze and choose 160 W when defrosting.
  • Page 13 GRILL quickly give a pleasant brown surface to the food. SE THIS FUNCTION TO RESS THE RILL BUTTON to set the cooking time. URN THE DJUST KNOB RESS THE TART BUTTON for long periods when the Grill is in operation, as this will cause a O NOT LEAVE THE OVEN DOOR OPEN drop in temperature.
  • Page 14: Grill Combi

    GRILL COMBI cook such food as Gratins, Lasagne, Poultry and Baked potatoes. SE THIS FUNCTION TO RESS THE RILL OMBI BUTTON to set the microwave power and to confirm. (The time digits will URN THE DJUST KNOB PRESS IT blink.) to set the cooking time.
  • Page 15 CRISP reheat and cook pizzas and other dough based food. It is also good for frying SE THIS FUNCTION TO bacon and eggs, sausages, hamburgers etc. RESS THE RISP BUTTON to set the cooking time. URN THE DJUST KNOB RESS THE TART BUTTON the Power level or Grill on/off , when using the Crisp function.
  • Page 16: Forced Air

    FORCED AIR cook meringues, pastry, cakes, soufflés, poultry and roast meats. SE THIS FUNCTION TO . (The temperature digits will blink.) RESS THE ORCED IR BUTTON ONCE to set the preferred temperature and to confirm. (The time dig- URN THE DJUST PRESS IT its will blink.)
  • Page 17: Choosing Power Level

    FORCED AIR COMBI cook roast meats, poultry, and jacket potatoes, frozen convenience foods, SE THIS FUNCTION TO cakes, pastry, fish and puddings. . (The temperature digits will blink.) RESS THE ORCED OMBI BUTTON ONCE to set the preferred temperature and to confirm.
  • Page 18: Quick Heat

    QUICK HEAT preheat the empty oven. SE THIS FUNCTION TO before or during preheating in the oven. It may be burned from the intense O NOT PLACE FOOD heat. is always done with the oven empty. REHEATING . (The temperature digits will blink.) RESS THE ORCED IR OR...
  • Page 19: Th Sense Crisp

    SENSE CRISP quickly reheat your food from frozen to serving temperature. This function is SE THIS FUNCTION TO used only for frozen ready-made food. SENSE CRISP RESS THE BUTTON to select the food class. URN THE DJUST KNOB RESS THE TART BUTTON interrupted as long as “...
  • Page 20: Th Sense Steam

    SENSE STEAM such food as vegetables, fish, rice and pasta. SE THIS FUNCTION FOR HIS FUNCTION WORKS IN STEPS quickly brings the food to boiling temperature. HE FIRST STEP automatically adjusts to simmering temperature in order to avoid over boiling. HE SECOND STEP SENSE STEAM RESS THE...
  • Page 21 SENSE REHEAT when reheating ready-made food either frozen, chilled or room tempered. SE THIS FUNCTION Place food onto a microwave safe and heatproof dinner plate or dish. SENSE REHEAT RESS THE BUTTON RESS THE TART BUTTON interrupted as long as “ ”...
  • Page 22: Maintenance And Cleaning

    MAINTENANCE & CLEANING normally re- DISHWASHER SAFE: LEANING IS THE ONLY MAINTENANCE quired. It must be carried out with the micro- wave oven disconnected. in a clean condition AILURE TO MAINTAIN THE OVEN URNTABLE SUPPORT could lead to deterioration of the surface that could adversely aff ect the life of the appliance and possibly result in a hazardous situation.
  • Page 23: Troubleshooting Guide

    TROUBLE SHOOTING GUIDE , do not make a service it should F THE OVEN DOES NOT WORK F THE MAINS CORD NEEDS REPLACING call until you have made the following checks: be replaced by the original The Turntable and turntable support is in mains cord, which is avail- place.
  • Page 24: Special Note

    SPECIAL NOTE the oven and display from overheating, the temperature in the door is monitored. O PROTECT Therefore the oven may carry out a cooling procedure if overheating is at risk. The fan, turnta- ble and light operate. This is normal. After this procedure the oven switches off automatically. The cooling procedure can be interrupted without any harm to the oven by opening the door.

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