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For product support, visit
Para obtener asistencia técnica, visite
Pour en savoir plus sur l'assistance sur les produits, visitez le site
User manual
Manual del usuario
EN: For further assistance, call the customer support service in your country.
• To obtain assistance in the U.S.A., Canada, Puerto Rico, or the U.S. Virgin Islands, contact
Philips Customer Care Center at 1 (866) 226-6074
• To obtain assistance in Mexico, contact Philips Customer Care Center at 01 800 839 1989;
Mexico city: 5887-9736
ES: Para obtener mas informacion, llame al servicio de soporte al cliente de su pais.
• Para obtener asistencia en los Estados Unidos, en Canada, Puerto Rico o en las Islas Virgenes de los Estados
Unidos, comuniquese con Centro de atencion al cliente de Philips al 1 (866) 226-6074
• Solo para Mexico CENTRO DE ATENCION A CLIENTES LADA, 01 800 839 1989 Solo Para Mexico;
Mexico city: 5887-9736
FR: Pour obtenir de l'aide supplementaire, communiquez avec le centre de service a la clientele de votre pays.
• Pour obtenir de l'aide aux Etats-Unis, au Canada, a Puerto Rico ou aux lles Vierges americaines, communiquez
avec le centre de service a la clientele Philips au : 1 (866) 226-6074
• Pour obtenir l'aide au Mexique, entrez en contact avec le centre de soin de client de Philips a 01 800 839 1989;
Mexico city: 5887-9736
For Product recycling information, please visit -
Para obtener información de productos de reciclaje, por favor visite -
Pour tout renseignement sur le recyclage des produits, veuillez visiter -
Manuel d'utilisation


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   Summary of Contents for Philips HTB3524

  • Page 1

    Philips au : 1 (866) 226-6074 • Pour obtenir l’aide au Mexique, entrez en contact avec le centre de soin de client de Philips a 01 800 839 1989; Mexico city: 5887-9736 For Product recycling information, please visit -

  • Page 3: Important Safety Instructions

    English or sold with the apparatus. When a cart is used, use caution when moving the cart/ apparatus combination to avoid injury from Important tip-over. • Unplug this apparatus during lightning storm or when unused for long periods of Read and understand all instructions before you time.

  • Page 4: Care For Your Product

    This symbol indicates that the unit has a double insulation system. Your product is designed and Know these safety symbols manufactured with high quality materials and components, which can be recycled and reused. Please visit www. for additional information on a recycling center in your area.

  • Page 5: Help And Support

    Alternatively, you can contact Philips Consumer Care in your country. Before you contact 3D health warning Philips, note down the model number and serial number of your product. You can find this information on the back or bottom of your •...

  • Page 6: Table Of Contents

    Contents 1 Your home theater 7 Troubleshooting Main unit Troubleshooting Connectors Remote control 8 Notice Copyright 2 Connect and set up Notice of compliance Connect speakers Open source software Connect to TV Connect audio from TV and other devices 6 9 Index Set up speakers Set up EasyLink (HDMI-CEC control)

  • Page 7: Your Home Theater

    1 Your home Front connectors theater Congratulations on your purchase, and welcome to Philips! To fully benefit from the support that Philips offers(e.g. notification of product software upgrade), register your product at (USB) Audio, video or picture input from a USB storage device.

  • Page 8: Remote Control

    g LAN (Standby-On) Connect to the LAN input on a • Switch the home theater on or to broadband modem or router. standby. • When EasyLink is enabled, press h FM ANTENNA and hold for at least three seconds Connect to the supplied FM antenna. to switch all connected HDMI CEC compliant devices to standby.

  • Page 9: Connect And Set Up

    2 Connect and set (Previous/Next) • Skip to the previous or next track, chapter or file. • In radio mode, select a preset radio station. (Fast Backward / Fast Forward) This section helps you connect your home Search backwards or forward. Press theater to a TV and other devices, and then set repeatedly to change the search speed.

  • Page 10: Connect To Tv

    SUBWOOFER (subwoofer): Place the subwoofer at least one meter to the left or right of the TV. Leave about 10-centimeter clearance from the wall. FRONT FRONT FRONT WOOFER LEFT RIGHT CENTER Connect to TV Connect your home theater to a TV to watch videos.

  • Page 11: Connect Audio From Tv And Other Devices

    Option 2: Connect to TV through Connect audio from TV and standard HDMI other devices Best quality video If your TV is not HDMI ARC compliant, connect Play audio from TV or other devices through your home theater to the TV through a your home theater speakers.

  • Page 12: Set Up Speakers

    For information on your device, see the user manual of the device. connectors on your home theater to the • Philips does not guarantee 100% interoperability with AUDIO OUT connectors on the TV or all HDMI-CEC devices. other device.

  • Page 13: Connect And Set Up A Home Network

    • Familiarize yourself with the network router and home theater. networking principles. If necessary, read documentation that accompanies the network components. Philips is not responsible for lost, damaged, or corrupt data. Note Before you start •...

  • Page 14

    Using a network cable, connect the LAN Press (Home). connector on your home theater to the Select [Setup], and then press OK. network router. Select [Network] > [Network Press (Home). installation] > [Wireless (Wi-Fi)], and Select [Setup], and then press OK. then press OK.

  • Page 15: Use Your Home Theater

    3 Use your home Discs theater Your home theater can play DVDs, VCDs, CDs, and Blu-ray discs. It can also play discs that you’ve made at home, such as CD-R discs of This section helps you use the home theater to photos, videos, and music.

  • Page 16

    Button Action Bonus View on Blu-ray Access the advanced options On Blu-ray discs that support the Bonus View, when you play your audio, video, enjoy extra content such as commentaries in a or media files. (see 'Audio, video, small screen window. Bonus View is also known and picture options' on page 13) as picture-in-picture.

  • Page 17: Data Files

    Select the BD-Live icon in the disc menu, Note and then press OK. » BD-Live starts to load. The loading • Make sure that the subtitle file has the exact same name as the video file. For example, if the video file is time depends on the disc and your named 'movie.avi', name the subtitle file as '' internet connection.

  • Page 18: Usb Storage Devices

    VOD code for DivX Audio, video, and picture options Before you purchase DivX videos and play them on your home theater, register the home Use advanced features when you play pictures, theater on using the DivX VOD audio and video files from a disc or a USB code.

  • Page 19: Radio

    [2nd Subtitle Language]: Select the • Musical slideshow second subtitle language for Blu-ray video. If the picture and audio files are from the same [Titles]: Select a specific title. • disc or USB storage device, you can create a [Chapters]: Select a specific chapter. •...

  • Page 20: Mp3 Player

    Using the 3.5mm stereo audio cable, Button Action connect the MP3 player to AUDIO IN the Select a preset radio station. connector on your home theater. Press SOURCE repeatedly until AUDIO Alphanumeric IN appears on the display panel. buttons Navigation Left/Right: Search for a radio Press the buttons on the MP3 player to buttons...

  • Page 21: Choose Sound

    Press the Navigation buttons (up/down) Note to select a setting on the display: • [Auto]: Automatically select a sound • For more detailed information on the VUDU service, visit on your computer. setting based on the sound stream. • For more detailed information on the Netflix service, [Balanced]: Experience the original •...

  • Page 22: Change Settings

    4 Change settings Press the Navigation buttons (up/down) to change bass, mid or treble frequency. Press OK to confirm. The home theater settings are already Auto volume configured for optimal performance. Unless you have a reason to change a setting, we Turn on auto volume to reduce sudden changes recommend that you keep the default setting.

  • Page 23: Picture And Video Settings

    Press the Navigation buttons and OK to Picture and video settings select and change: • [Night mode]: For quiet listening, decrease the volume of loud sounds Press (Home). on your home theater. Night mode Select [Setup], and then press OK. is only available in DVDs and Blu-ray Select [Video], and then press OK.

  • Page 24: Energy Saving Settings

    Press the Navigation buttons and OK to Press the Navigation buttons and OK to select and change: select and change: • [Auto subtitle shift]: Enable or disable • [Enhanced audio]: Select [On] to automatic repositioning of subtitles on enable audio post processing at the TVs that support this feature.

  • Page 25: Update Software

    USB flash drive. • Do not install a lower version of software than the current version installed on your product. Philips is not Disconnect the USB flash drive from your liable for problems caused due to software downgrade.

  • Page 26: Update Software Through The Internet

    6 Product Update software through the specifications Internet Connect your home theater to a home network with a high-speed Internet access Note (see 'Connect and set up a home network' • on page 8). Specifications and design are subject to change without notice.

  • Page 27

    .divx files in AVI container Extension Container Audio Bit rate codec Audio codec Video codec Bit rate .wma 64 kbps ~ PCM, Dolby DivX 3.11, 10 Mbps max 160 kbps Digital, MP3, DivX 4.x, .aac AAC, HE- 192 kbps DivX 5.x, DivX 6.x .wav 1.4 Mbps MPEG 1, 20 Mbps (peak...

  • Page 28

    Amplifier • FTC total output power: 120 W • Compatibility: Hi-Speed USB (2.0) • Front/rear speakers: • Class support: USB Mass Storage Class 20 W (1%THD, 4ohm, 200Hz-20kHz) (MSC) • Center speaker: • File system: FAT16, FAT32, NTFS 20 W (1%THD, 4ohm, 200Hz-20kHz) •...

  • Page 29: Troubleshooting

    TV are connected through an HDMI ARC service. If you still have a problem, visit connection. • Set up the audio for the connected device (see 'Set up the audio' on page 8).

  • Page 30

    EasyLink does not work. • Make sure that the home theater is Network connected to a Philips brand EasyLink TV, and the EasyLink option is turned on (see Wireless network distorted or not found. 'Set up EasyLink (HDMI-CEC control)' on •...

  • Page 31: Notice

    8 Notice • You need a high speed Internet connection for your router. Netflix and VUDU does not work. • Make sure that the network is correctly This section contains the legal and trademark connected and set up (see 'Connect and notices. set up a home network' on page 8). •...

  • Page 32: Notice Of Compliance

    English to “Open Source Team, Philips • Consult the dealer or an experienced Intellectual Property & Standards, P.O. Box 220, radio/TV technician for help.

  • Page 33: Index

    9 Index change password character set clear BD-Live memory connect to TV 2nd audio language connectors 2nd subtitle language control buttons (disc) control buttons (USB) copyright protection 3D disc in 2D mode 3D video data files deep color default settings 5.1 speakers device name disc language disc menu...

  • Page 34

    main unit shuffle manual setup sleep timer media formats slide animation menu language software update software version musical slideshows sound speaker position speaker setup speaker specifications network subtitle language night mode subtitle position surround sound synchronize picture and sound system audio control one-touch play one-touch standby options...

  • Page 35

    ANY EXPRESS OR IMPLIED WARRANTY ON THIS PROD- to it. This Limited Warranty does not apply to any non-Philips UCT. EXCEPT TO THE EXTENT PROHIBITED BY APPLICABLE hardware product or any software, even if packaged or sold LAW, ANY IMPLIED WARRANTY OF MERCHANTABILITY OR with the product.

  • Page 36 for more information and software tools to convert your files into DivX videos. ABOUT DIVX VIDEO-ON-DEMAND: This DivX Certified device must be registered ® "Blu-ray 3D " and "Blu-ray 3D " logo are in order to play purchased DivX Video-on- trademarks of Blu-ray Disc Association.

  • Page 37: Language Code

    Language Code Inupiaq 7375 Pushto 8083 Abkhazian 6566 Afar 6565 Irish 7165 Russian 8285 Afrikaans 6570 Íslenska 7383 Quechua 8185 Amharic 6577 Italiano 7384 Raeto-Romance 8277 Arabic 6582 Ivrit 7269 Romanian 8279 Armenian 7289 Japanese 7465 Rundi 8278 Assamese 6583 Javanese 7486 Samoan...

  • Page 38

    GARANTIA INCLUIDA EN EL INSTRUCTIVO DE USO LEA CUIDADOSAMENTE ESTE INSTRUCTIVO ANTES DE USAR SU APARATO. Specifications are subject to change without notice © 2015 Koninklijke Philips N.V. All rights reserved. Trademarks are the property of Koninklijke Philips N.V. or their respective owners. HTB3524 _F7_UM_V5.0...

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