Emerson SC2MDST User Manual

Secure multi-domain tempest smart card reader (mdr)


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Secure Multi-Domain Tempest Smart Card Reader (MDR) User Manual
Section 1 - Introduction
Secure MDR:
 SC2MDST: 2-Port, USB
 SC4MDST: 4-Port, USB
Rev: E
Doc No.: HDC10377


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  • Page 1 Secure Multi-Domain Tempest Smart Card Reader (MDR) User Manual Section 1 - Introduction Secure MDR:  SC2MDST: 2-Port, USB  SC4MDST: 4-Port, USB Rev: E Doc No.: HDC10377...
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Main Features ................9 Tamper Evident Labels ..............11 Active Anti-Tampering System ............ 11 Product Enclosure Warning Label ..........11 Panel Features (SC2MDST; SC4MDST) ......... 12 Product Specifications ..............13 Before Installation ............... 14 Prerequisites ..................15 PC Modes ..................15 Active Mode .................
  • Page 3: Introduction

    Thank you for purchasing this Secure MDR – Multi Domain Smart Inside product packaging you will find the following: Card Reader. This product is designed for use in secure defense and  Emerson Secure Product intelligence installations. It offer a single point of secure login into  multiple domains.
  • Page 4: Overview

    Section 4 - Operation Overview • The product should be stored and used only in temperature and Safety Precautions humidity controlled environments as defined in the product’s Please read the following safety precautions carefully before using environmental specifications. the product: •...
  • Page 5: Safety Precautions (French)

    Section 4 - Operation ou provoque des court circuits de la prise du Safety Precautions (French) secteur. Veuillez lire attentivement les précautions de sécurité suivantes Un liquide a pénétré dans le boîtier de avant d’utiliser le produit: l’appareil.  Avant nettoyage, débranchez l’appareil de L’appareil est exposé...
  • Page 6: User Guidance & Precautions

    Section 4 - Operation 3. The appropriate usage of peripherals (e.g. keyboard, mouse, User Guidance & Precautions display, authentication device) is described in detail in this Please read the following User Guidance & Precautions carefully User Manual's appropriate sections. Do not connect any before using the product: authentication device with an external power source to 1.
  • Page 7 Section 4 - Operation c. When connecting a non-qualified display, the video 14. MDR: When powering up a secure smart card reader with diagnostic LED will flash green and video will not the card inserted, the product will provide an auditory work.
  • Page 8: Background

    (MDR) technology to provide a simple and yet secure solution to this common problem. The EMERSON Multi-Domain Smart Card Reader (MDR) is a single secure smart card reader which connects simultaneously to multiple computers thus allowing a user to utilize a single smart card while working securely on multiple computer environments at the same time.
  • Page 9: Main Features

    Section 4 - Operation Product incorporates secure administrator access and log functions Main Features to provide auditable trail for all product security events, including Product is designed, manufactured and delivered in security- battery backup life for anti-tampering and log functions. Non- controlled environments.
  • Page 10 Section 4 - Operation Compatibility: The MDR design relies on Identive (formally SCM) readers. It is by far the Industry's most popular and compatible smart-card reader. Product supported by most OS in use today All firmware is in ROM (Read Only Memory). Cost effective: This product was designed to provide an affordable solution for agencies and organizations.
  • Page 11: Tamper Evident Labels

    If for any reason one or more tamper-evident label is missing, appears disrupted, or looks different than the example shown here, please call Technical Support and avoid using that product. Emerson Tamper Evident Label Active Anti-Tampering System Product is equipped with always-on active anti-tampering system. If mechanical intrusion is detected by this system, the Product will be permanently disabled and all LEDs will blink continuously.
  • Page 12: Panel Features (Sc2Mdst; Sc4Mdst)

    Section 4 - Operation Panel Features (SC2MDST; SC4MDST) Note: the model described in above image is SC4MDST. SC2MDST is identical except for having 2 ports. Secure Multi-Domain Tempest Smart Card Reader (MDR) User Manual...
  • Page 13: Product Specifications

    Frequency up to 12 MHz (PPS, DI parameter) Enclosure: Plastic enclosure No. of Users Supported: Connector with sliding 8-contacts No. of Smart Cards Supported: 2-SC2MDST designed for 150,000 insertions 4- SC4MDST MDR ports: 2/4 x USB Type-A to connect to Driver and OS Compatibility: CCID compliant &...
  • Page 14: Before Installation

    Section 4 - Operation Before Installation Where to locate the Product? Unpacking the Product The enclosure of the product is designed for desktop or under the Before opening the product packaging, inspect the packaging table configurations. An optional Mount Kit is available. condition to assure that product was not damaged during delivery.
  • Page 15: Prerequisites

    Section 4 - Operation  Prerequisites The smart card is inserted into the MDR.  The PC Association LED is ON.  The PC Number LED is OFF. 1. Obtain and install the applications, drivers and files of the  The MDR appears under the computer’s operating system cryptographic software (CSP) which corresponds to your device manager as a smart card reader.
  • Page 16 Section 4 - Operation Secure Multi-Domain Tempest Smart Card Reader (MDR) User Manual...
  • Page 17 Section 4 - Operation Secure Multi-Domain Tempest Smart Card Reader (MDR) User Manual...
  • Page 18: Typical System Installation

    Section 4 - Operation Typical system installation SC2MDST SC4MDST Secure Multi-Domain Tempest Smart Card Reader (MDR) User Manual...
  • Page 19: Re-Associating The Mdr After Smart Card Removal

    Web form: http://www.emersonnetworkpower.com/en- accordingly. US/Support/Technical-Support/KVM/Pages/default.aspx For example, a Windows PC that is configured to require smart  AvocentSecurityFLR@emerson.com Email: cards for user logon may be set to lock the user’s desktop once the  Tel: +1-888-793-8763 smart card is removed.
  • Page 20: Copyright And Legal Notice

    For important safety information, visit: www.emersonnetworkpower.com/ComplianceRegulatoryInfo Emerson, Emerson Network Power and the Emerson Network Power logo are trademarks or service marks of Emerson Electric Co. Avocent and the Avocent logo are trademarks or service marks of Avocent Corporation. This document may contain confidential...

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