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   Summary of Contents for Shark HV300UK

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    Thank you for purchasing the Shark Rocket™ Vacuum Cleaner. ® This Owner’s Guide is designed to help you get a complete understanding of your new vacuum cleaner. Please read it carefully and keep for future reference. RECORD THIS INFORMATION: TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS:...

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    READ ALL INSTRUCTIONS BEFORE USE IMPORTANT SAFEGUARDS When using an electrical appliance, basic safety precautions should 18 Keep your work area well lit. always be observed, including the following: 19 Keep the vacuum cleaner moving over the carpet surface at all times to WARNING avoid damaging the carpet fibres.

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    ASSEMBLY Insert the tube into the floor nozzle connector. Insert the handheld portion into the top of the tube. FLOOR This vacuum has a 2-speed POWER slider switch, optimised for bare floor, delicate area rug and carpet cleaning. CLEANING Plug the unit into an outlet. Slide the POWER switch to the first position to clean bare floor surfaces and delicate area rugs. The brush roll will spin slowly to help with debris pick-up.

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    ABOVE FLOOR This vacuum has the reach to clean up above floors or in tight spaces by using the tube. It also has the convenience of a handheld vacuum when using it without the tube. CLEANING Press the nozzle release button on the floor nozzle and pull to disconnect it from the end of the tube. Attach desired cleaning accessory. Press the nozzle release button on the top of the tube and pull to disconnect it from the handheld portion.

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    STORAGE There are two recommended ways to store this vacuum. OPTION 1: Press the nozzle release button on the top of the tube and pull to separate it from the handheld portion of the vacuum. There is a hook on the bottom of the handheld portion.

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    12 “CREVICE TOOLS DUSTING BRUSH For hard to reach places. Cleans hard surfaces and upholstery. ACCESSORIES NOTE: Select cleaning 227FFJV300 229FFJV300 accessories are included. For a list of what is included with this model, refer to inside flap of box. DUST-AWAY™...

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    For best results, ensure that the pad is flat against the bottom surface and secured tightly. ATTACHMENT & Use the Dust-Away to clean dry bare floor surfaces. Do not use to clean damp floors or wet/sticky messes. Only use pads provided by Shark , which are designed ™...

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    MAINTENANCE EMPTY THE DUST CUP Detach the handheld portion from the rest of the vacuum by pressing the coloured button on the top of the tube to pull it away from the handheld portion. Holding the dust cup over a refuse bag or bin, press the release button on the front of the dust cup. The bottom lid will open, allowing the debris to fall out. Clean the dust screen inside the dust cup as required.

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    “O” position and unplug the unit. After about 30 minutes, your vacuum should be ready to operate again. Plug in the power cord and turn the unit on to begin vacuuming again. Euro-Pro, Shark, and Shark Rocket are trademarks of Euro-Pro Operating LLC. All other brand names may be trademarks of their...

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    ® When you register your guarantee we’ll have your details to hand if we ever need to get in touch. You can also receive tips and advice on how to get the best out of your Shark vacuum and hear the ®...

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    Euro-Pro Europe Limited 15 Mariner Court Calder Park Wakefield WF4 3FL Freephone 0800 862 0453 HV300UK�26�IB�E�150522�2 Printed in China Illustrations may differ from actual product. © 2014 Euro-Pro Operating LLC...

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