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User Guide for Windows Mobile Pocket PC

Release 5.0
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  • Page 1: Ventus Mobile Ventus Freedom 5.0

    Ventus Mobile Ventus Freedom 5.0 User Guide for Windows Mobile Pocket PC Release 5.0 Document Version 1.12...
  • Page 2 Telefonaktiebolaget LM Ericsson. Microsoft, Outlook, Windows, and Windows NT are either registered trademarks or trademarks of Microsoft Corporation in the U.S. and/or other countries. Nokia is a registered trademark of Nokia Corporation. Other product and company names mentioned herein may be trademarks or trade names of their respective owners, and are mentioned for identification purposes only.
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    Contents Ventus Mobile Ventus Freedom 5.0... 1 User Guide for Windows Mobile Pocket PC...1 Preface... 5 Audience... 6 Audience... 6 Related Documentation... 6 Related Documentation... 6 Documentation Feedback... 6 Documentation Feedback... 6 Chapter 1: Introducing TELKOM Ventus Mobile 7 Installation Package... 7 Installation Package...
  • Page 4 Using the TELKOM Ventus Mobile Services... 20 Managing Your Emails... 21 Reading Emails and Attachments... 21 Managing Calendar Appointments... 24 Managing Calendar Appointments... 24 Chapter 5: Docking your Device to a Cradle...26 Chapter 6: Upgrading Ventus Mobile... 27 Chapter 7: Uninstalling Ventus Mobile... 28 Chapter 8: Troubleshooting and FAQ...
  • Page 5: Preface

    Preface Welcome to TELKOM Ventus Mobile, which offers a full range of mobile office applications to help you keep up with your important emails, calendar and contacts. Ventus Mobile uses True Push technology, so there is no need for synchronization and no delays in getting the latest information.
  • Page 6: Audience

    Pocket PC devices, such as Qtek and HP iPAQ. 5. Ventus Freedom5.0 User Guide for Symbian S60 - provides instructions on how to use Ventus Mobile with Nokia Symbian Series 60 devices. 6. Ventus Freedom5.0 User Guide for Symbian S80 - provides instructions on how to use Ventus Mobile with Nokia Symbian Series 80 devices.
  • Page 7: Chapter 1: Introducing Telkom Ventus Mobile

    Chapter 1: Introducing TELKOM Ventus Mobile Installation Package TELKOM Ventus Mobile for mobile Pocket PC devices running Windows Mobile operating system is delivered as a standard Windows Mobile installation file. You can recognize the file by the .CAB extension. The name of the installation file for Pocket PC devices includes the characters ‘PPC’.
  • Page 8 Figure 1. Settings menu Figure 2. Connections For additional help, please contact your IT administrator or service provider. Some service providers deliver the settings to your device by SMS on request. PT. Telekomunikasi Indonesia, Tbk.
  • Page 9: Chapter 2: Installation And Activation

    Chapter 2: Installation and Activation This chapter describes how to install the TELKOM Ventus Mobile application to your mobile device. Note that only one device can be used for each email account. When you wish to change to a new device, the old device should be uninstalled first.
  • Page 10 Figure 3. Language Selection 4. The device needs to reboot. Remove it from any attached cradle and press ok to reboot. Figure 4. Restart 5. Accept the licence terms, and press next. Figure 5. Licence Agreement PT. Telekomunikasi Indonesia, Tbk.
  • Page 11 6. An informative screen about the packet data connection is 7. A screen asking you to select if you want calendar and contacts 8. This step occurs only if there are events in your calendar and TELKOM Ventus Freedom 5.0 User Guide displayed.
  • Page 12 been used by someone else previously, it is recommended to replace the calendar, to avoid getting their events into your calendar (the device does not distinguish between different people’s events). Figure 8. Replace Or Merge Calendar 9. After this a connection is established. If there is a problem with the APN (access point) a connection error will be displayed.
  • Page 13 11. If you have received an email to your desktop email requesting Figure 10. Example Activation Email NOTE! The Activation Code includes your personal encryption key for the service. Therefore, you should send this code to your IT Administrator in a secure way. You can, for example: Inform it via a voice call Send it via SMS...
  • Page 14 running in the background and continue using your device normally. Figure 11. Activation Successful Screens Installation and activation is now complete. PT. Telekomunikasi Indonesia, Tbk.
  • Page 15: Chapter 3: Settings And Tools

    Chapter 3: Settings and Tools The TELKOM Ventus Mobile application has been designed to perform all basic configurations itself during the installation and client activation. This chapter describes in detail what kinds of settings and tools you can use to help you utilize the services efficiently and optimize your mobile email, calendar and contact handling experience.
  • Page 16: Settings

    Settings There are a number of settings you can edit or view by selecting Settings… from the Tools menu. Connection Settings On the first tab you find the Connection settings: Figure 13. Connection Settings Connection mode: this setting allows you to select whether the application should be Always connected or Connected periodically.
  • Page 17: Email Settings

    Figure 14. Customize Timings Keepalives: defines if Ventus Mobile is allowed to send keepalive signals. The recommended option is ‘Automatic’, which means that the device starts sending keepalive signals only if it notices that the network connection is lost periodically. The purpose is to ensure a connection in networks where an idle connection is automatically cut after a certain period.
  • Page 18: Calendar Settings

    Figure 15. Email Settings Email address: user’s email address. This is automatically set during activation and should not be changed. Keep emails less than: defines the maximum age of email messages that are stored in the device’s inbox. If email items are older than this time limit, Ventus Mobile clears those items from the device’s inbox automatically.
  • Page 19: Contacts Settings

    events to be removed should be by changing the Synchronize events less than n days old setting. Synchronize events less than n days old: this setting allows you to control how old calendar events are synchronized to your device. Contacts Settings On the Contacts tab can be found the following: Figure 17.
  • Page 20: Chapter 4: Using Telkom Ventus Mobile

    Chapter 4: Using TELKOM Ventus Mobile TELKOM Ventus Mobile offers a full range of mobile office applications to help you keep up with your important emails, calendar and contacts. This chapter describes how to use TELKOM Ventus Mobile. Starting the Ventus Mobile Application Ventus Mobile starts automatically in the background when you switch your device on.
  • Page 21: Managing Your Emails

    Managing Your Emails New emails arrive automatically when TELKOM Ventus Mobile is running and there is a packet data connection. Ventus Mobile starts up automatically and is running as long as you do not set it to ‘Paused’ state. If the network connection is lost, Ventus Mobile reconnects automatically as soon as the network is available again.
  • Page 22 displays the following commands: Mark for Download, Mark as Unread, Move to…, Language, Select All, Copy and Edit My Text…. Figure 20. Edit Email Menu Here is a short description of each command: Delete: Deletes your email, just like on your desktop mail reader. The mail is deleted from the mail server.
  • Page 23: Attachment Handling

    Figure 21. Menu In Inbox Delete, Reply and Mark as Unread, are explained above. The other available selections are described here: New: Click this to write a new mail. Move…: This option moves the email to another folder. Reply All: Replies to all recipients Forward: Forwards the email.
  • Page 24: Managing Calendar Appointments

    -button. You can add attachments by selecting Tools >Add Attachment from the menu at the bottom of the screen. Enter your text in the Subject and Body fields and press the Send-button to send your email. Figure 22. New Email Managing Calendar Appointments With the TELKOM Ventus Mobile calendar active, your calendar changes are immediately mirrored when a change occurs either on the device or...
  • Page 25 Figure 24. Meeting Response Prompt When you create appointments in the device calendar and add invitees, the changes are also reflected in your desktop, and invitations are sent by email. Attendees cannot be seen on the calendar entry on Windows Mobile devices.
  • Page 26: Chapter 5: Docking Your Device To A Cradle

    Chapter 5: Docking your Device to a Cradle When the Windows Mobile device is connected to the PC via cable, the TELKOM Ventus Mobile notices this and starts communicating directly with the server over your LAN connection. Therefore, all changes in the server or in the device are communicated directly to the connector over a fixed connection.
  • Page 27: Chapter 6: Upgrading Ventus Mobile

    Chapter 6: Upgrading Ventus Mobile Upgrading your TELKOM Ventus Mobile 5.0 can be done on top of a Smartner Duality 4.0. If you have an older version, upgrading requires you to first uninstall the old client, and then installing the new one. The reinstallation process is similar to the initial installation.
  • Page 28: Chapter 7: Uninstalling Ventus Mobile

    Chapter 7: Uninstalling Ventus Mobile This chapter describes how to uninstall TELKOM Ventus Mobile from your mobile device. 1. Pause Ventus Mobile. 2. Go to Settings>System on the start menu and select Remove 3. From the application list, select TELKOM Ventus Mobile and 4.
  • Page 29: Chapter 8: Troubleshooting And Faq

    Chapter 8: Troubleshooting and FAQ This chapter presents steps to perform on your mobile device if you want to check that it is working correctly and to locate possible errors and frequently asked questions (FAQ). Troubleshooting It is highly recommended that you perform these tests before you contact your IT administrators for additional support.
  • Page 30: Frequently Asked Questions

    6. If you still experience problems, contact your IT administrator for additional support. Please add the log files to your support request. - To locate the log files, open Programs>File Explorer and browse to the My Device>TELKOM Ventus Mobile folder. The log files are named EXMController.txt and ExmTransprt.txt.
  • Page 31: Chapter 9: Additional Support

    Chapter 9: Additional Support Additional support For additional support on using the TELKOM Ventus Mobile service: For additional help on your phone’s mobile connectivity, please contact your phone manufacturer or your mobile operator. contact your IT administrator contact your company’s PC HelpDesk...

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