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Brother P-touch 1750 User Manual

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User's Guide
• Read this User's Guide before you start using your P-touch.
• Keep this User's Guide in a handy place for future reference.



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  • Page 1 1750 User’s Guide • Read this User’s Guide before you start using your P-touch. • Keep this User’s Guide in a handy place for future reference.
  • Page 2 You no longer have to worry about urgent tasks that require professional printing. In the office, the factory, the lab and the home, the quality and performance of the P-touch 1750 makes it an extremely practical machine.
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    CONTENTS Getting Started GENERAL DESCRIPTION ..................2 GENERAL PRECAUTIONS................... 3 BATTERIES ......................4 OPTIONAL AC ADAPTOR .................. 5 TAPE CASSETTE ....................5 ATTACHING LABELS ..................6 PRINT HEAD & ROLLERS..................8 For Your Information POWER KEY......................9 CURSOR KEYS ....................9 CODE &...
  • Page 4: Getting Started

    Getting Started GENERAL DESCRIPTION TOP VIEW Tape cutter lever Tape compartment cover AC adaptor connector LCD display Keyboard BOTTOM VIEW Tape exit slot Battery compartment cover...
  • Page 5: General Precautions

    Delete key GENERAL PRECAUTIONS • Use only Brother TZ tapes with this machine. Do not use tapes that do not have the mark. • Do not pull on the tape being fed from the P-touch. This may damage the tape cassette.
  • Page 6: Batteries

    • Do not try to disassemble the AC adaptor. • When the machine is not being used for a long period of time and it is not necessary to keep the text files stored in the memory, disconnect the AC adaptor, and remove the bat- teries to prevent them from leaking and damaging the machine.
  • Page 7: Optional Ac Adaptor

    OPTIONAL AC ADAPTOR The AC adaptor (model-G) allows you to use this machine wherever there is an electrical outlet. To connect the optional AC adaptor: Insert the plug on the adaptor cord into the connector marked DC IN 7.0V on the right side of the machine.
  • Page 8: Attaching Labels

    Insert the tape cassette firmly into the tape compartment, making sure that the entire back of the cassette touches the bottom of the compartment. When inserting the tape cassette, make sure that the inner ribbon does not catch on the corner of the metal guide. Close the compartment cover, then turn on the machine if it is off.
  • Page 9 Pass the tape halfway through the long narrow hole in the stick. Turn the stick three-quarters of a turn towards you and pull the stick away from you as shown below. Peel off the label backing. NON-LAMINATED TAPE Labels printed on non-laminated tapes can be folded in half so that the inside edges of the two backing pieces come off the label, enabling the backing to easily be peeled off.
  • Page 10: Print Head & Rollers

    PRINT HEAD & ROLLERS Occasionally, specks of dust or dirt become attached to the machine’s print head and rollers. This is particularly likely when you are using the unit outdoors or in a very dusty environ- ment. If a section of the print head is covered with dust, a blank horizontal streak may appear through the label text.
  • Page 11: For Your Information

    For Your Information POWER KEY The power key ( b ) is located in the top right-hand corner of the keyboard. If batteries have been installed or the machine has been plugged in using the optional AC adaptor, the previous session’s information is displayed when the machine is turned on. This feature allows you to stop work on a label, turn off the machine, and return to it later without having to re-enter the text.
  • Page 12: Code & Shift Keys

    RIGHT CURSOR KEY To move the cursor one character to the right: Press > once. To move the cursor several characters to the right: Hold down > until the cursor moves to the desired position. To move the cursor to the end of the text line: Hold down f and press >.
  • Page 13: Space Key

    EXAMPLE To type in “%”: Hold down e and press 5. The Caps mode is similar to holding down e. It allows you to type capital letters continu- ously. To type in many capital letters: Hold down f and press e. The Caps indicator on the left side of the display lights Press the keys of the desired letters or symbols.
  • Page 14: Return Key

    EXAMPLE To add a space: Press g. RETURN KEY Like on a typewriter or word processor, this machine’s return key ( h ) is used to end a line of text and start another one. When you have finished entering one line, press the return key to make a new line and move the cursor to it.
  • Page 15: Delete Key

    To select an item from a list: Press h. To answer “yes”: Press h. DELETE KEY The delete key ( c ) allows you to remove characters to the left of the cursor’s current posi- tion. It differs from the left cursor key ( < ), which only moves the cursor without deleting any characters.
  • Page 16: Accent Function

    EXAMPLE To clear the text: Reynolds Tel:(5 Hold down f and press c. ACCENT FUNCTION The Accent function can also be used to add accented characters to your text. The accented characters are grouped according to the capital or small letter that they are combined with.
  • Page 17: Symbol Function

    To type in an accented character: Hold down f and press d. The message “A – U?” appears on the display. Press the key of the letter in the desired accented character. To type a capital letter, hold down e (or hold down f and press e to turn on Caps mode) before pressing the letter key.
  • Page 18 The following symbols are available: Group Symbol × ÷ Æ æ ° ˜ ® © § To type in a symbol: Press d. The message “1-4?” appears on the display. Press a key 1 to 4 to choose the set that contains the desired symbol. Press <...
  • Page 19: Size Function

    SIZE FUNCTION The character size can be adjusted using the Size function. The following table shows the character sizes. Size Character SIZE 1 Standard Size SIZE 2 Double Width SIZE 3 Double Height SIZE 4 Double Width & Double Height 4 ×...
  • Page 20: Style Function

    EXAMPLE To select SIZE3: While holding down f, press 1 once, and keep f held down. AUTO While still holding down f, continue pressing 1 until SIZE3 is displayed. SIZE3 Release f. STYLE FUNCTION You can choose from nine different character styles to apply to your text. Characters printed using the smaller sizes may be difficult to read if certain style set- tings (e.g., ITALIC+SHADOW) are selected.
  • Page 21: Underline Function

    EXAMPLE To select the ITALIC+SHADOW style setting: While holding down f, press 2 once, and keep f held down. NORMAL While still holding down f, continue pressing 2 until ITALIC+SHADOW is ITALIC+SHADOW displayed. REFERENCE Style Sample Style Sample ITALIC + NORMAL OUTLINE ITALIC +...
  • Page 22: Frame Function

    To turn on or off the Underline function: While holding down f, press 3 once, and keep f held down to display the current underline setting. While still holding down f, continue pressing 3 until the desired underline setting is displayed. The Underline indicator lights up when the UNDERLINE setting is selected.
  • Page 23: Big Size Function

    While still holding down f, continue pressing 4 until the desired frame setting is displayed. The Frame indicator lights up when any setting other than TEXT is selected. Release f to apply the selected frame setting to the entire text. EXAMPLE To select the CANDY frame setting: While holding down f, press 4...
  • Page 24 The default setting is OFF. When you turn the Big Size function ON, the Big indicator will light up in the bottom right of the display. If you change any of the Size, Style, Underline, or Frame settings after making the Big Size setting, the Big Size font will automatically return to the default value and Size, Style, Underline, or Frame settings will take precedence.
  • Page 25: Tape Margin Function

    TAPE MARGIN FUNCTION The Tape margin function allows you to adjust the size of the margins on the left and right sides of your text. The default tape margin setting is FULL; however, three other settings are also available. FULL (25 mm margins) NONE (2 mm margins)
  • Page 26: Mirror Printing Function

    MIRROR PRINTING FUNCTION With this function, you can print your text so that the characters can be read from the tape side of the tape. If mirror-printed labels are attached to glass or some other clear material, they can be read correctly from the opposite side. When using the Mirror printing function, the text should be printed on clear tape.
  • Page 27: Print Key & Feed Function

    PRINT KEY & FEED FUNCTION After you have entered your text and chosen the desired format settings, you are ready to print. To print a label: Press a once. The message “PRINTING” is displayed. To feed the tape: Hold down f and press g once. 25 mm of tape is fed out. To cut the tape: Push down on the tape cutter lever.
  • Page 28 Press down on the tape cutter lever to cut the tape, and then use scissors to cut along the printed dots to separate the labels. EXAMPLE To print three labels with numbers 1, 2 and 3: Position the cursor below “1”. STUDIO 1 Hold down f and press A.
  • Page 29: Repeat Printing Function

    REPEAT PRINTING FUNCTION This function allows you to print up to 9 copies of the same text. To use the Repeat printing function: Hold down f and press S. The message “REPEAT:1-9?” appears in the display. Press the number key ( 1 to 9 ) of the number of labels that you want. To cancel the Repeat printing, hold down f and press S (or press just c).
  • Page 30: Memory Functions

    MEMORY FUNCTIONS You can use the memory to store your most frequently used text files. The text remains in the memory, even after all characters are removed from the display using the Clear function (holding down f and pressing c ). When each file is stored, it is given a number to make recalling it easier.
  • Page 31 Press the key ( 1 to 9 ) of the file number containing the text that you wish to recall. The text stored under the selected file number is shown. To quit the Recall function without recalling text, hold down f and press 9 (or press just c ).
  • Page 32 To recall the text from file number 4: Hold down f and press 9. RECALL:1-9? Press 4. 4? John Smith Press h. John Smith To delete the text stored under file number 4: Hold down f and press 0. M.DEL:1-9? Press 4.
  • Page 33: Troubleshooting

    TROUBLESHOOTING Problem Remedy 1. The display stays blank after you have • Check that the AC adaptor is connected turned on the machine. correctly. • If you are using batteries, check that they are correctly inserted. • If the batteries are low, replace them with new ones.
  • Page 34: Error Message List

    ERROR MESSAGE LIST Error Message Cause Remedy 2 LINE LIMIT! This message appears if two Limit the number of lines to lines already exist when you two. press h. BATTERY WEAK! This message appears when the Replace the batteries or use installed batteries become weak.
  • Page 35 Error Message Cause Remedy CUTTER ERROR! This message appears if the Release the tape cutter lever. tape cutter lever is pressed down while a label is being printed. INVAL. CHRS! This message appears if the Move the cursor below a cursor is not below a number number before holding down when you hold down f and...
  • Page 36: Specifications

    SPECIFICATIONS HARDWARE Input Device: Keyboard - 49 keys 7 × 5 dots LCD: 15 characters × 1 line 11 indicators Print Tape: Pressure-sensitive, Adhesive-based 8 m long Four widths available: 6 mm 9 mm 12 mm 18 mm Power Supply: Six AA batteries (AA/SUM-3/AM3/R6/LR6) or optional AC adaptor Auto power-off if no key is pressed for 5 minutes Print Head:...
  • Page 37: Accessories

    Supplies Obtain tape cassettes from your nearest authorized dealer. Use only Brother TZ tapes with this machine. Brother cannot be held responsible for trouble caused by the use of unauthorized supplies. Do not use tapes that do not have mark.
  • Page 38 Stock No. Description TZ-C31 Black characters on fluorescent yellow adhesive TZ-D31 Black characters on fluorescent green adhesive TZ-M31 Black characters on clear (mat) adhesive 9 mm laminated tapes TZ-121 Black characters on clear adhesive TZ-122 Red characters on clear adhesive TZ-123 Blue characters on clear adhesive TZ-221...
  • Page 39 Stock No. Description 12 mm non-laminated tapes TZ-N231 Black characters on white adhesive TZ-N232 Red characters on white adhesive TZ-N233 Blue characters on white adhesive TZ-N531 Black characters on blue adhesive TZ-N631 Black characters on yellow adhesive TZ-N731 Black characters on green adhesive TZ-NF31 Black characters on purple adhesive 9 mm non-laminated tapes TZ-N221 Black characters on white adhesive...
  • Page 40 Printed in China LA4918001...