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    Operations Manual Français p.112 Español p. 224...

  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Health and Safety Precautions booklet before setup or use of the Nintendo DSi XL. If, after reading all of the instructions, you still have questions, please visit our customer service area at www.nintendo.com or call 1-800-255-3700.

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  • Page 4: Health And Safety Information

    Nintendo DSi XL. If battery leakage occurs, avoid contact with skin. If contact occurs, im- mediately wash thoroughly with soap and water. If liquid leaking from a battery pack comes into contact with your eyes, immediately flush thoroughly with water and see a doctor.

  • Page 5

    Twin backlit color liquid crystal screens display game screens and other information. The brightness of the screens can be adjusted in 5 levels. The lower display (the Touch Screen) is touch sensitive and should be operated only with a Nintendo licensed stylus. When opening the Nintendo DSi XL, keep your fingers away from the hinge to avoid pinching them. Indicator LEDs Power/Reset Button Press this button to turn the system on. When the system is on, pressing this button briefly will reset the...

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    Adjust the sound volume or the brightness of the screens. Stylus Holder Always replace the stylus into the stylus holder after use. NOTE: To prevent damage to the Nintendo DSi XL, do not insert anything other than a Nintendo DSi XL licensed stylus into the stylus holder.

  • Page 7: Charging The Battery

    IMPORTANT: The Nintendo DSi AC Adapter, Model No. WAP-002(USA), is for use only with the Nintendo DSi and Nintendo DSi XL portable video game systems. It is not compatible with any other Nintendo system. Do not use the AC Adapter with voltage transformers, dimmer switches, or any other equipment.

  • Page 8: Using The Stylus And Touch Screen

    Screen Cleaning Procedure If the screens on your Nintendo DSi XL have visible smudges, fingerprints, or other foreign material on them, you can clean them by using a soft clean cloth such as a lens or eyeglass cleaning cloth.

  • Page 9: Using Sd Memory Cards

    IMPORTANT: Under some conditions, noise from the Nintendo DSi XL speakers can cause audio feedback with the Nintendo DSi XL microphone. If you hear screeching, howling or other unexpected noise from the speakers, turn down the volume or use a set of stereo headphones.

  • Page 10: Replacing The Battery Pack

    If you feel the usage time has dropped off noticeably, replace the battery pack. • Do not use any battery other than the Nintendo DSi XL rechargeable battery, Model No UTL-003. A replacement battery may be ordered through Nintendo’s web site at store.nintendo.com (USA/Canada only) or by calling Customer Service at 1-800-255-3700. • A parent or guardian should replace the battery pack if a young child is using the system.

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    Applications and Settings...

  • Page 12: Nintendo Dsi Menu, Camera Mode

    Nintendo DSi + Internet Icon Select this icon from the Nintendo DSi Menu to watch a video showing the many advantages of connecting your Nintendo DSi/Nintendo DSi XL system to the Internet.

  • Page 13

    Camera Mode On the Nintendo DSi Menu, press to enter camera mode. Photos you take will be saved to the Nintendo DSi XL system memory. Number of photos remaining Start Nintendo DSi Camera Take a photo ( Switch between inner and outer cameras. ( Return to the Nintendo DSi Menu. ( (You can also use the buttons shown in parentheses.)

  • Page 14: Using Game Cards, Nintendo Dsi Camera

    Camera, do not point it at the sun or other very intense sources of light. Check direction Getting Started When you start Nintendo DSi Camera, you will have several options available. Tap the Touch Screen to make a selection. Press Screen Explanation...

  • Page 15: Using The Camera

    Using the Camera Selecting a Lens Tap Camera from the Nintendo DSi Camera menu to view the lens-selection screen. Tap the lens you Color Lens Colorpad Lens want to use, and then tap Start to begin using that lens. Tap the lens you want to use...

  • Page 16

    Using the Camera (cont.) Normal Lens This lens adds no special effects to your photos. Return to lens-selection screen ( Toggle the display on or off for icons like These controls apply to all lens types (You can also use the buttons shown in parentheses) Distortion Lens Using this lens, you can slide the stylus on the screen to distort your photo. Using this lens, you can decorate your photos using pens, stamps, and more.

  • Page 17

    Using the Camera (cont.) Colorpad Lens Using this lens, you can change the color of any portion of your photo. The color will change each time you tap. Tapping white, black, or gray areas will not change their color. Mirror Lens Using this lens, you can make your photo look like a kaleidoscope.

  • Page 18

    Using the Camera (cont.) Merge Lens Using this lens, you can blend two faces together. Capture a photo of the first face Try to get the face as large as possible and centered on the bottom screen. Capture the second face as you did the first It’s easier to merge faces if the second face is as close as possible in size and position to the first face.

  • Page 19

    Using the Camera (cont.) Frame Lens Using this lens, you can capture photos within preset or user-created frames, or you can create your own brand-new frames. Creating Frames Tap Create frame on the Touch Screen. Select whether to take a new photo to create your frame or to use a photo you’ve already taken.

  • Page 20: Viewing The Album

    Return to the Nintendo DSi Camera menu Stickers You can apply a variety of stickers ( ) to your photos to help organize them. • Photos with stickers will appear on the top screen in the Nintendo DSi Menu. • Photos captured from the Nintendo DSi Menu automatically receive a About the Thumbnails • Photos are displayed from left to right in order of oldest to newest. When using View by sticker, photos are displayed from left to right in the order in which stickers were applied.

  • Page 21: Other Camera Features

    Other Camera Features Select Other from the Nintendo DSi Camera menu to exchange, copy, or delete photos or frames. You can also delete memos here. View Nintendo DSi Camera tutorial Return to Nintendo DSi Camera menu. Note: The photos you send may be modified, forwarded and /or posted by the recipient or a third party.

  • Page 22

    Other Camera Features (cont.) Copying Photos/Frames You can copy saved photos and frames from your Nintendo DSi XL system to an SD Card or vice versa. Select where you want to copy from. Select the kind of data you want to copy. Select the photos or frames you want to copy. In this screen, the user has selected to copy photos.

  • Page 23: Calendar, Nintendo Dsi Sound

    When you start Nintendo DSi Sound, you will see a sound wave on the top screen and selectable options on the lower screen. Tap an option to begin playing with sound. Nintendo DSi Sound Menu Record sounds with the microphone and play with them (see page 45).

  • Page 24: Recording And Playing With Sounds

    Recording and Playing with Sounds Tap Record and edit a sound from the Nintendo DSi Sound menu. Note: Sound data will be saved in the Nintendo DSi XL system memory. No data will be written to or read from your SD card.

  • Page 25

    Recording and Playing with Sounds (cont.) Playing with Sound Choose the sound balloon you want to use by tapping it , then tap Play. Change the sound however you like. Playback bar Volume slider Return to the previous screen Play/Pause Reverse/Pause Playback Modes Repeat the current sound.

  • Page 26: Playing With Music On An Sd Card

    Add the song playing to your favorites. About Folders and Files on SD Cards • In Nintendo DSi Sound, only music files and folders containing music files on the SD Card will be displayed. A maximum of 1,000 folders can be displayed.

  • Page 27

    Playing with Music on an SD Card (cont.) Playing with Music Files Talk to your Parakeet (he’ll show you all kinds of things to have fun with) Change the playback point by touching Sound level slider Return to the selection screen * Playback Modes Play songs in one folder in order, then stop when finished. Play songs in the selected folder at random.

  • Page 28: Settings, Nintendo Dsi Shop, Using Nintendo Dsi Shop

    Enable or disable sound effects when you tap the Touch Screen. Set the backlight to turn off automatically when Nintendo DSi Sound is not in use. Erase all Nintendo DSi Sound data from the Nintendo DSi XL system memory. This will erase all sound files you’ve recorded or modified, any favorites you’ve assigned to your music, and anything your parakeet might have picked up.

  • Page 29: How To Redeem Nintendo Dsi Points

    Nintendo DSi Software and Nintendo Points Cards In order to connect to Nintendo DSi Shop, you will need a broadband Internet connection and a compatible router. The first time you connect, you will need to agree to the terms of the user agreement in order to access Nintendo DSi Shop.

  • Page 30: Ds Download Play, Pictochat

    DS Download Play With DS Download Play, you can download and play certain multiplayer games with other Nintendo DSi/ Nintendo DSi XL, DS Lite, and DS users even if you have only one copy of a game. You can also send and receive demos of certain software titles. Control Sequence Using DS Download Play (Host or sending system) On the Nintendo DSi Menu, tap the icon of a DS Download Play-compatible title.

  • Page 31

    Copy the last message from the upper screen Erase message Drawings New feature for Nintendo DSi XL Each time you tap the pen tool icon, your pen switches between black or rainbow color. Delete the character directly to the left of the cursor...

  • Page 32: Nintendo Dsi Browser, Flipnote Studio

    Internet Setup, beggining on page 73. Nintendo DSi Browser Instruction Manual The instruction manual for the Nintendo DSi Browser is included in the application and can be read on-screen. Refer to this manual for complete instructions on using the Nintendo DSi Browser.

  • Page 33: System Settings, Data Management

    System Settings On the Nintendo DSi Menu, select System Settings to open the settings menu, from which you can adjust many different items. Use to turn pages, and tap the setting you want to adjust. System Settings 1 Data Management: Manage the system’s internal memory or SD Card data here (see page 65).

  • Page 34: Wireless Communication Settings, Brightness Settings

    Select the data you want to copy or delete. Select either Copy or Delete. You cannot copy under any of the following circumstances: • When there is no SD Card in the SD Card slot. • When there is not enough space available in the area to which you want to copy. • When the data you have selected cannot be copied. • When you want to copy to the Nintendo DSi Menu but there are no available boxes on the Nintendo DSi Menu. • When you want to copy to a system that is not where the original data is saved. • When the SD Card you want to copy to contains 300 blocks of software or save data. • When the SD Card you want to copy to is write protected. Wireless Communication Settings You can turn the wireless communication function on or off as shown below. Set up Tap ON to turn the wireless communication function on, or OFF to turn it off.

  • Page 35: Profile

    Use the keyboard to enter your user name. See page 86 for keyboard instructions. Tap OK to confirm. Other Nintendo DS users will see your user name when using PictoChat™ and in certain games, so do not share personal information in your user name.

  • Page 36: Parental Controls

    Parental Controls Nintendo strives to create an environment that is fun and enjoyable for all users and has designed tools to allow parents or guardians to limit the games and applications that may be inappropriate for some members of their household. There is one Parental Control setting per system, so it is recommended that you put the settings on the most secure that you need for your family;...

  • Page 37: Touch Screen, Mic Test

    Touch Screen • If the Touch Screen is not responding properly, first try removing any screen protectors (sold separately) you may have added to your Nintendo DSi XL. If you feel the stylus contact point is not aligned correctly, take the following steps to re-calibrate the Touch Screen. To access the Calibration screen, press and hold the L Button, R Button, and START, then turn the power on.

  • Page 38: Internet Setup

    (connections 1 – 3). Set up an Internet connection. Confirm MAC address (see page 85). Copy or delete Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection profile saved on the Nintendo DSi XL. Review and agree to user agreement for Nintendo DSi network services. Use AOSS for a simple setup.

  • Page 39

    Connection, sent wirelessly to your Nintendo DSi XL. When your Nintendo DSi XL detects a Nintendo Zone, an on-screen icon will flash to let you know you’re within range of a Nintendo Zone location. The Nintendo DSi XL will then connect to the Nintendo Zone without any additional setup. For a current list of Nintendo Zone locations, please visit www.nintendo.com.

  • Page 40

    If connection continues to fail when performing AOSS settings, wait approximately 5 minutes and then try again. Nintendo DSi XL System Tap OK to perform a connection test If the connection test is successful, your settings are complete. Immediately after completing settings for AOSS, connection may fail due to the restarting of the access point.

  • Page 41

    If you are connecting to a secure access point, enter the key and tap OK. This is displayed only when configured for security. Nintendo DSi XL System Tap OK Tap OK to perform a connection test. If the connection test is successful, settings are complete.

  • Page 42

    Set each field as needed and tap Save when finished. When setting the IP address manually, be sure to also set the DNS. Nintendo DSi XL System Proxy settings can only be configured when configuring Advanced Settings. Tap YES to perform a connection test If the connection test is successful, your settings are complete.

  • Page 43

    Continue to push the WPS Button Set the PIN number displayed on the until the lamp blinks Nintendo DSi XL screen in your access point It may take as long as 2 minutes until setup completes. Tap Next Tap OK to perform a connection test If the connection test is successful, settings are complete.

  • Page 44

    Transferring Nintendo WFC configuration to another system Nintendo WFC information transfers use DS Download Play. This deletes Nintendo WFC configuration from the source system and overwrites the WFC configuration of the target system. When transferring to a Nintendo DS/DS Lite system, content of the Internet Advanced Setup information is not transferred.

  • Page 45: System Update, Format System Memory, Using The Keyboard

    Nintendo DSi XL system without notice to you or ask you to accept a systems update for your Nintendo DSi XL system. Such systems updates may need to be accepted in order to play new Nintendo DSi games or continue to access the Nintendo DSi Network Service.

  • Page 46: Troubleshooting

    Support and Troubleshooting...

  • Page 47

    • Are voices other than your own, such as those of family and friends, recognized correctly? The microphone reacts unexpectedly or produces a screeching or howling sound Volume Fully insert It may take time to display the Nintendo DSi Menu if a high-capacity SD Card has been inserted into the system. Remove the Game Card and properly re-insert it until it clicks into place. If this doesn’t work, try re-inserting it a few more times.

  • Page 48

    Make sure that the Nintendo DSi XL Battery Pack is connected properly. I charged the Nintendo DSi XL battery pack, but I can’t play for long periods of time / It takes a long time to charge the Nintendo DSi XL battery pack • Are you playing a game or recharging the battery pack in a location with an ambient temperature less than 41° Fahrenheit (5° C)?

  • Page 49

    Firmly insert the SD Memory Card until it clicks into place in the SD Card slot on the side of the system. • Does the SD Memory Card contain saved audio files that can be played back using Nintendo DSi Sound? Nintendo DSi Sound can play AAC files with a file extension of .m4a, .mp4, and .3gp only. • Have more than 3000 audio files been saved? No more than 3000 audio files can be displayed.

  • Page 50

    Parental Controls if you can answer this. If you have forgotten the answer to your secret question: Once again, tap Please call Nintendo Customer Service at 1-800-255-3700 and provide the inquiry number shown here, and the date that is set on your Nintendo DSi XL. You will then be issued a master key.

  • Page 51: Error Message List, Error Code List

    Nintendo DSi XL Operations Manual for details. The device in the SD Card slot An SD Card that cannot be used with the Nintendo DSi XL or cannot be used. something other than an SD Card is inserted in the SD Card slot, or the system region of the SD Card is corrupted.

  • Page 52

    If your Nintendo DSi XL system still does not operate correctly after try the troubleshooting steps, DO NOT return it to the store. You may lose saved game data and all Nintendo DSi Shop downloads and Nintendo DSi Points. Visit support.nintendo.com for assistance and additional troubleshooting and repair options or call 1-800-255-3700.

  • Page 53: Nintendo Dsi Privacy Policy, Nintendo Dsi Code Of Conduct

    Internet browser on the Nintendo DSi, or you choose to view an ad from a third party, such as those made available at Nintendo Zone stations, those Web sites or ads may also contain tools such as cookies and Web beacons which may be accessible to such third party.

  • Page 54

    INTERNATIONAL USERS Any information you provide or that is collected through the Nintendo DSi may be stored and processed in the United States or any other country in which we or our affiliated companies, vendors or agents maintain facilities. As such, Personal Information may be accessed by foreign governmental authorities and otherwise in accordance with the laws applicable in the jurisdiction in which it is stored.

  • Page 55: Warranty And Service Information, Legal Notices

    Nintendo will repair or replace the defective hardware product or component, free of charge.* The original purchaser is entitled to this warranty only if the date of purchase is registered at point of sale or the consumer can demonstrate, to Nintendo’s satisfaction, that the product was purchased within the last 12 months.

  • Page 56: Glossary

    ESS-ID or network name. A key is a tool which allows for the encryption of data sent between the Nintendo DSi XL and an access point. The access point and the system must be set to the same value. It’s also known as a code key or password. An IP address is a unique set of numbers that identifies computers on a IP Address network.

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