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A leading-edge, rack-dense, 1U dual-socket HPC server

Product Guide

September 2008

Product Overview

Product Overview
Selling Features
Selling Features
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Extreme high-performance computing in only 1U
[Suggested Uses: Petroleum/Petrochemical, Financial, Life Sciences, Academia/Government
research, and Digital Media organizations that require an HPC server.]
You need high performance and large memory addressability-all while minimizing costs and
saving space. The dual-socket IBM
quad- and dual-core Intel
front-side bus (FSB), 64-bit extensions (EM64T), and either 6MB (dual-core) or 12MB (quad-
core) of L2 cache, to provide you with all the computing power you need. In addition, the x3450
uses industry-standard fully buffered 667MHz or fully buffered 800MHz memory with Chipkill
ECC (Error Checking and Correcting) protection-for high performance and reliability. For even
higher levels of availability, the x3450 also offers selectable online hot-spare memory standard.
Dual integrated high-speed Gigabit Ethernet controllers with IOAT (I/O Acceleration
Technology) support are standard, as is a high-performance adapter slot (PCIe x16 Gen 2).
All models offer impressive scalability, including dual-processor support, up to 64GB of memory
and high-performance hard disk drives with an internal storage capacity of 1.5TB (two 3.5-inch
simple-swap Serial ATA II). The dense 1U form factor allows you to increase your computing
power and spread your workload without outgrowing your current data center. Up to 42 of these
1U servers can be installed in a single 42U rack, for a total of up to 84 processors (and up to 336
processor cores), offering tremendous deployment flexibility.
Standard in the x3450 is an integrated Baseboard Management Controller (BMC) that enables
the user to manage and control the server easily-both locally and remotely. This high level of
manageability is designed to keep costs down and the system up-even when network usage
increases. These advanced features help maximize network availability by increasing uptime, as
do simple-swap SATA HDDs; temperature-controlled fans; and IPMI 2.0 support, including
highly secure remote power control and Serial over
If you need highly manageable, extreme high-performance computing power in a dual-
socket/multi-core rack-dense package, the x3450 is the ideal system.
The x3450 offers numerous features to boost performance and reduce product and operating
Up to two quad- or dual-core Xeon processors, high-end 1600MHz front side bus and
6MB or 12MB (processor-specific) of integrated Level 2 cache per processor, offer
tremendous performance capable of tackling the toughest jobs. 64-bit extensions provide
the flexibility to run 32-bit and 64-bit applications concurrently.
Energy-efficient processors draw less energy and produce less waste heat than high-
voltage processors, thus helping to reduce data center energy costs. Some of the quad-
core Xeon processors use only 80W. This is only 20W per core, vs. 32.5W per core for
65W dual-core processors.
Ultra-fast fully buffered 667MHz PC2-5300 DDR II or 800MHz AMB+ PC2-6400 DDR II
ECC memory with Chipkill protection provides speed and high availability.
One high-speed PCIe adapter slot offers investment protection by supporting high-
performance adapters, such as 10Gb Ethernet, Fibre Channel and InfiniBand cards, which
won't run in older 33MHz and 66MHz conventional PCI slots.
Up to two 3.5-inch simple-swap enterprise-class Serial ATA II (SATA II) drives offer
performance nearly equal to that of Ultra320 SCSI (300MBps half-duplex vs. 320MBps
half-duplex, respectively), and with lower latency.
The integrated dual Gigabit Ethernet controllers with IPMI 2.0 support provide high-speed
network communications.
The I/O Acceleration Technology (IOAT) feature offers higher performance for TCP/IP
IBM System x3450
System x3450 meets that challenge. It supports the latest
processors, designed with up to a leading-edge 1600MHz



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  • Page 1: Table Of Contents

    1600MHz Product Overview front-side bus (FSB), 64-bit extensions (EM64T), and either 6MB (dual-core) or 12MB (quad- core) of L2 cache, to provide you with all the computing power you need. In addition, the x3450 Selling Features ™...
  • Page 2: Key Features

    Fully buffered DIMMs provide additional availability features, including CRC (cyclic redundancy check) monitoring. • The x3450 offers selectable online hot-spare memory for redundancy in the event of a noncorrectable memory failure • The chassis includes easy access to upgrades and serviceable parts. Individual fans and the fan assembly, as well as PCIe adapters, can be installed and replaced without tools.
  • Page 3: Drive Bays

    DIMMs. Drive Bays The x3450 contains two HDD drive bays in all, depending on the model. All models offer two 3.5- inch bays that support simple-swap SATA II drives. This enables up to two slimline (1.0") drives to be installed, totaling up to 1.5TB. Some models ship with one 500GB SATA II drive installed, and others with two such drives installed;...
  • Page 4: Disk Controllers

    (half-duplex) per second. This is throughput is similar to that of Ultra320 SCSI (320MBps, half- duplex), and with lower latency. Large HDD Storage Capacity The x3450 offers a choice of disk storage, supporting up to two (3.5-inch) simple-swap SATA II drives: • 7,200 RPMs — 250, 500, or 750GB (1.5TB) Simple-swap SATA drives are not hot-swappable (the system must first be powered off);...
  • Page 5: Other Features

    The IBM services and technical support portfolio provides world-class, consistent, high-quality service and support. The x3450 server offers a number of tools and services designed to make ownership a positive experience. From the start, IBM programs make it easier for you to plan for, configure and purchase System servers, get them running and keep them running long-term.
  • Page 6: Key Options

    For best performance in a server with a dual-core processor, there should be twice as much memory available as for a single-core processor (and twice again for a quad-core processor). The x3450 takes memory upgrades in pairs and provides either two-way or four-way interleaving (depending on the number of DIMMs installed).
  • Page 7: X3450 Images

    A leading-edge, rack-dense, 1U dual-socket HPC server x3450 Images Front View 3.5-inch HDD Bays Power Control Panel/Status LEDs Button Rack (behind Handles bezel) USB 2.0 Port (behind bezel) Rear View RJ45 Keyboard / Serial Gb Ethernet Video USB 2.0 x16 PCIe...
  • Page 8 A leading-edge, rack-dense, 1U dual-socket HPC server x3450 Specifications Quad-core Xeon (E54xx/X54xx) Dual-core Xeon (X52xx) Processor type 2.8GHz E5462 (3xX/3xY), 3.0GHz X5472 (4xX/4xY), 3.0GHz E5472 (5xX/5xY), 3.4GHz X5272 (2xX/2xY) 3.2GHz X5482 (6xX/6xY) Maximum processor power draw 80W (2xX/2xY, 3xX/3xY, 5xX/5xY)
  • Page 9 A leading-edge, rack-dense, 1U dual-socket HPC server x3450 Specifications Integrated RAID controller None Optional RAID controllers supported None # of adapter slots total / available 1 / 1 # of PCIe x16 (Gen 2) slots (16GBps) 1 (full-height/full-length) # of PCIe x8 (Gen 1) slots (4GBps)
  • Page 10: The Bottom Line

    Microsoft Windows Compute Cluster Server 64-bit, RHEL 5 32/64-bit, SLES 10 32/64- Length of limited onsite warranty 1 year (parts and labor) The x3450 is an extremely powerful system, incorporating leading-edge industry-standard The Bottom Line features and adding IBM-unique innovations: Price/Performance •...
  • Page 11: For More Information

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