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If You Need Service; Help Us Help You - GE GSD1120R Use And Care Manual

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Help us help you...

Before using your
dishwasher, read this
book carefully.
It is intended to help you
operate and maintain your new
dishwasher properly.
Keep it handy for answers to
your questions.
or need more help. write (include
your phone number):
Consumer Affairs
GE Appliances
Appliance Park
Louisville, KY 40225
Write down the model and
serial numbers.
fastened to the tub wall just inside
the dishwasher door.
These numbers are also on the
Consumer Product Ownership
Registration Card that came with
your dishwasher. Before sending
in this card, please write these
numbers here:
Serial Number
Use these numbers in any
correspondence or service calls
concerning your dishwasher.
If you received a
damaged dishwasher...
Immediately contact the dealer
(or builder) that sold you
the dishwasher.
Save time and money.
Before you request
Check the Problem Solver
section. It I ists causes of minor
operating problems that you can
correct yourself.
To obtain a Spanish language
version of this book, call
GE Answer Center'"
consumer information service.
Para obtener la versi6n en
para el consumidor,
Energy-Saving tips
it's full. Let the dishes accumulate
in dishwasher. When you put in
only a partial load, use the RINSE
& HOLD cycle to rinse off heavy
soils. Be sure to latch the door
when waiting for a full load.
This helps keep soils moist, easier
to remove.
right away, use your ENERGY
SAVER no-heat boost drying
feature that turns the drying heater
off automatically. Dishes dry
naturally over a longer period such
Always select the cycle that
uses least amount of water that
will remove the soil from the
load. (See the Operating section).
Turn your water heater down to
deliver 120°F water to your
dishwasher and use the
Option. Make sure
the entering water temperature is
no less than 120°F. (See Water
Temperature section).

If you need service

To obtain service, see the
Consumer Services page in the
back of this book.
We're proud of our service and
want you to be pleased. If for some
reason you are not happy with the
service you receive, here are three
steps to follow for further help.
FIRST, contact the people who
serviced your appliance. Explain
why you are not pleased. In most
cases, this will solve the problem.
NEXT, if you are still not pleased,
write all the details—including
your phone number—to:
Manager, Consumer Relations
GE Appliances
Appliance Park
Louisville, KY 40225
FINALLY, if your problem is still
not resolved, write:
Major Appliance Consumer
Action Panel
20 North Wacker Drive
Chicago, IL 60606