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Maytag RX4000 Installation Instructions

Ultra-violet air purifier residential/commercial duct
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Installation Instructions
Ultra-Violet Air Purifier Residential/Commercial Duct
Installation Applications -
Installation and servicing of air-conditioning equipment
can be hazardous due to system pressure and electri-
cal components. Only trained and qualified service per-
sonnel should install, repair, or service air-conditioning
Untrained personnel can perform basic maintenance
functions such as changing lamps. All other operations
should be performed by trained service personnel.
When working on air-conditioning equipment, observe
precautions in the literature, tags and labels attached to the
unit or accessory, and other safety precautions that may
Follow all safety codes. Wear safety glasses and work gloves.
Before installing the RX4000, RX4000B, RX1700
or performing maintenance or service on the
purifier, turn off main power switch to unit.
Electrical shock can cause injury or death. There
may be more than one disconnect switch.
Never expose eyes or skin to ultraviolet
light from any source. The Purifier MUST be
DISCONNECTED from power source before
performing maintenance or service. Personal
injury may result.
Do not touch Lamp glass without gloves. Reduced
performance of Lamp may result. Clean Lamp
after handling.
The UV Lamp contains a small quantity of
mercury. If a Lamp breaks, clean and dispose of
with care.
RX4000, RX4000B, RX1700
Use only specified replacement Lamps with your
Purifier. Use of an incorrect Lamp can result in
damage to the Purifier an/or Lamp.
The Maytag HVAC RX4000, RX4000B and the RX1700
residential ultra-violet air purifiers are designed to kill bacteria,
viruses, odor causing mold and fungus as well as chemical
odors and VOC's that may be transmitted through the air
ducts of the HVAC equipment. The purifiers are installed
in the return (preferred) or supply air plenum of the HVAC
equipment. The ultra-violet band light inhibits and kills mold,
fungus, bacteria, viruses and microbial growth on 100% of the
air flowing through the 6" square aluminum tube.
The preferred installation location for the purifier is in the re-
turn duct as the air will be treated before the filter and HVAC
coil. If it is not possible to install in the return duct, it may be in-
stalled in the supply duct. The painted steel power supply
Control Panel section of the purifier is installed on the outside
of the duct.
Make sure site can be supplied with the necessary power
requirements. The RX4000 and RX4000B have a power
consumption of 35 watts, the RX1700 26 watts, and require
a 110/220 v, 50-60 Hz power source. Insure that there is
adequate clearance for service. If a humidifier is present, the
air purifier should be installed in the air stream before the
humidifier and the humidifier must be protected from UV
NOTE: The Ballast for ALL models has been factory set at 110
Volts. If the power source is 220 Volt, the switch on the ballast
must be changed to the 220 volt position, and the plug at the
end of the wire set (RX4000) fit with a 110/220 volt adapter,
or cut off and wired into the 220 volt circuit.
The operating temperature range is 40 to 150 F. Operating
the models outside this range will result in decreased
NOTE: The purifiers are NOT waterproof. If installing outdoors,
the purifiers must be installed in a watertight enclosure.



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  Summary of Contents for Maytag RX4000

  • Page 1 220 volt position, and the plug at the Do not touch Lamp glass without gloves. Reduced end of the wire set (RX4000) fit with a 110/220 volt adapter, performance of Lamp may result. Clean Lamp or cut off and wired into the 220 volt circuit.
  • Page 2 8 sheet metal screws provided. to shim the bottom outward, so that the RX4000 5. RX4000: Plug in the power cord. If outlet is connected to a is at 90 degrees. The switch will function correctly light switch, make sure switch is on.
  • Page 3 Ballast is functioning. If the Ballast (Green) LED is on, and the Lamp (Blue) LED is off, the UV lamp is not functioning. If both LED lights are off, the ballast is not functioning. Figure 2. RX4000 Figure 1. RX1700...
  • Page 4 Contaminated air enters the Partners Choice UV Air Purifier parallel to the UV Lamp, increasing contact time with the UV energy. The Turbulator slows, spins and mixes the air around the ‘J’ Lamp. The UV-V section of the Lamp first destroys chemicals and odors.
  • Page 5 LIMITED PARTS AND LAMP WARRANTY FIVE-YEAR WARRANTY — Except for the UV Lamps and Ballasts, this Maytag HVAC product is warranted to be free from defects in material and workmanship under normal use and maintenance for a period of five years from the date of original installation.

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