Motorola ENLN4103 Brochure

For motorola professional series portable radios
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  Summary of Contents for Motorola ENLN4103

  • Page 1 MOTOROLA and the Stylized M Logo are trademark of Motorola, Inc. All other product or service names are property of their respective owners. ©2006 Motorola. All rights reserved. AF4-04-008Rev.3...
  • Page 2 Accessories for a Customised Communication Solution For Motorola Professional Series Portable Radios...
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    Turn your professional radio system into a complete communications solution. Adding the proper accessories enhances the utility and productivity of your 2-way radio. Each Motorola original accessory ensures peak performance to match the standards you demand.
  • Page 4: Batteries

    Batteries Motorola original batteries are available in a variety of chemistries and capacities, designed to work hand-in- hand with your 2-way radios to ensure optimised performance and safety for your business. niCkel MeTal-Hydride Part Number PMnn4008ar (comes with spring clip HLN9844)
  • Page 5: Charging Accessories

    Charging Accessories Designed to work as a total system with the 2- way radio and battery, Motorola original chargers maximise the battery life and keep batteries in tip- top condition. Choose from the single tri-chemistry single/multi unit charger to the sophisticated 6-slot battery maintenance system that provides battery health diagnostic and re-conditioning capabilities.
  • Page 6: Vehicular Accessories

    MulTi-uniT CHarger WiTH diSPlay ModuleS Motorola’s impres multi-unit chargers are now available with a two line LCD display module that communicates important information. Charger Display Modules provide powerful “real time” analyzing information for impres batteries, including current charge status (charging or reconditioning), current battery mAh; percent rated capacity, battery voltage;...
  • Page 7: Battery Maintenance System Plus

    Belt clip may need to be removed from the battery to fit the adapters Audio Accessories Motorola’s range of audio accessories integrates perfectly with the radio to provide a personalised two-way radio solution. Built to highest quality standards, Motorola accessories are specially engineered to ensure maximum performance of your radio.
  • Page 8 PubliC SafeTy MiCroPHone (PSM) These public safety microphones are specially designed to cancel ambient noise during transmission. The integrated antenna provides additional antenna height for a better radiation pattern. Ideal for public safety, eg. Patrol police and emergency services. Plug in the optional receive-only earpiece to enjoy confidential listening without broadcasting the message.
  • Page 9 0180358b38 remote ring PTT Switch aZrMn4045 VoX/PTT radio interface Module bdn6677 Standard ear Microphone (black) PMln4694 remote Speaker Microphone...
  • Page 10 aZrMn4018 light Weight Headset with boom Mic & aZrMn4022 2-wire Surveillance kit in-line PTT...
  • Page 11 HeadSeTS For moderate/noisy environments in high activity operations, the secure firmly on the head, an ideal companion for your hands-free needs. Choose from the light weight headsets that are suitable for use in low noise environment to the heavy duty headsets equipped with hearing protection.
  • Page 12: Surveillance Kits

    TaCTiCal MediuM WeigHT HeadSeTS Ideal for two-way communication in extremely noisy environments. Dual-muff, tactical headsets include 2 microphones on outside of earcups which reproduce ambient sound back into headset. Harmful sounds are suppressed to safe levels, and low sounds are amplified up to 5 times original level, but never more than 82dB.
  • Page 13: Ear Microphone System (Voiceducer)

    Available in a kit that includes a wireless receiver and an inductive loop. For use, simply remove the earpiece on any standard 2 or 3-wire Motorola surveillance kit (sold separately) and plug in the neck loop. Spare batteries and earwax guards are also included.
  • Page 14: Commport Integrated

    Commport Integrated Ear Microphone/Receiver System This state-of-the-art Commport system contains a miniature microphone and receiver employing the latest sound wave and digital processing technology. Major benefits are superior sound quality and clarity as well as extreme comfort even for extended wear to hear and speak in high noise backgrounds.
  • Page 15: Carrying Accessories

    Carrying Accessories Carrying accessories are available in varying sizes and materials designed to suit your operational needs. Use them together with the other accessories for added convenience and hands-free mobility. Tested to EME compliance. Carrying CaSeS for radio WiTH SliM liTHiuM ion baTTery Hln9670a Hard leather, swivel loop, non-keypad Hln9690a...
  • Page 16: Antenna

    Antenna Injection molded for rugged environments. Each antenna is tested and tuned to give maximum power and performance. fleXible WHiP and HeliCal/STubby anTenna Flexible antenna has a one-piece finish and steel core for optimal radiation characteristics. Provides more comfort when radio is worn with belt.

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