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Command Reference - HP 49G Pocket Manual

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Command Reference

All the HP 49G commands are listed in the table commencing
on page 21. A brief description of each command is provided,
together with the key or keys that provide access to the
command. Where appropriate, at least one argument (input)
and the corresponding result (output) is provided. In many
cases, a command can take many more types of argument.
To se a full listing of the arguments applicable to each
command, see the Advanced User ' s Guide .
The commands are listed alphabetically. Commands referred
to solely by a non-alphabetic character—for example,%—are
listed after those referred to by alphabetic characters. Where
a non-alphabetic character is the first character—for example,
—the command is sorted as if the character did not
exist. In other cases where a command name includes a non-
alphabetic character—for example,
non-alphabetic character is treated as 'Z' in sorting the
The commands that are functions are indicated by an asterisk
at the end of the command description. (You can include
functions in an algebraic expression.)
The codes and abbreviations used to represent the inputs
and outputs are set out in the following table.
x , y , a , b , etc Real number
x _ units
( x , y )
n or m
#n or #m
[ vector ]
[[ matrix ]]
[[ array ]]
'' string ''
' symb '
' name '
{ obj x z }
In algebraic mode, the order that the inputs are listed is the
same as the order in which you must specify the arguments.
Similarly, the outputs are listed in the order in which they are
In RPN mode, the last input is what should be on level 1 prior
to executing the command, the second last input is what
should be on level 2, the third last on level 3, and so on.
Similarly, the last output appears on level 1, the second last
appears on level 2, and so on.
Real or complex number
Unit object
Complex number
Binary integer
Real or complex vector
Real, symbolic, or complex
Real or complex array
String of characters
Variable name
True (non-zero value) or
false (0)
Graphics object
Any object
List of objects


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