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Miele S 300i - S 318i Operating Instructions Manual

Miele operating instructions vacuum cleaner s 300i - s 318i.
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S 300i - S 318i
To prevent accidents
and machine damage,
read these instructions
installation and use.
M.-Nr. 05 907 720


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  • Page 1: Operating Instructions, Vacuum Cleaner

    Operating instructions Vacuum cleaner S 300i - S 318i To prevent accidents and machine damage, read these instructions installation and use. M.-Nr. 05 907 720...

  • Page 2

    Crevice nozzle ........... . 18 Crevice nozzle extension .

  • Page 3

    Connecting the vacuum cleaner to a higher voltage than indicated in these instructions may result in damage to the vacuum cleaner or injury. To reduce the the risk of electric shock, this appliance has a polarized plug (one blade is wider than the other.) This plug will only fit in a...

  • Page 4

    Do not use outdoors or on wet surfaces. Only be vacuumed. Only use the vacuum as described in this manual. Use only Miele recommended accessories. The manufacturer cannot be held responsible for damage caused by non-compliance with these "Important Safety Instructions".

  • Page 5

    Please make certain that your hand remains around this metal insert. The Miele Electrobrush is a motor driven accessory for use only with Miele vacuum cleaners. It must not be used with vacuum cleaners produced by another manufacturer. When vacuuming with the Miele Electrobrush or Turbobrush, do not touch the rotating brush.

  • Page 6

    A damaged power cord must only be replaced with a genuine Miele cord by an authorized service agent. Do not leave the vacuum plugged in. Unplug from the outlet when not in use and before servicing. Do not put anything into openings or use with any opening blocked.

  • Page 7

    Lorsque vous utilisez un appareil électrique, vous devez toujours prendre des précautions essentielles, dont : Vérifiez la tension nominale de l’aspirateur avant de le brancher. La tension électrique de votre résidence doit correspondre à celle indiquée sur la plaque signalétique de l’aspirateur.

  • Page 8

    Pour utiliser l’aspirateur, suivez uniquement les instructions d’utilisation contenues dans le présent manuel. N’utilisez que les accessoires recommandés par Miele. Le fabricant décline toute responsabilité quant à des dommages causés par la non-conformité aux présentes consignes de sécurité. Cet appareil est destiné...

  • Page 9

    à poussière, le réservoir à poussière et les filtres sont bien en place. N’utilisez que des sacs à poussière doublés et des filtres Miele (consultez la section "Entretien" pour les instructions d’insertion du sac à poussière et des filtres). Si vous n’avez pas inséré...

  • Page 10

    Il ne doit pas être utilisé avec des aspirateurs d’une marque autre que Miele. Lorsque vous nettoyez avec l’électrobrosse ou la turbobrosse Miele, ne touchez pas la brosse rotative. Soyez prudent lorsque vous utilisez l’aspirateur avec une électrobrosse et un tuyau porteur de courant. Le tuyau contient des fils électriques.

  • Page 11

    Si le cordon d’alimentation est endommagé, ne le remplacez que par un cordon d’alimentation original Miele disponible chez un détaillant autorisé. Ne laissez pas l’aspirateur branché. Débranchez-le lorsque vous ne l’utilisez pas et avant de procéder à son entretien. Ne placez aucun objet dans aucune des ouvertures.

  • Page 13

    Features marked depend on the model and may vary or not be available on your model. Some models are supplied with a Miele Electrobrush or Turbobrush as standard (not illustrated). See the Operating Instructions supplied with these brushes for more information.

  • Page 14

    The dust compartment shutter is designed for clean handling and prevents dust and odors from escaping. If you remove the suction hose from the vacuum cleaner for storage close the dust compartment shutter before putting it away. ^ Insert the elbow into the suction socket.

  • Page 15

    ^ Fit the handpiece of the suction hose firmly into the suction wand. Turn the handpiece and wand in opposite directions until they lock with a click. ^ To release the handpiece from the telescopic wand press the locking button (see arrow) and pull apart. (select models) Once one section of the telescopic wand is inside the other the height can...

  • Page 16

    The floor brush is suitable for cleaning carpets, rugs, and hard surfaces. For flooring susceptible to scratches, use one of the special Miele floor brushes (see "Optional accessories"). Vacuum carpets and rugs with the brush retracted: ^ Press the foot switch marked g.

  • Page 17

    Accessory tools for various types of cleaning are supplied with the vacuum cleaner. a Crevice nozzle b Crevice nozzle extension , supplied seperately c Dusting brush d Upholstery nozzle depending on model The tools are located in the accessory compartment, where they can be rearranged after use.

  • Page 18

    The different tools can either be fitted to the handpiece or to the suction wand. (select models) For cleaning in folds, crevices and corners. (select models) This accessory can be used to extend the length of the crevice nozzle by pulling out the inner section.

  • Page 19

    ACTIVE air clean filter or an ACTIVE HEPA filter. ^ Ensure that the vacuum cleaner is turned off. Press the release button for the dust compartment lid and raise the lid until it clicks into place.

  • Page 20

    ^ Unlock the exhaust filter, pull it up and out. ^ Angle the closed blower connection socket backwards into the exhaust grill a ^ and press down b so it clicks into place. ^ Close the dust compartment lid. To take the blower connection socket out, lift it up in an angle and pull it out from the bracket.

  • Page 21

    ^ Hold the plug and unwind cable to the required length (max 21’ 4" / 6.5 m): If the vacuum cleaner is operated more than 30 minutes the power cord must be unwound at least . To reduce the risk of...

  • Page 22

    ^ Press the On-Off switch. The vacuum cleaner can also stand on its end for vacuuming stairs, drapes etc. Vacuuming fine dust, flour or sawdust can create static charge which can discharge in certain circumstances. To prevent static discharge your...

  • Page 23

    (models with rotary selector) The suction power can be regulated to suit the type of flooring. Select the middle suction setting (symbol d) for smooth and hard floors and a higher setting for carpets. ^ Turn the suction power selector to the desired setting.

  • Page 24

    A Park-System has been designed for convenient parking of the telescopic wand at the vacuum cleaner during pauses. ^ Attach the floor tool in the park bracket of the vacuum cleaner. ^ Stand the vacuum cleaner vertically. ^ Fit both clips of the floor brush into the two point holder on the side of the vacuum.

  • Page 25

    Change the dustbag when the colored marker in the dustbag change indicator fills the display. The dust bags are disposable and intended to be used only once. Do not attempt to reuse. ^ Attach the floor brush to the vacuum cleaner.

  • Page 26

    Turn off the vacuum and unplug it from the outlet before performing any maintenance work. The Miele filter system consists of three filters - dustbag, dust compartment filter (motor protection), exhaust filter - which must be replaced. Replacement dustbags and filters can be purchased from your local Miele Dealer.

  • Page 27

    ^ Press the release button for the dust compartment lid and raise the lid until it clicks into place. ^ Grasp the card collar by the two finger holes and pull it out from the dustbag holder. The dustbag has a flap which closes automatically to prevent dust from escaping when the dustbag is removed.

  • Page 28

    ^ Open the dust compartment lid. ^ Unlock and open the blower connection socket. ^ Open the filter frame and remove the used "SUPER air clean" filter (see arrow). ^ Insert the new filter either way up. ^ Close the filter frame. ^ Open the dust compartment lid.

  • Page 29

    B Pull out the roller axle. C Take out the roller. ^ Remove all threads or hair and reassemble the parts in the reverse order. Spare parts are available from your Miele vacuum dealer or from the Miele Technical Service Department.

  • Page 30

    Always turn off the vacuum and unplug it from the outlet before performing maintenance or a repair. External surfaces of the vacuum cleaner and accessories can be cleaned with a slightly damp cloth or with a cleaner suitable for plastics. Do not use abrasive, glass or all purpose cleaners! They will damage the surface.

  • Page 31

    A heavily soiled exhaust or dust compartment filter can also be the cause of overheating. Turn off the vacuum cleaner using the On/Off switch. Unwind the full length of the power cord. Allow the vacuum to cool down...

  • Page 32

    In the event of a fault which you cannot correct, please contact the Miele Technical Service Department. 1-800-999-1360 1-800-565-6435

  • Page 33

    (standard or optional accessory) The Turbobrush is intended for cleaning short to medium pile carpeting. It is mechanically driven by the suction power of the vacuum. In addition to dust particles it removes stubbornly adhered threads, hairs and fluff. Observe the cleaning instructions of the floor manufacturer.

  • Page 34

    (standard or optional accessory) To vacuum sturdy hard floors, e.g. tiles and stone floors. (standard or optional accessory) Special brush with natural bristles intended for cleaning parquet and laminate floors, especially those susceptible to scratching.

  • Page 35

    (standard or optional accessory) For cleaning in folds, crevices and corners. For cleaning radiators, narrow shelves or crevices. ^ Attach the radiator brush onto the crevice nozzle. For cleaning deep crevices, mattresses and upholstery.

  • Page 36

    For dusting books, shelfs etc. For dusting particularly delicate objects. For cleaning in folds, crevices and corners.

  • Page 37

    Specially designed for cleaning car interiors. Accessory set consists of: – Hand Turbobrush – Microhose with combi nozzle – Crevice tool 12" (300 mm) – Accessory carrying case, 10 ft (3 m) long suction hose and holder. This set is specially designed for cleaning small objects and difficult to reach areas (such as PC keyboards, stereo equipment, carved furniture,...

  • Page 38

    (standard or optional accessory) A special active charcoal filter which absorbs odors from the dust collected in the dustbag. The "ACTIVE air clean filter" can be used in place of the existing exhaust filter. Before doing so take out the blower connection socket.

  • Page 39

    These items pose a danger of suffocation. Genuine Miele dustbags and filters are made of environmentally friendly materials. They can be thrown out with the household trash provided the vacuum has been used only for normal household dust.

  • Page 40

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