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Midland WR-301 Owner's Manual

All hazards weather alert radio.
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All Hazards Weather
Alert Radio
Owner's Manual


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  • Page 1

    All Hazards Weather Alert Radio WR-300/301 Owner’s Manual

  • Page 2

    WR-300/301 Owner’s Manual Quick S art Instructions: Quick S art Instructions: Please see pg. 5 for important buttons and controls. 1. Place 4 AA batteries (not supplied) into the compartment on the underside of the radio. (Note:batteries are important because they provide emergency power for the radio in case of a power outage.) Plug the AC adapter into a standard house outlet.

  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    WR-300/301 Owner’s Manual Table of Contents Quick Start Guide Table of Contents Product Information WR-300/301 Controls Icons on the Display WR-300/301 Accessory Jacks Set the Time Set the Date Set the ALARM Time Choosing an Alarm Type Programming Notes Getting your S.A.M.E. County Codes Programming S.A.M.E.

  • Page 4: Product Information

    WR-300/301 Owner’s Manual Product Information: Product Information: Thank you for choosing Midland! Your new WR-300/301 weather radio is the latest in weather and hazard alert monitoring technology, providing you with the information needed to keep you safe. Your WR-300/301 weather radio has a special receiver that tunes to the 24/7 broadcast issued by the National Weather Service.

  • Page 5: Wr-300/301 Controls

    WR-300/301 Owner’s Manual WR-300/301 Controls: WR-300/301 Controls: Snooze Warning Light- Watch Light- Orange Advisory Light- Yellow ICONS on the Display ICONS on the Display Alphanumeric Message County Code Indicator LCD Backlighting LCD Backlighting Press and release any button to turn the backlight on for 5 seconds. For continuous backlight, press the “MENU”...

  • Page 6: Set The Time

    WR-300/301 Owner’s Manual Setting the AM /FM Clock Radio Functions: Setting the AM /FM Clock Radio Functions: Set the Time: (A). Turn on the weather radio with power/volume wheel on side of the radio. (B). Press the “MENU” button. (C). Press the “DOWN” arrow button until “SET UP TIME” is displayed. (D).

  • Page 7: Programming Notes

    • Click on your state. • Find your county, and record the S.A.M.E. number listed next to your county. 3. Go to the Midland Radio Corporation website at • Click on the weather radio link at the top of the page.

  • Page 8: Programming S.a.m.e. County Codes

    WR-300/301 Owner’s Manual Programming S.A.M.E. County Codes into the WR-300/301 Programming S.A.M.E. County Codes into the WR-300/301 Helpful Tip: The S.A.M.E. code is created using the following method: • The first digit is the subcounty code-currently 0 in most areas. •...

  • Page 9: Reviewing Stored S.a.m.e. Codes

    WR-300/301 Owner’s Manual Reviewing S tored S.A.M.E. Codes Reviewing S tored S.A.M.E. Codes To review your saved S.A.M.E. codes, do the following: • Press the “MENU” button. • Press the “UP” arrow until “COUNTY CODE” is displayed on the screen. •...

  • Page 10

    WR-300 Owner’s Manual Select able Alert Reference Chart Select able Alert Reference Chart Page 10

  • Page 11

    WR-300 Owner’s Manual Page 11

  • Page 12

    WR-300 Owner’s Manual The above event codes notated with an asterick have a default setting to not sound the siren but ONLY display a message and light the yellow LED when received. This is not an indication the radio is not working properly, but the intended functionality. All other alerts are defaulted to sound the siren and display the alert message.

  • Page 13: Testing The Alert

    WR-300/301 Owner’s Manual esting the Alert: esting the Alert: To test the alert function to ensure it is working, press the “MENU” button, then press the “UP” arrow until “SIREN TEST” is displayed. Press the “SELECT” button to sound the alert siren.

  • Page 14: Am/fm Radio

    WR-300/301 Owner’s Manual AM/FM Radio: AM/FM Radio: There is an AM/FM radio built into the WR-300/301 weather radio that you can listen to without interrupting the weather radio functions. If an alert is received, the radio automatically switches from the AM/FM radio to the weather radio alert. Turning the AM/FM Radio On: Press the “RADIO”...

  • Page 15: Troubleshooting

    WR-300/301 Owner’s Manual roubleshooting: roubleshooting: Problem Problem No power No sound No weather broadcast when you press WEATHER/ SNOOZE button The radio is not responding properly to NWS weather alert broadcasts Page 15 Suggestion Suggestion Make sure the AC Power Adapter is securely plugged into both DC jack on back of weather radio and into wall outlet.

  • Page 16: Reception

    WR-300/301 Owner’s Manual Reception: Reception: The National Weather Service operates a system of weather and hazard alert broadcasts cov- ering a large area of the United States. Currently, only a few areas are not covered. Typical broadcasts are within reception distance of 25-50 miles of the weather station. Your WR- 300/301 weather radio can receive broadcasts from up to 50 miles from the weather station, depending on your location and conditions of weather, terrain, etc.

  • Page 17: About Noaa,nws,&s.a.m.e.county Codes

    WR-300/301 Owner’s Manual About NOAA, NWS, & S.A.M.E. County Codes About NOAA, NWS, & S.A.M.E. County Codes In 1994, NOAA began broadcasting coded emergency signals that identify the specific geo- graphic area (such as the county within a state) that is affected by an emergency. Until that time, such specific emergency weather information was not available directly to the public.

  • Page 18: S.a.m.e. County Code Record

    WR-300/301 Owner’s Manual S.A.M.E. County Code Record: S.A.M.E. County Code Record: County Name S.A.M.E. County Code NWS Channel Page 18

  • Page 19: Specification

    WR-300/301 Owner’s Manual pecifications: pecifications: Specifications are nominal and subject to change. General General Frequency Range Number of WX Channels Input Voltage Dimensions 20 dB Quieting Sensitivity FIPS County code Sensitivity at5kHz Dev Channel Selectivity Speaker Impedance Speaker Output at10%THD FCC Compliance Information: FCC Compliance Information: MIDLAND (NOAA) Weather Radio Model WR-300/301, “S.A.M.E.

  • Page 20

    Performance of any obligation under this warranty may be obtained by returning the warrant- ed product, freight prepaid, along with a copy of the original sales receipt to Midland Radio Corporation at the address provided below.

  • Page 21: Service

    WR-300/301 Owner’s Manual Service: Service: If your MIDLAND Weather Radio fails to operate properly, check the “Troubleshooting” section in this manual before returning it for service. If necessary, return as follows: 1. Pack the unit in its original box and packing. Then pack the original box in a suitable shipping carton.

  • Page 22: Accessories

    WR-300/301 Owner’s Manual Accessories Accessories Accessories can be purchased at or fill in the form on the following page and mail to our address. 18-STR 18-259W Page 22 External Alert Strobe Light -Easy Connection -High Strobe Visibility - $19.99 Window Mount All Hazard/ Weather Alert Radio Antenna -Improves Range and...

  • Page 23

    WR-300/301 Owner’s Manual Page 23

  • Page 24

    Midland Radio Corporation 5900 Parretta Drive Kansas City, MO 64120 816.241.8500 Note: Features amd Specifications are subject to change without notice. MIDLAND is not respon- sible for unintentional errors or omissions on its packaging.

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