Turning The Frame On; Using The Control Buttons - Acer AF207 Quick Start Manual

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6. Turning the frame on

Transferring image files to/from your PC

Using the control buttons

Operate this unit by pressing the control buttons on the back. The
screen also shows the function icons for each button at the
corresponding position. For details, refer to the table on page 4.
Sliding the power switch to ON
turns the frame on, while sliding
the power switch to OFF turns the
frame off.
You can use a USB cable to
transfer image files between your
PC and the memory card in the
1. Plug the small end of a USB cable
to the USB port on the back of the
2. Plug the larger end of the USB
cable to a USB port on your PC.
3. Please wait while your PC
recognizes the external device.
Some PCs may not recognize the
external device on the first try. If
the external device is not found
after a few minutes, please
reconnect the USB cable.
4. Double-click the new drive letter
that appears under My Computer
to access the inserted memory
card. Then, you can start to copy
image files from your PC to the
inserted memory card or vice versa.


Table of Contents

Table of Contents