Asus CUV4X-CME User Manual

Pc133 agp-4x
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PC133 AGP-4X Motherboard
Product Name:
Manual Revision: 1.02 E760
Release Date:
April 2001



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  Summary of Contents for Asus CUV4X-CME

  • Page 1 PC133 AGP-4X Motherboard USER’S MANUAL Product Name: ASUS CUV4X-CME Manual Revision: 1.02 E760 Release Date: April 2001 ® CUV4X-CME E760...
  • Page 2: Motherboard Components

    1 Game/MIDI Connector ... (Top) 14 1 Line Out Connector ... (Bottom) 14 1 Line In Connector ... (Bottom) 14 1 Microphone Connector ... (Bottom) 14 Power Power Supply Connector ... 3 Form Factor Micro ATX CUV4X-CME User’s Manual FEATURES Location...
  • Page 3 FEATURES Component Locations CUV4X-CME User’s Manual...
  • Page 4: Motherboard Layout

    NOTE: The Creative CT5880 audio chipset, external GAME/AUDIO connectors, and internal audio connectors are optional components, and present in audio models only. The components are grayed in the above motherboard layout. CUV4X-CME User’s Manual FEATURES 19.2cm (7.56in) CPU_FAN ATX Power Connector...
  • Page 5: Hardware Setup

    This connector is for a standard keyboard using an PS/2 plug (mini DIN). PS/2 Keyboard (6-pin Female) 3) Universal Serial BUS Ports 1 & 2 (Black two 4-pin USB) Two USB ports are available for connecting USB devices. USB 1 Universal Serial Bus (USB) 2 ASUS CUV4X-CME User’s Manual...
  • Page 6 The Line Out (lime) connects a headphone or speakers. The Line In (light blue) connects a tape players or other audio sources. The Mic (pink) connects a microphone. ASUS CUV4X-CME User’s Manual COM2 Serial Ports (9-pin Male) Game/MIDI (15-pin Female) Line Out 1/8"...
  • Page 7: Internal Connectors

    Slave mode by setting its jumper accordingly. Refer to the hard disk documentation for the jumper settings. CUV4X-CME CUV4X-CME IDE Connectors ASUS CUV4X-CME User’s Manual NOTE: Orient the red markings (usually zigzag) on the IDE ribbon cable to PIN 1.
  • Page 8 CUV4X-CME CUV4X-CME Floppy Disk Drive Connector 3) ATX Power Supply Connector (20-pin block ATXPWR) This connector connects to an ATX power supply. The plug from the power supply fits in only one orientation because of the different hole sizes.
  • Page 9 Connect the fan plug to the board taking into consideration the polarity of the connector. CUV4X-CME CUV4X-CME 12-Volt Cooling Fan Power 5) USB Header (10-1 pin USBPORT) (optional) If the USB port connectors on the back panel are inadequate, one USB header is available for two additional USB port connectors.
  • Page 10 SIR connector according to the pin definitions. CUV4X-CME CUV4X-CME Infrared Module Connector 7) Internal Audio Connectors (4-pin CD_IN, AUX, VIDEO, MODEM) These connectors allow you to receive stereo audio input from sound sources as a CD-ROM, TV tuner, or MPEG card.
  • Page 11 HARDWARE SETUP The following PANEL illustration is for items 8-11. CUV4X-CME CUV4X-CME System Panel Connectors 8) System Power LED Connector(2-pin PWRLED) This 3-1 pin connector connects to the system power LED. The LED lights up when you turn on the system power, and blinks when the system is in sleep or soft-off mode.
  • Page 12: Starting Up The First Time

    The power supply should turn off after Windows shuts down. NOTE: The message “You can now safely turn off your computer” does not appear when shutting down with ATX power supplies. ASUS CUV4X-CME User’s Manual Meaning No error during POST...
  • Page 13: Managing And Updating Your Bios

    4. In DOS mode, type A:\AFLASH <Enter> to run AFLASH. IMPORTANT! If the word “unknown” appears after Flash Memory:, the memory chip is either not programmable or is not supported by the ACPI BIOS and therefore, cannot be programmed by the Flash Memory Writer utility. ASUS CUV4X-CME User’s Manual...
  • Page 14 5. Select 1. Save Current BIOS to File from the Main menu and press <Enter>. The Save Current BIOS To File screen appears. 6. Type a filename and the path, for example, A:\XXX-XX.XXX and then press <Enter>. ASUS CUV4X-CME User’s Manual...
  • Page 15: Updating Bios Procedures

    BIOS revision will solve your problems. Careless updating can result in your motherboard having more problems! 1. Download an updated ASUS BIOS file from the Internet (WWW or FTP) (see ASUS CONTACT INFORMATION on page 3 for details) and save to the boot floppy disk you created earlier.
  • Page 16 BIOS file you saved to the boot disk. If the Flash Memory Writer utility is not able to successfully update a complete BIOS file, the system may not boot. If this happens, call the ASUS service center for support.