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Model: HT503THW (HT503THW-DH, SH53TH-S/C/W, W93-T/R)
Unique Features
USB Direct Recording
Record music from CD to
your USB device.
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Full HD up-scaling
View Full HD picture quality
with simple setup.
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Portable In
Listen to music from your
portable device (MP3,
Notebook, etc).
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5.1ch ez Set-up
Listen sound from TV, DVD
and Digital Device with vivid
5.1ch mode.
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P/NO : MFL62718691


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   Summary of Contents for LG HT503THW

  • Page 1: Unique Features

    Model: HT503THW (HT503THW-DH, SH53TH-S/C/W, W93-T/R) Full HD up-scaling 5.1ch ez Set-up (1080p) View Full HD picture quality Listen sound from TV, DVD Unique Features with simple setup. and Digital Device with vivid 5.1ch mode. Go to page 13 Go to page 18...

  • Page 2: Safety Precaution

    CAUTION: The apparatus should not be exposed to water (dripping or splashing) and no objects filled with liquids, such as vases, should be placed on the apparatus. LG Electronics Service Europe B.V. Veluwezoom 15, 1327 AE Almere, The Netherlands CAUTION concerning the Power Cord (Tel : +31-036-547-8940) Most appliances recommend they be placed upon a dedicated circuit;...

  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    Specifications ......24 • Controllable functions by LG TV’s remote control; Play, Pause, Scan, Skip, Stop, Power Off, etc.

  • Page 4: Setting Up

    Setting up The speakers are detached from the speaker stands. Connect the red end of each wire to the terminals marked +(plus) and the black end to the terminals marked - (minus). Connect the wires to the speakers. Connect the other end of each wire to the correct speaker according to the colour coding COLOUR SPEAKER...

  • Page 5

    Setting up Attaching the speakers to the Wireless Receiver Connect the power cord of the Wireless Receiver to the outlet. Connect the wires to the Wireless Receiver. Connect the Wireless Receiver and the rear speaker (right, left) with the speaker cable. Attaching the Wireless Transmitter to the DVD receiver...

  • Page 6

    Setting up Be careful of the following About Ferrite Core (For EMI only) - Optional • Set the distance between this unit and Wireless Receiver within 10m. Be sure to attach the ferrite core to the speaker cables (for connecting to •...

  • Page 7: Led Indicator Of Wireless Transmitter

    LED indicator of Wireless Setting an ID of Wireless Transmitter Transmitter Operation LED color When the unit is manufactured, the ID is already set. If an interference occurs or you use a new Wireless Receiver, an ID is set again. BLUE The main set is turned on, everything is connected and transmitting.

  • Page 8: Hooking Up The Unit

    Hooking up the unit a Connect jacks on the unit and your TV (DVD player or Digital Device etc.) using the cables. Audio In connection Video Out connection The unit’s Audio jacks are colour coded (red for right Connect the VIDEO OUT- audio and white for left PUT (MONITOR) jack on the audio).

  • Page 9: Hooking Up The Unit

    Hooking up the unit Hooking up the unit - more you HDMI Out connection can do Connect the HDMI OUTPUT jack on the unit to the HDMI input jack Resolution Setting on a HDMI compatible TV using a You can change the resolution for component video HDMI cable.

  • Page 10: Remote Control

    You can control the sound level, input source, and TITLE : If the current DVD title has a menu, the title menu power switch of LG TVs as well. Hold POWER (TV) and appears on the screen. Otherwise, the disc menu may press PROGRAM (v/V) button repeatedly until the TV appear.

  • Page 11: Main Unit

    Main Unit Open/Close Play/Pause, Function DVD/CD Disc Drawer Press and hold down this button for about 3 seconds then press repeat- PORT. IN port edly to select other function. The PORT. In port means you can connect an audio device to play trough the surround sound speakers.

  • Page 12: Osd Initial Language Settings

    Adjust the settings OSD Initial language settings Before using the unit for the first time, you have to adjust OSD initial ON REMOTE language 1 Display setup menu : SETUP ON REMOTE 2 Select a desired option on the first level: v v V V 1 Turn the power on: 3 Move to second level:...

  • Page 13

    Adjust the display settings • If you turn off the TV or disconnect the HDMI cable during playback of the device, playback will pause. You have to click on the play button to play back TV Aspect – Select which screen aspect to use based on the shape of your TV again.

  • Page 14: Setting The Sound Mode

    Adjust the lock settings Setting the sound mode To access the lock options, you must enter the 4-digit password. If you have not VSM (VIRTUAL SOUND MATRIX) and Dolby Pro Logic II yet entered a password you are prompted to do so. Enter a 4-digit password. Enter it again to verify.

  • Page 15: Displaying Disc Information

    Displaying Disc Information Playing a Disc or file ON REMOTE ON REMOTE 1 Open the disc tray: (On unit: Z Z ) 1 Press DISPLAY: DISPLAY 2 Insert a Disc: (On unit) 2 Select a item: v v V V 3 Close the disc tray: (On unit: Z Z ) 3 Adjust the Display menu settings: b b B B...

  • Page 16

    Fast forward or fast reverse Mixed disc or USB Flash Drive – DivX, MP3/WMA and JPEG When playing a disc or USB Flash Drive containing with DivX, MP3/WMA and Press SCAN (m or M) to play fast forward or fast reverse during playback. JPEG files together, you can select which menu of files you would like to play You can change the playback speed by pressing SCAN (m or M) repeated- by pressing TITLE...

  • Page 17: Viewing Photo Files

    Creating your own program Viewing photo files You can play the contents of a disc in the order you want by arranging the order of the music files on the disc. The program is cleared when the disc is removed. ON REMOTE Select a desired music file then press PROG./MEMO.

  • Page 18: Listening To The Radio

    See information about a radio station Listening to the radio The FM tuner is supplied with the RDS (Radio Data System) facility. This shows Be sure that both FM aerials are connected. information about the radio station being listened to. Press RDS repeatedly to cycle through the various data types: ON REMOTE (Programme Service Name)

  • Page 19: Listening To Music From Your Usb Device

    Listening to music from your USB device - Listening to music from your more you can do USB device Compatible USB Devices The advantage of connecting your portable USB player through the sys- • Devices which require additional program installation when you have con- tem’s USB port is that the USB device can be controlled from the system.

  • Page 20: Recording Music From Cd To Your Usb Device

    • If the USB can not record appears “NO USB”.“ERROR”,“USB FULL”, Recording music from CD to “NO REC” on the display window. your USB device • File will be stored to CD_REC folder in a format “TRK-001.mp3”. • In the state CD-G, DTS disc USB Record is not operated. •...

  • Page 21: Language Codes

    Language Codes Use this list to input your desired language for the following initial settings: Disc Audio, Disc Subtitle, Disc Menu. Language Code Language Code Language Code Language Code Language Code Language Code Afar 6565 Croatian 7282 Hausa 7265 Lingala 7678 Quechua 8185...

  • Page 22: Troubleshooting

    Troubleshooting CAUSE CORRECTION PROBLEM No power Plug the power cord into the wall outlet securely. The power cord is disconnected. No picture Select the appropriate video input mode on the TV so the pic- The TV is not set to receive the DVD signal. ture from the DVD Receiver appears on the TV screen.

  • Page 23: Types Of Playable Discs

    LG players when formatting rewritable discs. When setting pending. DTS and DTS Digital Surround are registered trademarks and the the option to Live File System, you cannot use it on LG players. DTS logos and Symbol are trademarks of DTS, Inc. © 1996-2007 DTS, Inc. All (Mastered/Live File System : Disc format system for Windows Vista) Rights Reserved.

  • Page 24: Specifications

    Specifications Specifications Wireless Transmitter General External dimensions (WxHxD) 52.8x140x110.5 mm. Power supply Refer to main label. Net Weight 0.14 kg Power consumption Refer to main label. Transmission 2.4 GHz Net Weight 3.9 kg Power Supply DC 7.5V max External dimensions (W x H x D) 430 x 73 x 305 mm Operating conditions Temperature 5°C to 35°C,...

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