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Kenwood SW-200 Owner's Manual

Kenwood powered subwoofer owner's manual sw-200.
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Unpack the subwoofer carefully, and
Be sure to get enough speaker wire
examine it for shipping damage. If it
or an RCA-type cable that's long
Congratulations! The Kenwood
is damaged or fails to operate, notify
enough to allow you to move the
SW-200 Powered Subwoofer will
your Kenwood dealer immediately.
subwoofer around while you find
bring a new level of bass to your
If it was shipped to you directly,
the right location for it.
stereo system. Installing the sub-
notify the shipping company without
woofer isn't difficult, but please read
delay. Only the person or company
Before you get started
and follow all of the instructions on
who originally received the speaker
these pages to get maximum perfor-
can file a claim against the carrier for
mance from your SW-200.
shipping damage.
A few notes of caution about setting
up and using your new subwoofer:
If you're installing this subwoofer as
Keep the original carton and packing
part of the Kenwood KSS-200 or
materials in case you need to trans-
• Before you connect the
KSS-500 packages, or if you're
port or ship your subwoofer in the
subwoofer to your receiver or
connecting other equipment, such
amplifier, make sure that the
as a receiver, power amplifier or
power cords on both units are
pre-amplifier, use this manual in
unplugged from the wall outlet
What else will you
combination with the manuals that
until you've finished connecting
came with those components.
the two
To connect the subwoofer to your
• To avoid damage to the
receiver or amplifier, you will need:
subwoofer, do not increase the
output of the amplifier to a high
In this box you should have:
Speaker wire or an RCA-type audio
level while the amplifier's bass
control or loudness control are
1 SW-200 Powered Subwoofer
For best performance, use 16-gauge
4 optional mounting feet (and 4
(or thicker) speaker wire. (Remem-
• When playing a vinyl record (LP),
anchor screws)
ber, the smaller the number, the
set the amplifier volume to its
thicker the wire—so 16-gauge wire
minimum level before placing the
is thicker than 20-gauge wire).
stylus on the record

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    SW-200. If you’re installing this subwoofer as part of the Kenwood KSS-200 or KSS-500 packages, or if you’re connecting other equipment, such as a receiver, power amplifier or pre-amplifier, use this manual in...

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    SPEAKERS connectors on the subwoofer Caution: When connecting the speaker to the amplifier or receiver, be sure to always connect the positive (‘+’) termi- nals to each other, and the negative (‘-’) terminals to each other. Connecting the wrong terminals together could damage the amplifier or cause poor sound quality.

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    Small size 120 ~ 150 Hz Placing the SW-200 Placing your SW-200 Powered Subwoofer is very easy. Because the SW-200 (or any subwoofer) is non- directional (it does not send its soundwaves out in a particular FROM AMPLIFIER – –...

  • Page 4: Safety First

    13 in (330 mm) Height 13 in (330 mm) Depth 13 in (330 mm) with grille Net weight 25 lbs Supplied accessories Feet (4) Since Kenwood follows a policy of continuous advancement in devel- opment, these specifications may change without notice.

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    KENWOOD USA CORPORATION PO Box 22745 Long Beach, California 90801-5745 Printed on recycled paper using 10% post-consumer waste.

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