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Humminbird 110 Operation Manual

Humminbird fish finder operations manual.
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Attaching the C-Clamp to the Transom
Contrast (SetUp Menu)
SideFinder™ Range
This warranty does not apply to a product that has been:
110/120/130/140c Fishin' Buddy® Downlooking Display
Installing the Batteries
2a. If you are using C-clamp mounting,
Thank you for choosing Humminbird®, America's #1 name in fishfinders. Humminbird®
(Setting Not Saved in Memory)
(Setting Saved in Memory, Menu is only
(Setting Saved in Memory,
Improperly installed;
Use this procedure to install the batteries and attach the battery cap (including gasket).
loosen the C-clamp by turning it
has built its reputation by designing and manufacturing top-quality, thoroughly reliable
Available on Monochrome Models)
Downlooking and SideFinding™ Sonar Units only)
The Fishin' Buddy® requires six alkaline "AA" size batteries (not included) for operation.
counterclockwise and then place the
Press the POWER-MENU key until LIGHT appears. Use the backlight for night fishing.
Used in an installation other than that recommended in the product installation
marine equipment. Your Humminbird® is designed for trouble-free use in even the
bracket around the gunnel or transom,
Select either 0 (Off), or 1 through 5 to activate the backlight at the desired level.
Make sure that the SetUp menu is selected, then press the POWER-MENU key until
Press the POWER-MENU key until SIDEFINDER RANGE appears. Select the desired
and operation instructions;
harshest marine environment. In the unlikely event that your Humminbird® does require
CAUTION: Always remove discharged batteries promptly and before periods of
resting it on the top surface (or as far
repairs, we offer an exclusive Service Policy-free of charge during the first year after
storage to prevent potential damage due to battery acid leakage. Failure to do so may
(0 to 5, Default = 0)
CONTRAST appears. Select a setting from 1 through 5. (1 to 5, Default = 3)
range for the SideFinder™ beam. (30, 60, 90, 120, Default = 30)
Damaged or has failed because of an accident or abnormal operation;
down as possible).
void your warranty.
purchase, and available at a reasonable rate after the one-year period. For complete
NOTE: Continuous backlight operation will significantly decrease the battery life for
Scroll through all SetUp menu choices to exit the SetUp menu.
Repaired or modified by entities other than Humminbird®.
details, see the warranty section in this manual. We encourage you to read this
the Fishin´ Buddy®.
Installing the Batteries
SideFinder™ Filter
operations manual carefully in order to get full benefit from all the features and
Tighten the C-clamp by turning the knob lightly by hand. The knob will stop turning
NOTE: The Contrast Menu is only available on Monochrome models.
Please retain your original receipt as a proof of the purchase date. This will be required for
1. Remove the battery cap from the
applications of your Humminbird® product.
when the clamp touches the transom. Then, turn the knob up to two full additional
in-warranty service.
battery well if needed.
(Setting Saved in Memory,
revolutions. If the mounting bracket is not stable after tightening by hand, try
(Downlooking and SideFinding™ Sonar Units only)
Contact our Customer Resource Center at 1-800-633-1468 or visit our website at
2. Place fresh batteries in the battery
Fish ID+
(SetUp Menu)
repositioning the bracket.
(Setting Saved in Memory)
pack, using the diagram inside the
Press the POWER-MENU key until SIDEFINDER FILTER appears. The sidefinder filter is
battery pack itself as a guide.
(Setting Saved in Memory)
The 100 Series™ Fishin' Buddy® comes in four models:
used to reduce false markings from submerged objects like pier poles and submerged
CAUTION: Do not over-tighten the C-clamp. Tightening the C-clamp more than
Press the POWER-MENU key until SENSITIVITY appears. Sensitivity controls how much
branches. The filter is best used around docks and other shoreline structures where
the recommended two revolutions may cause permanent damage.
3. Screw the battery cap onto the battery
detail is shown on the display. Increasing the sensitivity shows more sonar returns from
Make sure that the SetUp menu is selected, then press the POWER-MENU key until FISH
• 110 Fishin' Buddy® - Downlooking Sonar, 160 V x 128 H Display
false markings might occur. In most situations, and especially in open water, the best
well, making certain the gasket is
small baitfish and suspended debris in the water; however, the display may become too
ID+™ appears. Select either Off to view "raw" sonar returns or On to view Fish symbols.
performance is obtained with the filter turned off. Select either Off on On (Off, On,
• 120 Fishin' Buddy® - Downlooking and SideFinding™ Sonar, 240 V x 160 H Display
present and positioned correctly.
cluttered. When operating in very clear water or greater depths, increased sensitivity shows
Fish ID+™ uses advanced signal processing to interpret sonar returns, and will display a
Default = Off)
Hand tighten only!
weaker returns that may be of interest. Decreasing the sensitivity eliminates the clutter from
• 130 Fishin' Buddy® - Downlooking and SideFinding™ Sonar, 320 V x 240 H Display
Fish Symbol when very selective requirements are met. A select number of possible fish
Some states do not allow limitations on an implied warranty, or the exclusion of incidental
Water Surface Line
the display that is sometimes present in murky or muddy water. If Sensitivity is adjusted too
returns will be displayed with their associated depth. (On, Off, Default = On)
• 140c Fishin' Buddy® - Downlooking and SideFinding™ Sonar, Transflective Color
or consequential damages, so the above exclusions may not apply to you. You may also
Depth - Measured at the Transducer
Bottom Contour
Permanently Mounting the Bracket
low, the display may not show many sonar returns that could be fish. (0 – 10, Default = 5)
320 V x 240 H Display.
have other rights, which vary from state to state.
2b. If you are using the permanent
Lower Range
Scroll through all SetUp menu choices to exit the SetUp menu.
NOTE: This menu item only affects the Downlooking Sonar Beam.
Upper Range
200 kHz Shaded Fish Symbol
mounting technique, use the four
Your Fishin' Buddy® is designed to provide years of trouble-free operation with virtually no
WARNING! This device should not be used as a navigational aid to prevent collision, grounding,
permanent mounting slots at the base
Humminbird® Service Policy
Surface Clutter
maintenance. Follow these simple procedures to ensure your Fishin' Buddy® continues to
boat damage, or personal injury. When the boat is moving, water depth may change too quickly
of the mounting bracket as a drill guide,
Raw Sonar,
200 kHz
to allow time for you to react. Always operate the boat at very slow speeds if you suspect
deliver top performance.
Depth Range
and drill four 7/64" pilot holes on the
Fish ID+
Fish ID+
Even though you'll probably never need to take advantage of our incredible service policy,
shallow water or submerged objects.
If the unit comes into contact with salt spray, wipe the affected surfaces with a cloth
What You See on the SideFinding™ Display
mounting surface you have selected.
it's good to know that we back our products this confidently. We do it because you deserve
(Setting Not Saved in Memory)
WARNING! Remove the Fishin´ Buddy® from the mounting bracket support arm ring when the
dampened in fresh water.
Apply a generous amount of marine-
the best. We will make every effort to repair your unit within three business days from the
boat is traveling. Use the Fishin´ Buddy® at trolling speed only. Traveling at high speed with the
Cone - The transducer cone graph on the screen represents the area in which the
NOTE: This menu item only affects the Downlooking Sonar Beam.
receipt of your unit at our factory. This does not include shipping time to and from our
grade silicone sealant to the holes, then
Do not use a chemical glass cleaner on the lens - this may cause cracking in the lens.
Fishin´ Buddy® attached can cause damage to this device.
Press the POWER-MENU key until DEPTH RANGE appears. Automatic is the default
100 Series™ Fishin' Buddy® is searching for fish.
Attaching the Control Head to the Fishin' Buddy®
factory. Units received on Friday are typically shipped by the following Wednesday, units
re-position the mounting bracket, and
setting. When in automatic, the lower range will be adjusted by the unit to follow the
When cleaning the LCD protective lens, use a chamois and non-abrasive, mild cleaner. Do
CAUTION: Do not handle the bottom of the transducer while it is transmitting sonar. Prolonged
received Monday are typically shipped by Thursday, etc.
attach it to the boat using #10 wood
Use this procedure to attach the control head to the top of the battery cap (once you
bottom. (Auto, 15, 30, 60, 120, 240; Default = Auto)
not wipe while dirt or grease is on the lens. Be careful to avoid scratching the lens.
contact with the transducer element can cause physical discomfort or minor tissue damage.
Fish - The symbols displayed in the graph shows where the Fishin' Buddy® has marked
Bottom View (SetUp Menu)
screws or bolts (not included). Hand
have replaced/installed the batteries).
fish. Even though a fish may quickly move out of the transducer beam, all fish symbols
All repair work is performed by factory-trained technicians to meet exacting factory
CAUTION: Do not over-tighten the C-clamp. Turning the C-clamp knob more than recommended
If your transducer remains in the water for long periods of time, marine growth can reduce
tighten only!
NOTE: In manual operation, if the depth is greater than the depth range setting, the
are displayed for at least five seconds. The symbol does not indicate the size of the fish.
specifications. Factory-serviced units go through the same rigorous testing and quality
may cause permanent damage. See the instructions for Attaching the Fishin´ Buddy® Mounting
(Setting Saved in Memory)
the effectiveness of the transducer. Periodically clean the face of the transducer with liquid
You will need to assemble the control head mounting bracket as part of this procedure.
bottom will not be visible on the display. Select AUTO to return to automatic operation.
Bracket to the Boat.
control inspections as new production units.
NOTE: This menu item only affects the Downlooking Sonar Beam.
WARNING! Disassembly and repair of this electronic unit should only be performed by
Distance to closest Fish - Two sets of numbers are shown in the SideFinder™ view.
Assembling the Mounting Arms
Make sure that the SetUp menu is selected, then press the POWER-MENU key until
If your transducer remains out of the water for a long period of time, it may take some time
After the original warranty period, a standard flat rate service charge will be assessed
Mounting the Fishin' Buddy®
authorized service personnel. Any modification of the serial number or attempt to repair the
The smaller number shown inside the SideFinder™ cone and above the closest fish
1. Assemble the control head mounting
BOTTOM VIEW appears. Bottom View selects the method used to represent the bottom
to wet the transducer when returned to the water. Small air bubbles can cling to the surface
for each repair (physical damage and missing parts are not included). Any repairs made
original equipment or accessories by unauthorized individuals will void the warranty. Handling
(Setting Not Saved in Memory)
symbol indicates the distance to the closet fish. The larger numbers at the top and
bracket by placing the mounting
Use this procedure to mount the Fishin' Buddy®.
and structure on the display. (Monochrome Model Menu Choices: Structure ID, Black,
of the transducer and interfere with proper operation. These bubbles dissipate with time, or
after the original warranty will be warranted for an additional 90 days after service has
and/or opening this unit may result in exposure to lead, in the form of solder.
bottom of the view are the range of the SideFinder™ beam.
bracket on top of the battery cap.
WhiteLine, Inverse, Default = Inverse) (Color Model Menu Choices: Structure ID,
you can wipe the face of the transducer with your fingers after the transducer is in the water.
been performed by our factory technicians. You can contact our Customer Resource
NOTE: When mounted, the Fishin´ Buddy® transducer must be positioned so that it
Press the POWER-MENU key until ZOOM appears. Select Auto to magnify the area around
WARNING! This product contains lead, a chemical known to the state of California to cause
Center or visit our website to verify the flat rate repair fee for your product (visit the
WhiteLine, Default = Structure ID)
Never leave the unit in a closed car or trunk—the extremely high temperatures generated in
cancer, birth defects and other reproductive harm.
2. Place the retainer ring over the
will be submerged when the boat is in the water.
the bottom in order to reveal fish and structure close to the bottom that may not be visible
Product Support section):
Retainer Ring
120/130/140c Fishin' Buddy®
SideFinding™ Display
hot weather can damage the electronics.
mounting bracket (see illustration).
during normal operation. When ZOOM is set to Auto, the upper and lower Depth Ranges
Scroll through all SetUp menu choices to exit the SetUp menu.
POLICY ON ENVIRONMENTAL COMPLIANCE: It is the intention of Humminbird® to be a
1. Slide the Fishin' Buddy® shaft into the mounting bracket support arm ring.
are automatically adjusted to keep the area above and below the bottom on the display.
good corporate citizen and comply and meet all known and applicable environmental regulations
3. Screw the three #6 machine screws
Select Off to return to normal operation. (Off, Auto, Manual Ranges, Default = Off)
Structure ID® represents weak returns as light pixels and
in the areas and countries where our products are sold. We will promote and implement
We reserve the right to deem any product unserviceable when replacement parts are no
(included) into the 3 holes on the top of
Dropping the Fishin' Buddy®
Adjusting the Fishin' Buddy®
environmentally sound processes in support of national and international regulations.
strong returns as dark pixels. This has the benefit of ensuring
longer available or impossible to obtain. This Service Policy is valid in the United States
into the Mounting Bracket
Mounting Shaft
the battery cap, and tighten them until
that strong returns will be clearly visible on the display.
Do not attempt to repair the Fishin' Buddy® yourself. There are no user-serviceable parts
ROHS STATEMENT: Product designed and intended as a fixed installation or part of a system
(130 and 140c Fishin' Buddy® units only)
only. This applies only to Humminbird® products returned to our factory in Eufaula,
the control head mounting bracket is
in a vessel may be considered beyond the scope of Directive 2002/95/EC of the European
inside, and special tools and techniques are required for assembly to ensure the
Alabama. This Service Policy is subject to change without notice.
secured. Hand tighten only!
Zoom Range
Parliament and of the Council of 27 January 2003 on the restriction of the use of certain
waterproof integrity of the housing. Repairs should be performed only by authorized
hazardous substances in electrical and electronic equipment.
Humminbird® technicians.
4. Position the control head on top of the
WEEE STATEMENT: Product designed and intended as a fixed installation or part of a system
mounting bracket, positioning it so that
Returning Your Unit for Service
Many requests for repair received by Humminbird® involve units that do not actually need
in a vessel may be considered beyond the scope of Directive 2002/96/EC of the European
it fits between the mounting arms, and
Parliament and of the Council of 27 January 2003 on waste electrical and electronic equipment
repair. These units are returned "no problem found." If you have a problem with your
with the display facing towards the
Before sending your unit in for repair, please contact the factory, either by phone or by
Black (Bottom Black) displays all pixels below the bottom
Fishin' Buddy®, use the following troubleshooting guide before calling the Customer
handle (see illustration for guidance).
Magnified Bottom
email, to obtain a Repair Authorization Number for your unit. Please have your product
with More Detail
contour as black, regardless of signal strength. This has the
Resource Center or sending your unit in for repair.
CALIFORNIA PROPOSITION 65 STATEMENT: Lead in cable jackets and boots is restricted to
model name and serial number available before calling the factory. If you contact the
Positioning the Control Head
benefit of providing a high contrast between the bottom and
300 parts per million or less as determined by ICP-AES test methods.
factory by e-mail, please include your product model name and serial number in the e-
5. While holding the control head in
Lower Zoom
other sonar returns on the display.
1. Nothing happens when I turn the unit on.
mail, and use Request for Repair Authorization Number for your e-mail subject header.
WARNING! ONLY use 6 "AA" alkaline batteries with the Fishin´ Buddy®. Do NOT attempt to
place, slide the bolt provided through
You should include your Repair Authorization Number in all subsequent
power the Fishin´ Buddy® from the boats 12 VDC, 24 VDC or 36 VDC power supply. This can
Check the power cable connection at both ends. Check the power connection to the
the mounting bracket assembly, and
NOTE: Not available on Color Models.
communications about your unit.
result in permanent damage to your Fishin´ Buddy®. Humminbird® is not responsible for over-
Fishin' Buddy®. It is possible to force the power cable connector into the cable holder
screw the mounting knob onto the
There is also a series of manual ranges which can be selected. The manual depth
voltage failures.
incorrectly. If the connector is reversed, the unit will not work. Examine the contacts on
other side, in order to hold the control
Mounting Bracket
ranges are determined by the present depth conditions, and are displayed in increments
the back of the unit to ensure there is no corrosion. Check the unit's batteries; try
head in place. Hand tighten only!
Support Arm Ring
For IN-WARRANTY service, complete the following steps:
Telescoping Shaft
of 7, based on current depth conditions.
changing the batteries.
Fishin' Buddy® Sonar Technology
WhiteLine® highlights the strongest sonar returns in white
Obtain a Repair Authorization Number from the Humminbird® Customer Resource
6. You can tilt the control head by
1. SideFinder™ Window/Transducer Cone Graph
2. There is no transducer detected.
NOTE: This menu item only affects the Downlooking Sonar Beam.
resulting in a distinctive outline. This has the benefit of
The Fishin' Buddy® is the easiest to use fishfinder ever. For most anglers, all you'll ever
2. SideFinder™ Range
loosening the mounting knob and
2. You may need to adjust the
The Fishin' Buddy® has the ability to detect and identify that a transducer is connected.
clearly defining the bottom on the display.
need to do is power on and fish! The Fishin' Buddy® automatically determines depth and
tilting the control head forward or
mounting bracket support arm ring
Tag product with your name, street address, phone number and your assigned
3. SideFinder™ Beam Fish Symbol
When powering on, if a message indicates "transducer not connected", make sure that
makes adjustments to keep the bottom and fish visible on the display.
backward to suit your needs. You can
Repair Authorization Number.
4. Distance to Closest Fish in SideFinder™ Beam
to keep the transducer on the bottom
an appropriate transducer connector is plugged into the unit. In addition, inspect the
also swivel the control head on the
5. SideFinder™ Beam Starting Point at Transducer
of the Fishin' Buddy® pointing
transducer for breaks, kinks, or cuts in the outer casing of the cable. Also make sure that
Include a brief written description of the problem.
Chart Speed
Your Fishin' Buddy® will have Downlooking Sonar only, or Downlooking and
mounting bracket by grasping the
straight down.
Loosen the pivot
the transducer is fully submerged in water. If none of these actions identifies an obvious
Include a copy of your receipt (to show proof and date of purchase).
SideFinding™ sonar. Find the correct sonar description that applies to your unit.
control head and rotating it.
adjustment knob and make the
problem, the transducer itself is probably at fault. Be sure to include the transducer if
(Setting Saved in Memory)
Return product freight prepaid to Humminbird®, using an insured carrier with
necessary adjustments.
returning the unit for repair.
delivery confirmation.
Downlooking Sonar
Each shoreline has its own unique characteristics. The 100 Series™ Fishin' Buddy® can
3. If the shaft is too long, or not long enough, adjust the length by removing the
Press the POWER-MENU key until CHART SPEED appears. Select a setting from 1-5
Inverse is a method where weak returns are shown with
3. There is no bottom reading visible on the display.
For OUT-OF-WARRANTY service, complete the following steps:
Connecting the Cables to the Control Head
see all the way up to the shore when the drop-off is sharp or if there are ledges. When
Fishin' Buddy® from the mounting bracket, and unscrew the collar at the
to increase or decrease the chart speed, where 1 is the slowest and 5 is the fastest
dark pixels and strong returns with lighter pixels. This has the
In very deep water, it may be necessary to increase the sensitivity setting manually
All Fishin' Buddy® models come
Obtain a Repair Authorization Number from the Humminbird® Customer Resource
Use this procedure to attach the transducer and power cables on the battery well to the
the slope of the bottom is gentle, the Fishin' Buddy® will not see all the way to the
bottom of the shaft until it allows the shaft to telescope. Adjust the length of
chart speed. Chart speed determines the speed at which the sonar information
benefit of ensuring that weak signals will be clearly visible on
to maintain a graphic depiction of the bottom. The batteries may also need to be
equipped with Downlooking Sonar
shoreline. The Fishin' Buddy® can normally detect spawning fish that build beds
keyed connectors on the back of the control head.
the shaft as needed, then tighten the screw collar once more. Re-mount the
moves across the display, and consequently the amount of detail shown. A faster
the display.
replaced. If none of these actions identifies an obvious problem, the transducer itself
which sends sound waves from the
Include payment in the form of credit card number and expiration date, money
near the shoreline. Direct experience with each shoreline will teach you the Fishin'
Fishin' Buddy® to the mounting bracket.
speed shows more information and is preferred by most anglers; however, the sonar
may be at fault. Be sure to include the transducer if returning the unit for repair.
bottom of the transducer into the
Connect the Cables to the Control Head
NOTE: Not available on Color Models.
order or personal check. Please do not send cash.
Buddy's capabilities.
information moves across the display quickly. A slower speed keeps the information
water directly below the transducer.
NOTE: Only the 130 and 140c Fishin´ Buddy® units have adjustable mounting shafts.
4. When in very shallow water, I get gaps in the bottom reading and inconsistent
on the display longer, but the bottom and fish details become compressed and may
Tag product with your name, street address, phone number and your assigned
1. Attach the transducer and power
The 110 and 120 Fishin´ Buddy® units have a fixed shaft length.
digital depth indication.
The best way to understand how your Fishin' Buddy® "sees" is to imagine that the
be difficult to interpret. (1 to 5, Default = 5)
Repair Authorization Number.
cables from the battery well to the
transducer is a flashlight and the water is clear. If you are trying to "see" into
The Fishin' Buddy® will work reliably in water 3 feet (90 cm) or deeper. Remember that
Include a brief written description of the problem.
control head, using the keyed
Press the power button and start fishing!
NOTE: This menu item only affects the Downlooking Sonar Beam.
the depth is measured from the transducer, not from the surface of the water.
weeds, the ability of your flashlight beam to penetrate depends on the thickness
SideFinding™ Sonar
connectors on the back of the control
Return product freight prepaid to Humminbird®, using an insured carrier with
of the weeds. If the weeds are thin, your flashlight beam will penetrate further. If
5. The display begins to fade out. Images are not as sharp as normal.
head (see illustration).
The Fishin' Buddy® is designed to run automatically with just a press of the power button.
delivery confirmation.
120/130/140c Fishin' Buddy® models
you are trying to see past an underwater rise to view the shoreline, it is a question
To get the most out of your Fishin' Buddy®, read the next section on functions and features.
Try adjusting the contrast setting on the Monochrome Models. If this does not help,
of how high the rise is. You can "see" the shore if you can shine your flashlight
Fish Alarm
come equipped with SideFinding™
NOTE: The transducer and power
Battery Alarm (SetUp Menu)
replace the
beam above the rise and illuminate the shore in the background.
Sonar in addition to the Downlooking
cables are already permanently
Contact Humminbird®
(Setting Saved in Memory)
Sonar to scan where you cast and,
attached to the battery well.
(Setting Saved in Memory)
6. The display shows many black dots.
Occasionally, the Fishin' Buddy® may falsely mark objects other than fish. This can
Powering ON and OFF
with good accuracy, determine which
You are seeing noise or interference caused by one of several sources. Noise can be
Press the POWER-MENU key until FISH ALARM appears. Select Off for no fish alarm, or
echoes are from fish and which are
occur with air bubble streams from nearby boats or air filled swim ladders. This can
Make sure that the SetUp menu is selected, then press the POWER-MENU key until
caused by electronic devices. Turn off any nearby electronics and see if the problem
Your Humminbird® accessory is designed for trouble-free operation
one of the following symbols to set the alarm. An alarm will sound when the Fishin'
Press and release the POWER-MENU key to power the Fishin' Buddy® on. Press and
from other objects. Fish that are
also occur when the Fishin' Buddy® is aimed at a cement or rock wall due to a
BATTERY ALARM appears. Select Off or 6.2 to 8.3 Volts. Battery Alarm sounds when the
goes away. Noise can also be caused by the engine. If engine noise is causing the
Buddy® detects fish that correspond to the alarm setting. Fish Alarm will only sound if
and is backed by a one year warranty. If you have any questions,
hold the POWER-MENU key until the unit shuts down to power off.
double reflection effect. The 100 Series™ Fishin' Buddy® is designed to eliminate
startled by your boat and move
input battery voltage is equal to or less than the menu setting. (Off, 6.2 to 8.3 Volts,
interference, the problem will intensify at higher RPMs. Increase the engine speed with
contact our Humminbird® Customer Resource Center:
Fish ID+ is also set to On. (Off, Large, Large/Medium, All, Default = Off)
false readings, especially with the filter on. Due to the strength of the signal, it is
away would not be seen with a
the boat stationary to isolate this cause. Propeller cavitation can also appear as noise
When the Fishin' Buddy® powers on, the
Default = Off)
possible to fool and thus, get an occasional false reading if the unit is working from
conventional depthfinder.
on the display. If the transducer is mounted too close to the propeller, the turbulence
Start-Up menu temporarily appears. From
Large fish only
a stationary, non-moving boat or a pier. The SideFinding™ filter allows the Fishin'
Scroll through all SetUp menu choices to exit the SetUp menu.
By Telephone
generated can interfere with the sonar signal. Make sure that the transducer is
The SideFinding™ SONAR beam
this menu, select either Start-Up, Simulator,
Large/Medium fish only
Buddy® to be much more selective in marking fish. Use the filter around docks and
mounted at least 15" (380 mm) from the propeller.
(Monday - Friday 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Central Standard Time):
comes out from the flat side of the
or SetUp.
other structures in the water. The Fishin' Buddy® will display fewer fish with the
All fish
transducer housing at the bottom of
filter on.
Language (SetUp Menu)
• Use Start-Up for on the water use.
the shaft which is aligned with the
International Purchases
handle at the top of the transducer
Assembling and Attaching the Fishin' Buddy® Mounting Bracket
• Use Simulator for learning how to use
(Setting Saved in Memory,
shaft. When searching for fish, make
A separate warranty is provided by international distributors for units purchased outside
the system with simulated sonar data;
International only)
By e-mail
to the Boat
NOTE: This menu item only affects the Downlooking Sonar Beam.
sure the handle points toward the
the United States. This warranty is included by your local distributor and this distributor
access Simulator by pressing the Right
(typically we respond to your e-mail within three business days):
area of your search. The handle faces
Use this procedure to assemble the Fishin' Buddy® mounting bracket, then attach it to
NOTE: The Fish Alarm will only sound for fish detected in the Downlooking Sonar Beam.
Make sure that the SetUp menu is selected, then press the POWER-MENU key until
maintains local service for your unit. Warranties are only valid in the area of intended
Arrow Key once.
the boat in the desired mounting location, either by using the C-clamp on the mounting
LANGUAGE appears (International Units only). LANGUAGE selects the display language
the opposite direction from the
distribution. Units purchased in the United States or Canada must be returned to our
bracket as a temporary mount, or by using the permanent mounting slots on the bottom
• Use SetUp to display additional set-up
for menus. (Settings vary, Default = English)
factory in the United States for service.
of the mounting bracket to screw or bolt it to the boat.
menu choices; access SetUp by pressing
Depth Alarm
Scroll through all SetUp menu choices to exit the SetUp menu.
the Right Arrow Key twice (See SetUp
For direct shipping, our address is:
NOTE: C-clamp mounting is the most versatile and portable way to mount the Fishin´
Menu for more information).
(Setting Not Saved in Memory)
Buddy® to your boat.
Service Department
678 Humminbird Lane
Getting Started
The Fishin' Buddy® should be mounted where it will be most visible and accessible. Use
Press the POWER-MENU key until DEPTH ALARM appears. Select OFF for no Depth
1-Year Limited Warranty
Eufaula, AL 36027 USA
the following information when considering a mounting location:
Alarm, or select 3 to 99 feet to set the alarm depth. An audible alarm sounds when the
Units (SetUp Menu)
The Fishin' Buddy® is easy to use. The following steps summarize the installation tasks
We warrant the original retail purchaser that products made by Humminbird® have been
depth is equal to or less than the setting. (Off, 3 to 99 feet, Default = Off)
Downlooking Sonar
manufactured free from defects in materials and workmanship. This warranty is effective
you will perform in the following sections:
• The transducer will not work when it is not in the water.
(Setting Saved in Memory,
NOTE: This menu item only affects the Downlooking Sonar Beam.
for one year from the date of original retail purchase. Humminbird® products found to be
International only)
Your 110 Fishin' Buddy® uses a 200 kHz Downlooking Sonar system with a
1. Attaching the Directional Handle
• Turbulent water or water filled with air bubbles can cause interference or
LEFT Arrow Key
defective and covered by this warranty will be replaced or repaired free of charge at
34° area of coverage. Boat speed, wave action, bottom hardness, water conditions and
prevent the transducer from operating.
2. Installing the Batteries
Make sure that the SetUp menu is selected, then press the POWER-MENU key until
Humminbird® option and returned to the customer freight prepaid. Humminbird® sole
transducer installation can all affect depth capability.
responsibility under this warranty is limited to the repair or replacement of a product that
UNITS appears (International Units only). UNITS selects the units of measure. (Feet/F,
3. Attaching the Control Head to the Fishin' Buddy®
1. Assemble the mounting bracket as shown below, using either one of the two
has been deemed defective by Humminbird®. Humminbird® is not responsible for charges
Meters/C, Fathoms/C, Default = Meters/C, where F stands for Fahrenheit and C stands
ratcheted mounting posts provided (see illustration), and screw on the knob.
4. Connecting the Cables to the Control Head
Downlooking and SideFinding™ Sonar
(Setting Saved in Memory)
connected with the removal of such product or reinstallation of replaced or repaired parts.
for Celsius)
Hand tighten only!
5. Assembling and Attaching the Fishin' Buddy® Mounting Bracket to the Boat
Your 120, 130 and 140c Fishin' Buddy® models use 200 kHz Downlooking Sonar and
Press the POWER-MENU key until FILTER appears. Select either Off or On. Filter adjusts
Scroll through all SetUp menu choices to exit the SetUp menu.
6. Mounting the Fishin' Buddy®.
455 kHz SideFinding™ Sonar. Downlooking and SideFinding™ Sonar is optimized to
Mounting Bracket (Horizontal)
Mounting Bracket (Vertical)
the sonar filter to limit interference on the display from sources such as your boat
RIGHT Arrow Key
show the greatest bottom definition using the (34°) 200 kHz beam yet can still indicate
engine, turbulence, or other sonar devices. (On, Off, Default = Off)
fish found in the SideFinding™ (10°) 455 kHz beam when the SideFinding™ feature is
Attaching the Directional Handle
NOTE: This menu choice only affects the Downlooking Sonar Beam.
Depth Capability . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 240 ft (73 m)
Target Separation . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2 1/2 Inches (63.5 mm)
turned on. Boat speed, wave action, bottom hardness, water conditions and transducer
Use this procedure to attach the directional handle to the battery well.
installation can all affect depth capability.
(Setting Saved in Memory,
The Menu System
Power Output . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1000 Watts (Peak-To-Peak)
110/120/130/140c Fishin' Buddy® Control Head Dimensions:
Downlooking and SideFinding™ Sonar Units only)
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4.22" Wide x 5.76" High x 2.72" Deep
Attaching the Directional Handle
SetUp Menu
Operating Frequency
A simple menu system allows you to access your Fishin' Buddy® adjustable settings.
What You See on the Downlooking Sonar Display
Press the POWER-MENU key until SIDEFINDER appears. Select either OFF or ON to
To activate the menu system, press the POWER-MENU key. Press the POWER-MENU
110 Fishin' Buddy®: . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 200 kHz Downlooking Sonar
110/120 Fishin' Buddy® Dimensions:: . . . . . . . . . . . . 4.22" Wide x 33.55" High x 13.75" Deep
1. Screw
(Setting Not Saved in Memory)
display the SideFinder™ window on the screen (Off, On, Default = Off)
key repeatedly to display the Fishin' Buddy® menu settings, one at a time. When a
The Fishin' Buddy® displays underwater information in an easy-to-understand
handle into the socket on
120/130/140c Fishin' Buddy®: . . . . 200 kHz / 455 kHz Downlooking and SideFinding™ Sonar
110/120 Fishin' Buddy® Shaft Length: . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 24"
menu setting is on the display, use the RIGHT and LEFT Arrow keys to adjust the
format. The top of the display corresponds to the water surface at the transducer,
Press the POWER-MENU key until SetUp appears. Select either Off or On. (Off, On,
the side of the battery well.
mounting slots
and the bottom of the display corresponds to the Depth Range automatically
menu setting. Menu settings are saved and removed from the screen automatically
Default = Off)
Area of Coverage:
130/140c Fishin' Buddy® Dimensions, with Shaft Extended:
after several seconds. In Normal operating mode, most menu settings saved to
selected for the current water depth. The Bottom Contour varies as the depth under
Downlooking Beam (All Models) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 34° @ -10 dB in 200 kHz
When you choose SetUp, additional menu choices will become available that are not
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4.22" Wide x 49.55" High x 13.75" Deep
mounting slots
memory will not return to their default values when the unit is turned off. See
the boat changes. Digital readouts provide precise information for depth, fish and
SideFinding™ (120/130/140c Fishin' Buddy® models only) . . . . . . . 10° @ -10 dB in 455 kHz
a part of the Main Menu system. After selecting SetUp, press the POWER-MENU
individual menu choices for more information.
130/140c Fishin' Buddy® Shaft Length: . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 24" – 40"
water temperature.
key to display the SetUp menu choices, one at a time. SetUp Menu choices include:
LCD Matrix . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .160 V x 128 H (110 Fishin' Buddy®)
Battery Life (Backlight Off):
As the boat moves, terrain and bottom composition variations are displayed. Fish,
NOTE: Each time the POWER-MENU key is pressed, the backlight momentarily illuminates
• Contrast
• Battery Alarm
240 V x 160 H (120 Fishin' Buddy®)
for easy viewing at night. Adjust the LIGHT menu setting to keep the backlight on.
110/120/130 Fishin' Buddy®: . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .30 hours
baitfish and thermoclines (underwater temperature changes) are displayed when
• Fish ID+™
• Language (International only)
320 V x 240 H (130 Fishin' Buddy®)
detected. Underwater conditions vary greatly, so some experience and interpretation
NOTE: If Simulator Mode is selected from the Start-Up Menu and a transducer is
• Bottom View
• Units (International only).
140c Fishin' Buddy®: . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .16 hours
is needed to realize all the benefits of the Fishin' Buddy® – use the picture as a guide
plugged in, some menu setting changes will be saved in memory even after the unit
320 V x 240 H Transflective Color (140c Fishin' Buddy®)
Power Requirement . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 6 AA Alkaline Batteries
to the most common conditions and practice using your Fishin' Buddy® over known
Scroll through all SetUp menu choices to exit the SetUp menu.
is powered down. Menu setting changes will not be saved from Simulator mode
bottom types.
when a transducer is not connected.
NOTE: Turning on the SetUp menu choice from the Main Menu System allows you to
access additional set-up menu choices. See SetUp Menu for more information.
© 2007 Humminbird®, Eufaula AL, USA. All rights reserved.

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