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Friedrich RT2 User Manual

Friedrich thermostat user manual.
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Model RT2
Installation Instructions
Please read these instructions completely before attempting installation.
Before installing thermostat, turn off all power
to unit. There may be more than one power
disconnect. Electrical shock can cause per-
sonal injury or death.
Improper wiring or installation may damage
thermostat. Wiring must conform to local and
Turns Continuous Fan
Selects System Mode:
On or OFF
national electrical codes.
The thermostat is a wall mounted, low-voltage thermostat,
1. Turn off all power to unit.
which maintains room temperature by controlling the opera-
2. If an existing thermostat is being replaced:
tion of a heating and air conditioning system. Batteries are
A. Remove existing thermostat from wall.
not required; temperature and mode settings are preserved
B. Disconnect wires from existing thermostat, one at
with the power off.
a time. Be careful not to allow wires to fall back into
the wall.
C. As each wire is disconnected, record wire color and
Thermostat should be mounted:
terminal marking.
- Approximately 5 ft. (1.5m) from fl oor.
D. Discard or recycle old thermostat.
- Close to or in a frequently used room, preferably on an
inside partitioning wall.
NOTE: Mercury is a hazardous waste and MUST be
- On a section of wall without pipes or duct work.
disposed of properly.
Thermostat should NOT be mounted:
3. Separate the thermostat and back plate.
- Close to a window, on an outside wall, or next to a door
4. Route thermostat wires through hole in back plate. Level
leading to the outside.
back plate against wall (for aesthetic value only - thermo-
- Exposed to direct light and heat from a lamp, sun,
stat need not be leveled for proper operation) and mark
fi replace, or other temperature-radiating object which
wall through 2 mounting holes.
may cause a false reading.
- Close to or in direct airfl ow from supply registers and
return-air grilles.
- In areas with poor air circulation, (behind a door or in
an alcove.)
920-162-01 (5-05)

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  • Page 1: Installation Instructions, Installation Considerations

    3. Separate the thermostat and back plate. 4. Route thermostat wires through hole in back plate. Level back plate against wall (for aesthetic value only - thermo- stat need not be leveled for proper operation) and mark wall through 2 mounting holes.

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    3 minutes if a change in set point, or a change in mode occurs. Connection to “B” E4 will be displayed if the thermostat has an internal memory failure. terminal required on If E4 appears, replace the thermostat.

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    V. THERMOSTAT CONFIGURATION This thermostat has been carefully confi gured at the factory to provide optimum operation for most installations. The settings programmed into it at the factory should NOT be changed unless determined to be absolutely necessary by a qualifi ed HVAC contractor.

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    FRIEDRICH AIR CONDITIONING CO. INC. Post Offi ce Box 1540 · San Antonio, Texas 78295-1540 4200 N. Pan Am Expressway · San Antonio, Texas 78218-5212 (210) 357-4400 · FAX (210) 357-4480 Printed in the U.S.A. 920-162-01 (5-05)

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