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CASIO COMBIWAVE1 Operation Manual

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Operation Guide COMBIWAVE1
About This Manual
• The operational procedures for Modules 2735, 3747, and 4772 are identical. All of
the illustrations in this manual show Module 2735.
• Button operations are indicated using the letters shown in the illustration.
• This watch does not have a time zone that corresponds to the Greenwich
Mean Time differential of –3.5 hours. Because of this, the radio-controlled
timekeeping and World Time functions will not display the correct time for
Newfoundland, Canada.
Module 2735
Module 3747
Module 4772
• Each section of this manual provides you with the information you need to perform
operations in each mode. Further details and technical information can be found in
the "Reference" section.
General Guide
Alarm Mode
Date Alert Mode
• Press C to change from mode to mode.
• In any mode, press B to illuminate the display.
World Time Mode
Press C.
Timekeeping Mode
Stopwatch Mode
Time Recorder Mode
Hand Setting Mode
Radio-controlled Atomic Timekeeping
Hour hand
This watch receives a time calibration signal and updates
• Position the watch as shown in the nearby illustration, with its 12 o'clock side facing
its time setting accordingly. The time calibration signal
Minutes hand
includes both Standard Time and Daylight Saving Time
towards a window. Make sure there are no metal objects nearby.
(summer time) data.
• This watch is designed to pick up the time calibration
signal transmitted from Fort Collins, Colorado (USA).
Reception is possible within North America*.
* The term "North America" in this User's Guide refers to the
Metal Band
Resin Band
area that consists of Canada, the continental United States,
and Mexico.
Day of week
Current Time Setting
Month – Day
This watch automatically adjusts its digital time setting in
accordance with a time calibration signal. You can also
perform a manual procedure to set the time and date,
when necessary.
• The watch should not be on its side or facing the wrong way.
• Proper signal reception can be difficult or even impossible under the conditions listed
• The first thing you should do after purchasing this watch is to set your Home City,
which is the city where you will normally use the watch. For more information, see
"To set your Home City" below.
• When using the watch outside of the range of the transmitter in Fort Collins, you
need to manually adjust the time as required. See "Timekeeping" for information
about manual settings.
• The analog time of this watch is synchronized with the digital time. Because of this,
the analog time setting is automatically adjusted whenever you change the digital
Inside or
Inside a
Near a
Near high-
Among or
setting. See "Analog Timekeeping" for more information.
To set your Home City
appliances or
site, airport, or
power lines
1. In the Timekeeping Mode, hold down A until the
other sources
transmitter indicator (
) starts to flash, which
of electrical
indicates the setting screen.
or a mobile
2. Press C to display the city code setting screen.
3. Use D(east) and B(west) to select the city code you
• Signal reception is normally better at night than during the day.
want to use as your Home City.
• Time calibration signal reception takes from two to six minutes, but in some cases it
• The following are the city codes for major cities in
can take as long as 12 minutes. Take care that you do not perform any button
North America.
operations or move the watch during this time.
: Los Angeles, San Francisco, Las Vegas,
Seattle, Vancouver, Tijuana
: Denver, El Paso, Edmonton, Culiacan
2,000 miles
: Chicago, Houston, Dallas/Fort Worth,
600 miles
New Orleans, Winnipeg, Mexico City
City code
: New York, Detroit, Miami, Boston, Montreal
• Note that this watch does not have a city code that
corresponds to Newfoundland.
4. Press A twice to exit the setting screen.
• The first press of A displays the 12/24-hour setting
screen. Pressing A again exits the setting screen.
Fort Collins
• Normally, your watch should show the correct time as soon as you select your Home
• At distances further than about 600 miles (1,000 kilometers) from the transmitter,
City code. If it does not, it should adjust automatically after the next auto receive
signal reception may not be possible during certain times of year or times of day.
operation (in the middle of the night). You can also perform manual receive or you
Radio interference may also cause problems with reception.
• Even when the watch is within the reception range of the transmitter, signal
can set the time manually.
• If you are in an area that does not use Daylight Saving Time (summer time), turn off
reception is impossible if the signal is blocked by mountains or other geological
formations between the watch and signal source.
the DST setting.
• Signal reception is affected by weather, atmospheric conditions, and seasonal
Time Calibration Signal Reception
There are two different methods you can use to receive the time calibration signal:
• See the information under "Signal Receive Troubleshooting" if you experience
auto receive and manual receive.
problems with time calibration signal reception.
• Auto Receive
With auto receive, the watch automatically picks up the time calibration signal four
About Auto Receive
times a day at 2:00 a.m., 3:00 a.m., 4:00 a.m., and 5:00 a.m. For more information,
When auto receive is turned on, the watch automatically starts to receive the time
see "About Auto Receive".
calibration signal when the digital time in the Timekeeping Mode reaches 2:00 a.m.,
• Manual Receive
3:00 a.m., 4:00 a.m., and 5:00 a.m. each day (calibration times).
Manual receive lets you start a time calibration receive operation with the press of a
button. For more information, see "To perform manual receive".

   Summary of Contents for CASIO COMBIWAVE1

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    MO0610-EA Operation Guide COMBIWAVE1 About This Manual • The operational procedures for Modules 2735, 3747, and 4772 are identical. All of the illustrations in this manual show Module 2735. • Button operations are indicated using the letters shown in the illustration.

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    Operation Guide COMBIWAVE1 Note Signal Receive Troubleshooting • The auto receive operation is performed only if the watch is in the Timekeeping Check the following points whenever you experience problems with calibration signal Mode or World Time Mode when one of the calibration times is reached. It is not reception.

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    Operation Guide COMBIWAVE1 5. Press A to exit the setting screen. To turn an alert on and off • With the target alarm ( 1. In the Date Alert Mode, use D to select the screen for ), the time starts to countdown as soon as you set the alarm time.

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    Operation Guide COMBIWAVE1 Timekeeping Use the Timekeeping Mode to set and view the current time and date. This section To change the Daylight Saving Time (summer time) setting also explains how to manually set the current date and time. 1. In the Timekeeping Mode, hold down A until the transmitter indicator starts to •...

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    Operation Guide COMBIWAVE1 • The current time setting in accordance with the time calibration signal takes priority over any time settings you make. • The watch is designed to automatically update the date and day of the week for the period January 1, 2000 to December 31, 2039.

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