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Microsoft Zune HD 16GB Product Manual

Microsoft zune hd 16gb: user guide.
Hide thumbs
media controls
Jump to a letter in a list Music lists have alpha-
What if my Zune HD doesn't turn on when I
betical headings. Tap any letter for a letter menu,
first take it out of the box?
Before connecting your Zune to your computer,
then tap another letter to jump to that position
Your player's battery might need to be charged
visit to install the latest version
in the list.
before first use.
of the Zune software.
Zoom Two short taps will enlarge your view of a
How long does Zune HD take to charge?
picture or a website.
The player should fully charge in about 2 hours. If
Connect your Zune to your computer.
you don't see the charging symbol, try switching
Screen lock/unlock To avoid accidental touch
to another USB port on your PC or use the Zune AC
Your Zune charges whenever it's connected. First
commands, turn the screen off by pressing the on/
adapter (sold separately).
charge might take an hour or more.
off button. To turn on the screen, press the on/off
button, then move your finger across the screen to
What if the Zune software can't find my player?
unlock it.
Try connecting to a different USB port on your
Sync your stuff:
PIN lock/unlock Use PIN lock to require a 4-digit
code for screen access. You can enable/disable PIN
What if my Zune HD isn't responding?
In the Zune software, set sync options in Software
lock in Settings.
Try restarting it: press and hold the on/off button
Settings or drag and drop items to the player.
for 7 seconds.
HD Radio Zune HD supports HD Radio
, offering
digital reception and—in many cases—additional
What media file formats are supported by Zune?
programming from your favorite FM stations. Avail-
Zune supports .wma, .mp4, .m4a, .m4b, and .mp3
ability depends on station broadcasts and Zune
for audio; .wmv and .m4v for video; and .jpg
reception. For a list of stations in your area, visit
for photos.
On/off Press the on/off button to turn on. The
player will turn off by itself after a period of
When you're playing content, tap the screen once
How can I view high-definition programming
inactivity. To turn it off manually, press and hold
to access basic media controls.
with my Zune HD?
the button until you see the off option.
Zune HD will display compatible 720p high-defini-
tion sources on its built-in screen (480 × 272).
Return to home screen Press the home button.
Volume Press the media button, then move your
To view HD sources at true high-definition resolution,
finger up or down the screen to raise or lower
Go to Quickplay Tap the background on the home
however, your Zune HD must be playing HD
the volume.
screen to bring Quickplay to the fore.
files while connected to a high-definition TV
Next/previous Press the media button, then tap
using the Zune HD & AV Dock and an HDMI
Add items to Quickplay Tap and hold an album,
cable (both sold separately). Visit
the onscreen previous/next buttons.
genre, video, or other item to see additional for more info.
options, then select Add to Quickplay.
Fast-forward/rewind To fast-forward, press the
HD Radio technology is manufactured under license from
Can I use my Zune while it's connected to my
media button, then press and hold the left side of
iBiquity Digital Corp. U.S. and foreign patents. HD Radio and
Shuffle all music Tap the play button at the imme-
the screen. To go back, press and hold the right side.
the HD Radio logo are proprietary trademarks of iBiquity
diate left of the word Music on the home screen.
Yes. Close the Zune software to use your Zune. It
Digital Corp.
Previous screen Press the magnified text at the
will continue to charge while it's connected.
HDMI, the HDMI Logo, and High-Definition Multimedia
top of the screen or the virtual back button (when
Interface are trademarks or registered trademarks of HDMI
How do I sync wirelessly with my computer?
Licensing LLC.
To set up wireless sync, connect your Zune using
Playback options Buttons to shuffle, repeat, and
the supplied sync cable. Then, in the Zune software,
Be sure to check out for tips and
Add to now playing This adds a song,
go to Settings, Player, Wireless Sync and follow
rate songs appear along the bottom of the now-
tricks and detailed product info.
album, or playlist to the end of your now-
playing screen.
the on-screen instructions. For more info, visit
playing list. If you're shuffling all music,
Playlists To save a playlist of the songs you're
the song, album, or playlist will follow the
See the Zune
Product Guide for important safety
now-playing song.
listening to: go to Music, Playlists, Now Playing
information and helpful tips.
and click the Save button.
©2009 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.
Send This sends a song, album, playlist, or
Touch screen
On/off button
Media button
Home button
Headphone jack
Sync port
picture to another Zune member's inbox.
Return to previous screen

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    Interface are trademarks or registered trademarks of HDMI Licensing LLC. Be sure to check out for tips and tricks and detailed product info. See the Zune Product Guide for important safety information and helpful tips. ©2009 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.

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    Para obtener más información, consulta la Guía del usuario de Zune en Consulta la Guía de producto Zune para obtener infor- mación importante de seguridad. © 2009 Microsoft Corporation. Todos los derechos reservados.

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