Intermatic HA09 User Manual

Intermatic ha09 remote controller: user guide.
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Thank you for purchasing Intermatic's HomeSettings
devices. With these products you can reliably and remotely
control lighting and appliances. The outstanding features of
the HomeSettings program include:
Feedback that will allow you to see whether your
device has received the ON/OFF/DIM signal.
Ease of installation
RF signal reliability – each HomeSettings product
has a special repeater feature that virtually
guarantees that RF signals are received.
If required, more than one controller can be used
for the same system.
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  • Page 1

    HA09 - HANDY REMOTE CONTROLLER INSTRUCTIONS Thank you for purchasing Intermatic’s HomeSettings devices. With these products you can reliably and remotely control lighting and appliances. The outstanding features of the HomeSettings program include: Feedback that will allow you to see whether your device has received the ON/OFF/DIM signal.

  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Z-Wave™ Introduction The HA09 Handy Remote Controller is a Z-Wave™ enabled device and is fully compatible with any Home Settings network and any Z- Wave™ enabled network. Z-Wave™ enabled devices displaying the Z-Wave™ logo can also be used with Home Settings modules and controllers regardless of the manufacturer, and Home Settings modules and controllers can also be used in other manufacturer’s Z-...

  • Page 3: Glossary Of Terms

    HA09 has 6 channels. Device – Any item that is connected to a module (for example, lamps). Module – Any Intermatic HomeSettings product that is controlled with a remote controller. A module can be controlled by more than one channel.

  • Page 4

    Handy 6-Channel Remote Controller Fig 1. HA09 Handy Remote Controller Page 4 of 20...

  • Page 5: Installing Batteries

    Installing Batteries Open the battery compartment door located on the back of the remote control by pressing down on the battery compartment tab and pulling the door outward. (See Fig 2a) Insert 4 AAA alkaline batteries (not included), placing the batteries as shown in the compartment.

  • Page 6: Creating A Network

    Installation and Set-Up Recommendations Modules should be plugged into or hardwired into the location where they will be used. For best results, do not move or relocate modules after they have been included into the network. If you wish to re-locate or move a module from a particular location, first delete it from the network, then include it back to the network after you have re-located it.

  • Page 7

    ____________INCLUDE Modules to a NOTE: Devices should be plugged into modules before adding modules to the network. Devices (for example, lamps) should be turned to the ON position. (See Fig 3a) While holding the door grips, slide the cover down to reveal the INCLUDE and DELETE buttons.

  • Page 8

    Creating a Network (continued) (See Fig 3c) Press and release the programming button on the module. If successful, the LED on the controller and module will turn solid green. If not successful, the red LED will flash and it will be necessary to repeat steps 2 and 3 until the green LED on the controller turns solid green and does not flash.

  • Page 9: Associating Modules To Channels

    Associating Modules to Channels (See Fig 4a on page 10) On the remote controller, simultaneously press and hold the ON and OFF buttons of the desired channel. Both red and green LED’s will flash. (Note: The LED’s will time out after 10 seconds.

  • Page 10

    Associating Modules to Channels (continued) Fig 4a. Press and hold the Fig 4b. Press and hold Fig 4c. Press and release the programming button Channel ON and OFF buttons the INCLUDE button Page 10 of 20...

  • Page 11: Exclude From Network, Exclude From Channel

    Exclude from Network (See Fig 5a and 5b) Follow the same procedure as Creating a Network except press the DELETE button instead of the INCLUDE button. Fig 5a. Press and release Fig 5b. Press and release the DELETE button the programming button Exclude from Channel (See Figures 6a,b,c) Follow the same procedure as Associating Modules to Channels except press and hold the...

  • Page 12: Remote On/off/dim Operation

    DIM – To DIM up, press and hold the ON button. To DIM down, press and hold the OFF button. Release the button when you have achieved your desired light level. CONGRATULATIONS! You have completed the programming of your HA09 Handy Remote controller. Page 12 of 20...

  • Page 13: Resetting The Controller, Resetting The Network And Channels

    Resetting the Controller If needed, you can reset the NETWORK and CHANNEL settings individually or both together. NOTE: When resetting a controller, for best results, each module within the system should be individually reset also. Resetting the NETWORK and CHANNELS This function will completely reset all CHANNEL and NETWORK SETTINGS on the controller.

  • Page 14: Additional Features, Controller Replication, Replicating The Network And Channel Settings

    Additional Features The HA09 Handy Remote Controller allows you to create two different types of copies of the primary remote controller: - Replicating both Network and Channel settings will copy all network information and scene information for each channel. - Replicating the network will copy network information only.

  • Page 15

    Replicating the Network and Channel Settings (cont’d) Fig 8a. On the Primary Fig 8b. On the Primary Controller, Press and Hold Controller, Press and release the INCLUDE button. Then the Channel 1 ON/DIM button. Release when LEDs flash. Fig 8c. On the Secondary Controller, Press and Hold the INCLUDE button.

  • Page 16: Replicating The Network Only

    HA07 Master Remote Controller, follow the same procedure as the HA09 Handy Remote. Instead of seeing the flashing LEDs on the HA09, the HA07 has an LCD display that will display words describing the operations.) (Note: If an HA07 [primary controller] is copied to an HA09 6- channel controller [secondary controller], the HA09 will store the HA07’s first 6-channels only.

  • Page 17: Troubleshooting

    Troubleshooting Problem: Every time I try to INCLUDE or DELETE modules to my network, I keep getting errors (red LED flashes) After I perform a controller replication, neither controller controls anything at all. Solution: The controller might be a Secondary Controller. Only a Primary Controller may be used to INCLUDE or DELETE modules into or from a network.

  • Page 18

    Troubleshooting Problem: I am trying to turn on a module associated to channel 1, but it will not turn on. My programmed events will not automatically execute. Solution: Check to be sure there is power supplied to the module. Check to be sure that the lightbulb is not bad. The module might be associated as a ‘FULL OFF’...

  • Page 19

    -- Consult the dealer or an experienced radio/TV technician for help. WARNING! Changes or modifications not expressly approved by Intermatic Inc. could void the user’s authority to operate the equipment. ______Model HA09 – Handy 6-Channel Remote Controller –...

  • Page 20

    If within six (6) years from the date of purchase, this product fails due to a defect in material or workmanship, Intermatic Incorporated will repair or replace it, as its sole option, free of charge. This warranty is extended to the original household purchaser only and is not transferable.

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