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Alpine CDA-9847 Owner's Manual: Quick Search Function; Changing The Display; Setting The Auxiliary Data Field Display; Playback

Alpine cda-9847: owners manual.


Quick Search Function

You can search for all Channels.
Press and hold SEARCH/Q.S.
seconds in XM or SIRIUS mode to activate Quick
Search mode.
Turn the Rotary encoder to select the desired
Channel within 10 seconds.
The selected Channel is received.
Changing the Display
Text information, such as the channel name, artist name/feature, and
song/program title, is available with each XM or SIRIUS channel.
The unit can display this text information as explained below.
In XM or SIRIUS mode, press TITLE
Each time you press this button, the display changes as shown
Channel Number → Channel Name → Song Title →
Artist Name → Auxiliary Data Field* → CLOCK →
Channel Number
* XM mode only: When ADF is turned OFF, this information is not
displayed (see "Setting the Auxiliary Data Field Display" on this
• When the "Scroll Setting" (page 17) is set to "SCROLL AUTO,"
the display scrolls continuously.
When the Scroll Setting is set to "SCROLL MANU," the display
scrolls only once after any function is performed (PRESET, BAND,
SEARCH, etc.).
Press and hold TITLE
for more than 2 seconds to scroll the
display manually.
• "Channel Number" and "Clock" displays do not scroll.
• Depending on the model, the display may differ from the one
shown above.
Setting the Auxiliary Data Field Display
The XM Auxiliary Data Field (ADF) display can be switched on or
off. There is no ADF function for the SIRIUS receiver.
Press and hold F/SETUP for at least 2 seconds to
select the SETUP mode.
Select "XM ADF" by pressing g or f.
Select ON/OFF by pressing BAND.
When setting to ON, Auxiliary Data Field is displayed by
pressing TITLE
. (Refer to the "Changing the Display"
section on page 20)
Pressing F/SETUP will return to normal mode.
for at least 2
An iPod™ or iPod™ Mini can be controlled from the CDA-9847,
when connected to an optional Alpine Interface Adapter for iPod™
(KCA-420i). While connected to the CDA-9847, operation from the
iPod™ is no longer possible.
• For details, refer to the Owner's Manual of the connected adapter
• For each function, refer to the iPod's documentation.
• If a song is playing on the iPod when it is connected to the CDA-
• If using the iPod with a changer, the Versatile Link Terminal (KCA-
iPod ™ (Optional)
Press SOURCE/POWER to switch to the iPod
Press g or f to select the desired song.
Return to the beginning of the current song:
Press g.
Fast backward:
Press and hold g.
Advance to the beginning of the next song:
Press f.
Fast forward:
Press and hold f.
To pause playback, press :/J.
Pressing :/J again will resume playback.
9847, it will continue playing after the connection.
410C) must be used. In this case, press BAND to select the
changer mode applicable to the iPod.

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