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Snapper LT-200 Operator's Manual

Snapper lawn tractor operator's manual.

18.5HP Hydro Tractors
Mfg. No.
LT18538, 18.5HP & 38" Mower Deck
ELT18538, 18.5HP & 38" Mower Deck (CE)
LT18500, 18.5HP
LT18538, 18.5HP & 38" Mower Deck
ELT18538, 18.5HP & 38" Mower Deck (CE)
20HP Hydro Tractors
Mfg. No.
LT2042, 20HP & 42" Mower Deck
LT2044, 20HP & 44" Mower Deck
ELT2044, 20HP & 44" Mower Deck (CE)
LT2042, 20HP & 42" Mower Deck
LT2044, 20HP & 44" Mower Deck
ELT2044, 20HP & 44" Mower Deck (CE)
22HP Hydro Tractors
Mfg. No.
LT2250, 22HP & 50" Mower Deck
LT2250, 22HP & 50" Mower Deck
LT-200 Series
38" Mower Decks
Mfg. No.
42" Mower Decks
Mfg. No.
44" Mower Decks
Mfg. No.
50" Mower Decks
Mfg. No.
38" Mower Deck
38" Mower Deck (CE)
42" Mower Deck
44" Mower Deck
44" Mower Deck (CE)
50" Mower Deck
Rev. Date 10/2006
TP 100-4228-09-RG-N
Revision 09

Summary of Contents

  • Page 1

    OPERATOR’S MANUAL LT-200 Series 18.5HP Hydro Tractors Mfg. No. Description 2690440 LT18538, 18.5HP & 38” Mower Deck 2690497 ELT18538, 18.5HP & 38” Mower Deck (CE) 2690518 LT18500, 18.5HP 2690577 LT18538, 18.5HP & 38” Mower Deck 2690593 ELT18538, 18.5HP & 38” Mower Deck (CE) 20HP Hydro Tractors Mfg.

  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    Safety Rules & Information...2 Identification Numbers...7 Safety Decals ...8 Safety Icons ...9 Features & Controls ...10 Control Functions ...10 Parking Brake Function...12 Cruise Control Operation ...12 Hourmeter ...12 12 Volt Power Outlet ...12 Operating the Tractor ...13 Safety Interlock System ...13 General Operating Safety ...13 Adding Fuel ...13 Starting the Engine ...13...

  • Page 4: Safety Rules & Information

    Safety Rules & Information Read the Manual The operator’s manual contains important safety information you need to be aware of BEFORE you operate your unit as well as DURING operation. Safe operating techniques, an explanation of the product’s features and controls, and maintenance information is included to help you get the most out of your equipment investment.

  • Page 5

    Moving Parts This equipment has many moving parts that can injure you or someone else. However, if you are seated in the seat properly, and follow all the rules in this book, the unit is safe to operate. The mower deck has spinning mower blades that can amputate hands and feet. Do not allow anyone near the equipment while it is running! To help you, the operator, use this equipment safely, it is equipped with an operator-present safety system.

  • Page 6

    Safety Rules & Information Read these safety rules and follow them closely. Failure to obey these rules could result in loss of control of unit, severe personal injury or death to you, or bystanders, or damage to property or equipment. This mowing deck is capable of amputating hands and feet and throwing objects.

  • Page 7

    SLOPE OPERATION Slopes are a major factor related to loss-of-control and tip- over accidents, which can result in severe injury or death. Operation on all slopes requires extra caution. If you cannot back up the slope or if you feel uneasy on it, do not operate on it.

  • Page 8

    Safety Rules & Information SERVICE AND MAINTENANCE Safe Handling of Gasoline 1. Extinguish all cigarettes, cigars, pipes, and other sources of ignition. 2. Use only approved gasoline containers. 3. Never remove the gas cap or add fuel with the engine running.

  • Page 9: Identification Numbers

    J. Sound Pressure at Operator’s Position in Decibels ** K. Vibration at the Steering Wheel * L. Vibration at the Seat * This unit complies with European Harmonized Lawn Mower Standard EN 836, European Machinery Directive 98/37/EC, and European EMC Directive 89/336/EC...

  • Page 10: Safety Decals

    Safety Decals Safety Decals This unit has been designed and manufactured to provide you with the safety and reliability you would expect from an industry leader in outdoor power equipment manufacturing. Although reading this manual and the safety instructions it contains will provide you with the necessary basic knowledge to operate this equipment safely and effectively, we have placed several safety labels on the unit to remind you of this important information while you...

  • Page 11: Safety Icons

    Decals Locations Operating Instructions, North American Models, Part No. 1730170 RMO™ System: This product is equipped with the RMO system. Refer to the operator's manual for a full explanation of the RMO BRAKE system and for important safety messages. DANGER DANGER Operating on slopes Rotating blades cut...

  • Page 12: Features & Controls, Control Functions

    Features & Controls Control Functions The information below briefly describes the function of individual controls. Starting, stopping, driving, and mowing require the combined use of several controls applied in specific sequences. To learn what combination and sequence of controls to use for various tasks see the OPERATION section. Throttle Control The throttle controls engine speed.

  • Page 13

    Reverse Mowing Option (RMO) The Reverse Mowing Option allows for mowing (or use of other PTO driven attachments) while traveling in reverse. If you choose to mow in reverse, turn the RMO key after the PTO is engaged. The L.E.D. light will illuminate, and the operator can then mow in reverse.

  • Page 14: Parking Brake Function, Cruise Control Operation, Hourmeter, Volt Power Outlet

    Features & Controls Parking Brake Function Applying the Parking Brake - See Figure 2. To lock the parking brake, release the ground speed pedals (A), fully depress the brake pedal (B), pull UP on the parking brake knob (C), and then release brake pedal. Releasing the Parking Brake - See Figure 2.

  • Page 15: Operating The Tractor, Safety Interlock System, General Operating Safety, Adding Fuel, Starting The Engine

    Safety Interlock System Tests This unit is equipped with safety interlock switches and other safety devices. These safety systems are present for your safety: do not attempt to bypass safety switches, and never tamper with safety devices. Check their operation regularly. Operational SAFETY Checks Your unit is equipped with a seat switch safety system.

  • Page 16: Stopping The Tractor & Engine, Driving The Tractor, Mowing, Mowing In Reverse

    Operating the Tractor Stopping The Tractor & Engine 1. Return the ground speed control(s) to neutral. 2. Disengage the PTO and wait for all moving parts to stop. 3. Briggs & Stratton Models: Move the throttle control to SLOW position and turn the ignition key to OFF. Remove the key.

  • Page 17: Mower Deck Removal & Installation

    Mower Deck Removal & Installation WARNING Engage parking brake, disengage PTO, stop engine and remove key before attempting to install or remove the mower. Removing the Mower Deck 1. Park tractor on a hard, level surface such as a concrete floor. Turn off PTO switch and engine, remove the key and apply parking brake.

  • Page 18: Adjusting Mower Cutting Height, Attaching A Trailer, Storage

    Operating the Tractor Adjusting Mower Cutting Height The cutting height lift lever (A, Figure 7) controls the mower cutting height. The cutting height is has seven positions between approximately 1-1/4” and 4” (3,2-10 cm). Attaching a Trailer The maximum horizontal drawbar force allowed is 280 Newton.

  • Page 19: Regular Maintenance, Maintenance Schedule

    MAINTENANCE SCHEDULE & PROCEDURES The following schedule should be followed for normal care of your tractor and mower. SAFETY ITEMS Check Safety Interlock System Check Tractor Brakes Check Mower Blade Stopping Time TRACTOR MAINTENANCE ITEMS Check Tractor/Mower for loose hardware Check / Clean Cooling Fins (If Equipped) Check / Adjust PTO Clutch Lubricate Tractor &...

  • Page 20: Safety Interlock System Check, Blade Brake Check, Pto Clutch Adjustment Check, Engine Maintenance, Battery Maintenance

    Regular Maintenance Safety Interlock System Check Service Interval: Every Fall & Spring Check the function of the safety interlock system using the test procedure found on page 13 of this manual. If the tractor fails any of the tests, see your dealer. Blade Brake Check Service Interval: Every 100 Hours or Fall &...

  • Page 21: Transmission Identification, Transmission Maintenance, Hood Removal And Installation

    Transmission Identification To determine what transmission is in your tractor, check the identification tag attached to the axle of the transmission (Figure 11), or check your tractor’s parts book. Transmission Maintenance K46 Maintenance The K46 is a sealed unit and does not require regular maintenance.

  • Page 22: Lubrication

    Regular Maintenance Lubrication Service Interval: Every 25 Hours Lubricate the unit at the locations shown in Figures 14- 16 as well as the lubrication points listed. Generally, all moving metal parts should be oiled where contact is made with other parts. Keep oil and grease off belts and pulleys.

  • Page 23

    Figure 15. Arbor Lubrication Points Lubricate Rear Axle Shafts Service Interval: Yearly We recommend removing the rear wheel hubs and lubricating the axle shafts yearly. This prevents the wheel hubs from seizing onto the axle shaft and makes future service easier. 1.

  • Page 24: Servicing The Mower Blades

    Regular Maintenance WARNING For your personal safety, do not handle the sharp mower blades with bare hands. Careless or improper handling of blades may result in serious injury. WARNING For your personal safety, blade mounting capscrews must each be installed with two spring washers or a hex washer and spring washer, then securely tightened.

  • Page 25: Check & Fill Engine Oil

    Check & Fill Engine Oil Service Interval: Before each use, and every 8 hours. 1. Turn the engine off, and set the parking brake to PARK. 2. Clean the area around the dip stick (C, Figure 22 or 23). 3. Remove the dip stick (C) and clean it with a paper towel.

  • Page 26: Oil Drain Valve Operation, Change Engine Oil, Change Engine Oil & Filter

    Regular Maintenance Oil Drain Valve Operation 1. Place a suitable container with a 4 quart capacity under the oil drain valve (A, Figure 22 or 23). 2. Loosen or remove the dip stick (C, Figure 22 or 23). 3. Wipe oil drain valve (B, Figure 24) and cover (C) with paper towel or rag.

  • Page 27

    Air Filter & Pre-Cleaner Service BRIGGS & STRATTON TWO CYLINDER MODELS Service Interval: Pre-Cleaner: Every 25 hours or as required. Air Filter: Every 50 hours or as required. Replacement Interval: Pre-Cleaner: As required. Air Filter: Every 200 hours or once per season. Air Filter Removal &...

  • Page 28

    Regular Maintenance Air Filter & Pre-Cleaner Service BRIGGS & STRATTON SINGLE CYLINDER MODELS Service Interval: Pre-Cleaner: Every 25 hours or as required. Air Filter: Every 50 hours or as required. Replacement Interval: Pre-Cleaner: As required. Air Filter: Every 200 hours or once per season. Air Filter Removal &...

  • Page 29: Replace Spark Plug

    Replace Spark Plug Service Interval: Yearly Spark Plug Gap: .030” (.76mm) Replacement Spark Plug Resistor Spark Plug, Champion RC12YC 1. Stop the engine and allow it to cool. 2. See Figures 31or 32. Clean the area around the spark plug. 3.

  • Page 30: Troubleshooting, Adjustment & Service, Troubleshooting The Tractor

    Troubleshooting, Adjustment, & Service Troubleshooting While normal care and regular maintenance will extend the life of your equipment, prolonged or constant use may eventually require that service be performed to allow it to continue operating properly. The troubleshooting guide below lists the most common problems, their causes, and remedies.

  • Page 31: Troubleshooting The Mower

    Tractor Troubleshooting Cont. Tractor drive belt slips. Brake will not hold. Tractor steers hard or handles poorly. Troubleshooting the Mower PROBLEM Mower will not raise. Mower cut is uneven. Mower cut is rough looking. Engine stalls easily with mower engaged. Excessive mower vibration.

  • Page 32: Battery Charging, Seat Adjustment, Brake Adjustment

    Troubleshooting, Adjustment, & Service Seat Adjustment The seat can be adjusted forward and back. Move the lever (A, Figure 33), position the seat as desired, and release the lever to lock the seat into position. Battery Charging WARNING Keep open flames and sparks away from the battery;...

  • Page 33: Pto Clutch Adjustment

    PTO clutch adjustment WARNING To avoid serious injury, perform adjustments only with engine stopped, key removed and tractor on level ground. Check the PTO clutch adjustment after every 250 hours of operation. Also perform the following procedure if the clutch is slipping or will not engage, or if a new clutch has been installed.

  • Page 34: Fuse Replacement, Mower Adjustments, Gauge Wheels

    Troubleshooting, Adjustment, & Service Fuse Replacement The fuse is a 20-amp blade type automotive fuse located behind the battery on the steering tower. Replace only with the same rated fuse, 20-amp. To replace the fuse: 1. Open the hood and locate the fuse holder (B, Figure 36) and fuse (A).

  • Page 35: Checking Tire Pressures, Leveling The Mower

    WARNING Before checking mower, shut off PTO and engine, remove the key, and allow all moving parts to stop. Leveling The Mower If the cut is uneven, the mower may need leveling. Unequal or improper tire pressure may also cause an uneven cut.

  • Page 36: Mower Belt Replacement

    Troubleshooting, Adjustment, & Service Mower Belt Replacement To avoid damaging belts, DO NOT PRY BELTS OVER PULLEYS. Note: It is not necessary to remove the mower to install a new belt. However, for easier access mower can be removed. See Mower Removal in the Operation section. 1.

  • Page 37: Specifications

    NOTE: Specifications are correct at time of printing and are subject to change without notice. ENGINE: 22 HP* Briggs & Stratton Make Briggs & Stratton Model Intek Horsepower 22 @ 3600 rpm Displacement 40 Cu. in (656cc) Electrical System 12 Volt, 9 amp. Alternator, Battery: 230 CCA Oil Capacity 64 Oz.

  • Page 38: Parts & Accessories

    Important assembly notes and and torque values are also included. For applicable manuals currently available for your model, contact our Customer Publications Department at 866-313-6682 (Snapper). Have the information listed in the box below available when phoning in your request. Technical manuals can be downloaded from

  • Page 40

    S n a p p e r , I N C . 535 Macon Street McDonough, GA 30253 Briggs & Stratton Yard Power Products Group Copyright © 2006 Briggs & Stratton Corporation Milwaukee, WI USA. All Rights Reserved...

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