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Seagate ST9100823A Product Manual

Seagate computer drive user manual.

Product Manual
Rev. D
August 2007

Summary of Contents

  • Page 1

    Product Manual Momentus 5400.2 ® ST9100823A ST9808211A ST960822A ST9408114A ST9308110A 100310040 Rev. D August 2007...

  • Page 2

    SeaBOARD, SeaFONE, SeaTDD, and SeaTools are either trademarks or registered trade- marks of Seagate Technology LLC or one of its affiliated companies in the United States and/ or other countries. All other trademarks or registered trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    Seagate Technology support services ........

  • Page 4

    Momentus 5400.2 Product Manual, Rev. D...

  • Page 5

    Figure 1. Momentus 5400.2 PATA disc drive ..........1 Figure 2.

  • Page 6

    Momentus 5400.2 Product Manual, Rev. D...

  • Page 7: Introduction

    Introduction This manual describes the functional, mechanical and interface specifications for the following Seagate ® Momentus 5400.2 drives: • ST9100823A • ST960822A • ST9808211A • ST9408114A • ST9308110A These drives provide the following key features: • 5,400-RPM spindle speed and 8-Mbyte buffer combine for superior performance.

  • Page 8

    Momentus 5400.2 Product Manual, Rev. D...

  • Page 9: Drive Specifications, Specification Summary

    Unless otherwise noted, all specifications are measured under ambient conditions, at 25°C, and nominal power. For convenience, the phrases the drive and this drive are used throughout this manual to indicate ST9100823A, ST9808211A, ST960822A, ST9408114A, and ST9308110A model drives. Specification summary The specifications listed in this table are for quick reference.

  • Page 10

    **Typical notebooks will pull power to the drive when entering S3 and S4; while in the S3 and S4 states, drive sleep and drive standby modes will not contribute to battery power consumption. ST9100823A ST9808211A ST960822A ST9408114A ST9308110A 2.05/2.1 watts 0.99 watts...

  • Page 11: Formatted Capacity, Default Logical Geometry, Physical Organization

    Formatted capacity Model Formatted capacity ST9100823A 100 Gbytes ST9808211A 80 Gbytes ST960822A 60 Gbytes ST9408114A 40 Gbytes ST9308110A 30 Gbytes Default logical geometry Cylinders Read/write heads 16,383 LBA mode When addressing these drives in LBA mode, all blocks (sectors) are consecutively numbered from 0 to n–1, where n is the number of guaranteed sectors as defined above.

  • Page 12: Recording And Interface Technology, Physical Characteristics

    Recording and interface technology Technology Interface Recording method Recording density BPI (bits/inch typical) Track density TPI (tracks/inch typical) Areal density (Gbits/inch max) Spindle speed (RPM) (± 0.2%) Internal data-transfer rate OD (Mbytes/sec max) I/O data-transfer rate (Mbytes/sec max) Interleave Cache buffer Physical characteristics Height (mm)

  • Page 13: Seek Time, Time To Ready

    Seek time Seek measurements are taken with nominal power at 25°C ambient temperature. All times are measured using drive diagnostics. The specifications below are defined as follows: • Track-to-track seek time is an average of all possible single-track seeks in both directions. •...

  • Page 14: Power Specifications, Power Consumption

    Power specifications The drive receives DC power (+5V) through the interface connector. 2.9.1 Power consumption Power requirements for the drives are listed in the table on page 8. Typical power measurements are based on an average of drives tested, under nominal conditions, using 5.0V input voltage at 25°C ambient temperature. •...

  • Page 15: Conducted Noise, Voltage Tolerance Typical current profile Figure 2. Typical 5V startup and operation current profile 2.9.2 Conducted noise Input noise ripple is measured at the host system power supply across an equivalent 15-ohm resistive load on the +5 volt line. Using 5-volt power, the drive is expected to operate with a maximum of 100 mV peak-to-peak square-wave injected noise at up to 10 MHz.

  • Page 16: Power-management Modes

    2.9.4 Power-management modes The drive provides programmable power management to provide greater energy efficiency. In most systems, you can control power management through the system setup program. The drive features the following power-management modes: Table 3: Power management modes Power modes Heads Active (operating) Tracking...

  • Page 17: Environmental Specifications, Ambient Temperature, Temperature Gradient, Humidity, Altitude

    2.10 Environmental specifications 2.10.1 Ambient temperature Ambient temperature is defined as the temperature of the environment immediately surrounding the drive. Actual drive case temperature should not exceed 65°C (149°F) within the operating ambient conditions. Above 1,000 feet (305 meters), the maximum temperature is derated linearly by 1°C every 1000 feet. Operating 5°...

  • Page 18: Shock, Vibration

    2.10.5 Shock All shock specifications assume that the drive is mounted securely with the input shock applied at the drive mounting screws. Shock may be applied in the X, Y or Z axis. Operating shock These drives comply with the performance levels specified in this document when subjected to a maximum operating shock of 250 Gs based on half-sine shock pulses of 2 msec.

  • Page 19: Acoustics, Electromagnetic Immunity

    2.11 Acoustics Drive acoustics are measured as overall A-weighted acoustic sound power levels (no pure tones). All mea- surements are consistent with ISO document 7779. Sound power measurements are taken under essentially free-field conditions over a reflecting plane. For all tests, the drive is oriented with the cover facing upward. Note.

  • Page 20: Reliability, Agency Certification, Safety Certification, Electromagnetic Compatibility

    Information Technology Equipment (ITE). Emission levels are defined by EN 55022, Class B and the immunity levels are defined by EN 55024. Seagate uses an independent laboratory to confirm compliance with the EC directives specified in the previous paragraph. Drives are tested in representative end-user systems. Although CE-marked Seagate drives comply with the directives when used in the test systems, we cannot guarantee that all systems will comply with the directives.

  • Page 21: Fcc Verification

    As a subassembly, no Federal Communications Commission verification or certification of the device is required. Seagate Technology LLC has tested this device in enclosures as described above to ensure that the total assembly (enclosure, disc drive, motherboard, power supply, etc.) does comply with the limits for a Class B computing device, pursuant to Subpart J, Part 15 of the FCC rules.

  • Page 22: Environmental Protection

    Lead (Pb), in electronic products effective July 2006. A number of parts and materials in Seagate products are procured from external suppliers. We rely on the rep- resentations of our suppliers regarding the presence of RoHS substances in these parts and materials. Our...

  • Page 23: Configuring And Mounting The Drive, Handling And Static Discharge Precautions, Jumper Settings, Master/slave Configuration

    Configuring and mounting the drive This section contains the specifications and instructions for configuring and mounting the drive. Handling and static discharge precautions After unpacking, and before installation, the drive may be exposed to potential handling and electrostatic dis- charge (ESD) hazards. Observe the following standard handling and static-discharge precautions: Caution: •...

  • Page 24: Cable-select Option, Drive Mounting

    3.2.2 Cable-select option Computers that use cable select determine the master and slave drives by selecting or deselecting pin 28, CSEL, on the interface bus. Master and slave drives are determined by their physical position on the cable. To enable cable select, set a jumper as shown in Figure 3. Refer to your computer manual to determine whether your computer supports this option.

  • Page 25: Ata Interface, Ata Interface Signals And Connector Pins

    ATA interface These drives use the industry-standard ATA task file interface that supports 16-bit data transfers. It supports ATA programmed input/output (PIO) modes 0–4; multiword DMA modes 0–2, and Ultra DMA modes 0–5. The drive also supports the use of the IORDY signal to provide reliable high-speed data transfers. For detailed information about the ATA interface, refer to the draft of AT Attachment with Packet Interface Extension (ATA/ATAPI-6), NCITS T13 1410D, subsequently referred to as the Draft ATA-6 Standard.

  • Page 26: Supported Ata Commands

    4.1.1 Supported ATA commands The following table lists ATA-standard commands that the drive supports. For a detailed description of the ATA commands, refer to the Draft ATA-6 Standard... Table 7: Supported commands Command name ATA-standard commands ATA Device Configuration Overlay ATA Service Check Power Mode Download Microcode...

  • Page 27

    Table 7: Supported commands Command name Security Unlock Seek Set Drive Parameters Set Features Set Max Address Note: Individual Set Max com- mands are identified by the value placed in the Set Max Features register as defined to the right. Set Multiple Mode Sleep S.M.A.R.T.

  • Page 28

    Table 7: Supported commands Command name Security Freeze Lock Security Disable Password Command code (in hex) Momentus 5400.2 Product Manual, Rev. D...

  • Page 29: Identify Device Command

    ) transfers information about the drive to the host following Value 0C5A 16,383 0000 0000 0000 003F 0000 = none) ASCII 0000 0400 0000 x.xx ST9100823A ST9808211A ST960822A ST9408114A ST9308110A 8010 0000 2F00 0000 0200 0200 0007 xxxx xxxx xxxx...

  • Page 30

    Hardware reset value (see description following this table) Auto acoustic management setting 95–127 ATA-reserved Security status 129–159 Seagate-reserved Value xxxx ST9100823A = 195,371,568 ST9808211A = 156,301,488 ST960822A = 117,210,240 ST9408114A = 78,140,160 ST9308110A = 58,605,120 0000 xx07 0003 0078 0078...

  • Page 31

    Word Description 160–254 ATA-reserved Integrity word Note. See the bit descriptions below for words 63, 88, 93 and 94 of the Identify Drive data. Description (if bit is set to 1) Word 63 Multiword DMA mode 0 is supported. Multiword DMA mode 1 is supported. Multiword DMA mode 2 is supported.

  • Page 32: Set Features Command

    4.1.3 Set Features command This command controls the implementation of various features that the drive supports. When the drive receives this command, it sets BSY, checks the contents of the Features register, clears BSY and generates an inter- rupt. If the value in the register does not represent a feature that the drive supports, the command is aborted. Power-on default has the read look-ahead and write caching features enabled.

  • Page 33: Compatibility Summary, Installation Considerations

    Special training or tools may be needed to service some mobile computers. In some cases, opening the case may void your warranty. Consult your system documentation. Seagate recommends taking your system to an authorized service technician to replace your hard drive.

  • Page 34

    System Compatibility Seagate Product Assurance has tested Momentus drives in the systems listed in Table 9. Testing included mul- tiple BIOS versions and operating systems. This testing was done to demonstrate compatibility with various hardware and software configurations. Hardware and software combinations, other than those tested, may also be compatible with this drive.

  • Page 35: Bios Versions Tested

    BIOS versions tested The following list indicates the types of BIOS Seagate tested during the compatibility testing process. The list highlights the major BIOS manufacturers. Individual systems contain variations of these BIOS versions and were tested with regard to their implementation in the individual systems.

  • Page 36: Operating System Versions Tested, Compatibility Test Configurations, Software Utilities, Other Certification

    Seagate Momentus drives with other ATA/ATAPI-6 compliant peripherals. Software utilities The following is a brief overview of a some of the Seagate utilities used during the Seagate competitive analy- sis process. The Seagate SeaTools application is an exclusive disc drive diagnostic software designed to troubleshoot most hard drive issues.

  • Page 37: Seagate Technology Support Services

    Seagate Service Centers Presales Support Our Presales Support staff can help you determine which Seagate products are best suited for your specific application or computer system, as well as product availability and compatibility. Technical Support Seagate technical support is available to assist you online at

  • Page 38

    Seagate Customer Service Operations (CSO) representative for warranty- related issues. Resellers or end users of drive products should contact their place of purchase or Seagate warranty service for assistance. Have your serial number and model or part number available.

  • Page 39

    Index Numerics 3D Defense System 1 acoustics 13 Active mode 10 agency certification (regulatory) 14 altitude 11 ambient conditions 3 ambient temperature 7 areal density 1 ATA interface 19 ATA-standard commands 20 Australian C-Tick 15 autodetection 1 average seek time 7 BIOS manufacturers 29 BPI 6 buffer 1...

  • Page 40

    Idle Immediate 21 Idle mode 10 Idle mode power 8 IEC950 14 Information Technology Equipment 14 Initialize Device Parameters 20 interface 6 interface signals 19 interference 15 interleave 6 internal data-transfer rate OD 6 ISO document 7779 13 jumper settings 17 Korean RRL 15 LBA mode 5 length 6...

  • Page 41

    Security Erase Unit 21 Security Freeze Lock 22 Security Set Password 21 Security Unlock 21 Seek 21 seek mode 8 seek time 7 Seeking 8 Service Life 14 servo electronics 8 Set Features 21 Set Features command 26 Set Max 21 Set Multiple Mode 21 shock 12 signals 19...

  • Page 42

    Momentus 5400.2 Product Manual, Rev. D...

  • Page 44

    Seagate Technology LLC 920 Disc Drive, Scotts Valley, California 95066-4544, USA Publication Number: 100310040, Rev. D, Printed in U.S.A.

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