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Radica Games 76003 Instruction Manual

Radica games card game - casino card game user manual.
Hide thumbs
Press to turn sound on and off.
Your SCORE is automatically calculated after
each hand and when betting. "Win" will flash
and a winning melody will play for each
successful hand. The scoring table (based on a
50 point bet) is printed on the back of the game.
Auto Back Light – Big Screen Poker is
equipped with an auto-backlight feature. This
allows you to play your favorite game in the
dark! After you turn your game on, or at anytime
while you are playing your game, if your lighting
conditions become dim, your screen will
automatically illuminate!
If you set the game down,
the game goes to sleep, and the light will also
automatically turn off.
MODEL 76003
• Turn on the game by pressing the
For 1 Player / Ages 8 and up
ON/DEAL/DRAW button.
• Select the game you wish to play with the
P/N 82398400 Rev.A
HOLD/GAME button while "Game Over" is
• Press the ON/DEAL/DRAW or MAX BET
Get ready - it's Poker at its best! LoBall,
buttons to deal your first set of cards.
Deuces, and Draw Poker all in one game!
• Select the cards you wish to hold by using the
HOLD buttons.
• Press ON/DEAL/DRAW to receive your
replacement cards.
• When playing Deuces, the "2" card (or
"deuce") of any suit is considered wild and can
assume the number and suit of any other card.
• In LoBall, the lowest possible hands are
winners and Aces are always low. A single pair
or a card above 8 automatically loses, except
with 2 pairs.
• A bonus of 100 points is awarded for 3
consecutive winning hands.
Max Bet
This game is powered by two (2) AA (LR6)
• Remove the battery cover: Press a coin down
into the slot. Then slide the battery cover off,
as shown.
• Press to Turn On the game. The game turns
• Insert two AA batteries (we recommend
itself off after sitting idle for one minute.
alkaline) as indicated inside the battery
• Press and hold down this button for a BET of
10, 20, 30, 40, or 50 points. The cards are
• Replace the battery compartment door.
dealt when the button is released.
• After holding the cards you want to keep,
Adult supervision is recommended when
press this button again to DRAW your
changing batteries.
replacement cards.
Press the Hold button below each card you want
• As with all small batteries, the batteries
to keep. Press again to delete the hold on that
used with this device should be kept away
from small children who might still put
things in their mouths. If a battery is
swallowed, consult a physician immediately.
Press this button while "Game Over" is flashing
to switch between Draw, LoBall, and Deuces
• Be sure you insert the battery correctly and
Poker. The game mode is shown in the top left
always follow the device and battery
corner of the display.
manufacturer's instructions.
• Do not dispose of batteries in fire.
• Batteries might leak if improperly installed,
After winning a hand, up to 500 points are stored
or explode if recharged, disassembled or
in the "Let it Ride"(LIR) area of the display. To
bet this entire amount press this button.
• Sometimes, a build-up of static electricity
(from carpets, etc) may cause the game to
Max Bet
stop working. Just reset the game, and it
This button can be pressed to automatically bet
will work again.
50 points.
• Under an environment with radio frequency
interference, the device may malfunction
and require user to reset the device.
Press and hold this button while "Game Over" is
flashing on the screen to select a one player or
two player game.

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  • Page 1: Button Functions, Battery Installation

    MODEL 76003 For 1 Player / Ages 8 and up INSTRUCTION MANUAL P/N 82398400 Rev.A Get ready - it’s Poker at its best! LoBall, Deuces, and Draw Poker all in one game! BUTTON FUNCTIONS: Hold Player Ride On/Deal/Draw On/Deal/Draw • Press to Turn On the game. The game turns itself off after sitting idle for one minute.

  • Page 2: Day Limited Warranty

    90-DAY LIMITED WARRANTY (This product warranty is valid in the United States and Canada only) Radica Games Limited warrants this product for a period of 90 days from the original purchase date under normal use against defective workmanship and materials (batteries excluded).

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