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   Summary of Contents for Maytag 2006

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    CAUTION WArNINg Throughout this manual notations are used. WArNINg Failure to observe notations can cause personal injury and/or possible fatal injury if not observed. CAUTION Failure to observe notations can damage equipment and/or personal property. ©AIRSTREAM INC. 2006...

  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    TABLE OF cONTENTS A. WARRANTY AND SERVICE D. EXTERIOR G. ELECTRICAL Warranty Cleaning 12-Volt Distribution Panel Chassis Battery Warranty Explanation Converter Service Power Jack 12-Volt System & Components Reporting Safety Defects Tires TV Antenna Maintenance Schedule Axle and Running Gear Satellite Antenna Maintenance Parts &...

  • Page 4: Warranty And Service

    WARRANTy AND SERvIcE WARRANTY COVERAGE AIRSTREAM’S RESPONSIBILITY When you buy a new Airstream Travel Trailer from an authorized Airstream dealer, The basic Airstream Limited Warranty applies for a period of two years from the Airstream, Inc., warrants the trailer from defects in material and workmanship as follows: date of original purchase, and the application date of all warranties is that indicated on the owner’s Limited Warranty.

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    WARRANTy AND SERvIcE INSTALLATIONS NOT COVERED Furnish the following information: • The complete serial number of the trailer Airstream, Inc., does not accept any responsibility in connection with any of its trailers • Date of original purchase for additional equipment or accessories installed at any dealership or other place of •...

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    WARRANTy AND SERvIcE DEALER REPRESENTATION EXCLUDED This warranty gives you specific legal rights, and you may also have other rights, which vary from state to state. The full extent of the basic Airstream Limited Warranty is set forth in detail in the folder, and in the explanation of the basic Airstream Limited Warranty covered in the EXPLANATION OF AIRSTREAM LIMITED WARRANTY Airstream Trailer Owner’s Manual.

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    WARRANTy AND SERvIcE Abuse factors have been exceeded could void the Airstream warranty. For additional infor- mation on the loading of your trailer, consult your Owner’s Manual or gross vehicle Lack of customer care and/or improper maintenance will result in early failure for which weight rating plate.

  • Page 8: Service

    WARRANTy AND SERvIcE SERVICE Service may be arranged at the Factory Service Center by contacting the Service Coordinator at The Airstream Silver Key Delivery Program is an exclusive Airstream program. Before leaving the factory, each and every vital part of the trailer is tested for performance. Airstream Factory Service Center Each test is signed and certified by an inspector.

  • Page 9: Maintenance Schedule


  • Page 10: Brakes

    WARRANTy AND SERvIcE EVERY 10, 000 MILES OR 6 MONTHS EVERY YEAR Brakes Inspect, adjust, or replace as necessary Battery Clean, neutralize, and coat terminals with petroleum jelly Wheel Bearings Clean and repack A-Frame, Step Wire brush and paint frame at front and rear. Tires Inspect and rotate LP Bottles...

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    WARRANTy AND SERvIcE SUGGESTED MAINTENANCE PARTS AND LUBRICANTS Spray Contact Cleaner Hitch Ball Lube (May use wheel bearing grease.) BULBS, EXTERIOR Exterior Sealer License Plate # 53 Clearance Light #194 Door Light #1003 Convenience Light (Dump Valve) # 53 Trailers have an LED tail light system that uses no bulbs. BULBS, INTERIOR Ceiling Light (Incandescent) #1141...

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    TOWING yOUR AIRSTREAM TOW VEHICLE EQUIPMENT Inspect the tow vehicle’s hitch regularly for loose bolts or nuts, cracked welds, loose ball mounts, worn parts, etc. If you plan to buy a new vehicle to tow your trailer we suggest that you include in your purchase the towing options offered by most tow vehicle manufacturers.

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    TOWING yOUR AIRSTREAM To prevent corrosion within the breakaway switch, pull the switch’s pin straight forward ELECTRIC BRAKES and spray the inside of the switch through the hole with an electric contact cleaner The brakes are operated by 12 volt current from your tow vehicle and MUST BE (such as Spra- Kleen) and reinsert pin.

  • Page 16: Loading

    TOWING yOUR AIRSTREAM LOADING When loading heavy objects such as tools, skillets, irons, and boxes of canned goods, etc. keep them as low as possible - preferably on the floor. Try to hold additional weight Below is a sample of the weight information chart provided in all Airstream vehicles. behind the axle to a minimum.

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    TOWING yOUR AIRSTREAM WEIGHING YOUR TRAILER load, to check the tongue weight by using the following method (see illustration). Place a piece of wood of approximately the same thickness as the bathroom scales The diagram below shows how to weigh the trailer on scales. on the ground in line with the trailer hitch jack as shown.

  • Page 18: Hitching Up

    TOWING yOUR AIRSTREAM HITCHING UP Hitching up your trailer is something that will become almost second nature with practice. The Percentage of Tongue Load following section includes proper hitch load distribution and a procedure for hitching up. distributed to car and or trailer wheels Equalizing Hitch Load Distribution When a trailer is hitched up properly to a tow vehicle with a load equalizing hitch, approxi- mately 1/3 of the trailer’s tongue weight will be on the trailer’s axles and 2/3 will be transferred...

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    TOWING yOUR AIRSTREAM Steps for Hitching Up A low hitch ball increases tail wagging tendencies by lowering the nose of the Jack up the trailer hitch until there is clearance for the HITCH BALL to slide under it. trailer, thus changing the center of support for the trailer and reducing the weight Remove the safety pin, slide the locking lever forward and raise.

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    TOWING yOUR AIRSTREAM Note: If you’re tow vehicle is equipped with adjustable load leveling air shocks, you must load the tow vehicle first with typical luggage and passengers and bring it back to level. Then attach the trailer and adjust the load leveling bars. Otherwise the air shocks on the tow vehicle will overload the rear wheels.

  • Page 21: Towing Tips

    TOWING yOUR AIRSTREAM TOWING TIPS brake. Don’t turn off the engine. Increase the engine idle speed. Lift the engine hood and check for fluid leaks at the radiator overflow outlet. Check to see that all drive belts We want every owner to be a safe and courteous driver. A few hours of towing practice are intact and the radiator fan is turning.

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    TOWING yOUR AIRSTREAM Passing WArNINg : CHOCK THE TRAILER WHEELS when stopping on a hill or slope. Leaving your tow vehicle in gear is not enough for standstill safety. Do not ON FREEWAYS OR EXPRESSWAYS try to pick the lane you want and stay in it. Always use trailer brakes as parking brakes.

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    TOWING yOUR AIRSTREAM Backing Up forward to your original position and start over. In BACKING UP the important thing to remember is to DO EVERYTHING SLOWLY and If your spouse or traveling companion normally directs you when backing they should to correct immediately if you see the trailer turning the wrong way.

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    TOWING yOUR AIRSTREAM SUGGESTED PRE-TRAVEL CHECK LIST Adjust tow vehicle mirrors. Pull forward some 50 ft., test brakes, and check site for forgotten Interior objects and cleanliness. NOTICE! Turn off water pump switch CHECK WHEEL LUGS Check battery water level On first trip, tighten wheel lugs at start and at 10, 25, and 100 miles.

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    TOWING yOUR AIRSTREAM Trailer Equipment and Accessories Motoring Essentials Water hose, 5/8 in. high pressure, tasteless, odorless, non-toxic, Display the tow vehicle and trailer registration properly. (2 -- 25 ft. sections). Carry drivers license. “Y” connection -- water hose. In Canada you’ll need a non-residence liability insurance card and your The sewer hose with clamp.

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  • Page 27: Camping

    cAMpING SAFETY WArNINg As always, safety should be one of your top priorities. Make sure you, and everyone traveling with you, can operate the main door and exit window rapidly without light. Don’t smoke in bed. Contemplate other means of escape in case the designated exits are blocked. Keep matches out of reach of small children! WArNINg : The escape windows(s) are identified by their red release...

  • Page 28: Overnight Stop

    cAMpING OVERNIGHT STOP off the tow vehicle’s springs it will provide some stability. If you must parked on a slope, PARK FACING DOWNHILL. It is easier to level the trailer this way. Airstream owners have parked virtually every placing imaginable from filling stations to farmlands.

  • Page 29: Extended Stay

    cAMpING EXTENDED STAY LEVEL FROM FRONT TO REAR by disconnecting the hitch from the tow vehicle, putting the jack pad under the hitch jack and adjusting the jack up or down until you are level. Making a long trip in your Airstream is not very different from making a weekend Block or chock the wheels to keep the trailer from rolling.

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    cAMpING CITY WATER HOOK-UP THINGS NOT TO PUT INTO TOILET OR DRAINS Simply connect hose to source, open the valve and 1. Facial tissues (they do not dissolve like toilet paper). you have pressurized faucets, toilet and water heater. 2. Detergents or bleach. Use a sewage tank deodorizer, available from dealer. Open faucets to purge trapped air from the water 3.

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    cAMpING WINTER TRAVELING can turn the heat back on? Is the temperature dropping or raising? Remember, when towing at 50 MPH the wind chill factor will cause the interior of the trailer to cool much Traveling in sub-freezing temperatures will require certain precautions to protect the faster than a trailer that is parked.

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    cAMpING EFFECTS OF PROLONGED OCCUPANCY (continued) circulation and allows the exterior temperature to cause condensation. Appearance of these conditions may indicate a serious 1 problem. When you recog- The natural tendency would be to close the vehicle tightly during cold weather. This nize the signs of excessive moisture and condensation in the trailer, action should be will actually compound the problem.

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    cAMpING What are molds ? For more information of controlling moisture in the RV, please read, “Tips to Controlling Condensation,” located in this manual. Molds are microscopic organisms that naturally occur in virtually every environment, indoors and out. Outdoors, mold growth is important in the decomposition of plants. *If using a dehumidifier, please read and follow all manufacturer instructions and Indoors, mold growth is unfavorable.

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    cAMpING SLIDE OUT ROOM The trailer should be level prior to extending the slide out room. The front stabilizing jacks MUST be deployed. If the front jacks aren’t down when the room is extended the side to side imbalance will twist the body of the trailer if it’s only supported by the front hitch jack.

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    cAMpING Check your 12-volt distribution panel for blown fuses. It is located on the right side of the cabinet under the front window. The next option is to manually close the room. Under your trailer, where the room is located, there’s a large hinged access panel attached to the underside of the trailer. It’s rectangular and about a foot wide and six feet long.

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    cAMpING NOTES C - 10...

  • Page 37: Exterior

    ExTERIOR Cleaning individually, being careful not to scratch the finish. Exterior Skin If a substance is found on the coating that cannot be removed by normal washing pro- cedures, Airstream recommends using DX 330 Acryli-Clean made by PPG Industries. As a general rule of thumb we recommend the trailer be washed about every four Follow all directions and warnings on the product container.

  • Page 38

    ExTERIOR Main Door Clean your trailer windows the same way you clean the windows in your home. Clean the seals with a damp cloth or mild detergent every three to six months, taking care CAUTION: When towing, the door lock and dead bolt must be secured. If it is not to use strong solvents, as they will damage the seals.

  • Page 39: Chassis

    ExTERIOR Chassis The standard RECOMMENDED HITCH BALL HEIGHT for the Airstream Safari and Bambi is 17 ¾ ” except for the 22 ft. model which is 18”. If you plan long trips with the trailer heavily loaded you should check your trailer, after loading, to determine the optimum height.

  • Page 40: Tires

    ExTERIOR TIRES WArNINg : Never attempt to change any tire without securely chocking Your trailer is equipped at the factory with name brand trailer tires. Airstream dealers remaining wheels. Never position yourself in a manner where a raised trailer can come cannot make adjustments to tires.

  • Page 41

    ExTERIOR TIRES 5. Make every effort to avoid running over objects that may damage the tire through In an emergency, remove the flat tire. The independent suspension of the rubber tor- impact or cutting, such as chuckholes, glass, metal, etc. sion axle allows four/six wheeled units to be safely towed on three/five wheels for a short distance (100 miles maximum) and only at a low speed (30 MPH).

  • Page 42

    ExTERIOR TIRE ROTATION (10,000-mile intervals) SPARE TIRE The spare tire for Airstreams is stored under the front of the trailer. The front handle of the tire carrier is a one-inch tube protruding out from under the front A-frame on the curbside. It is secured by a bracket and bolt along the inside of the A frame rail. Removing the bolts allows the front on the tire carrier to be lowered and the spare tire removed.

  • Page 43: Axle And Running Gear

    ExTERIOR AXLE AND RUNNING GEAR ASSEMBLY Wheel Bearing Maintenance 1. Jack trailer at marked jack location pad behind axle on mainframe, Each RUBBER TORSION axle is aligned during manufacturing, and double-checked on a random basis. Alignment after delivery is the customer’s responsibility. 2.

  • Page 44

    ExTERIOR 15. Install washer and spindle nut. 16. While rotating the wheel, tighten the spindle nut with a 12” wrench until there is a slight tension. Then back off one notch and install cotter pin. There should now be from .001” to .010” endplay in hub. If not, back off one notch. 17.

  • Page 45: Electric Brakes

    ExTERIOR ELECTRIC BRAKES HOW TO USE YOUR ELECTRIC BRAKES PROPERLY A CONTROLLER installed in your tow vehicle will synchronize the trailer brakes with Your trailer brakes are designed to work in synchronization with your tow vehicle your tow vehicle brakes. It is designed to apply the trailer brakes whenever the tow brakes.

  • Page 46

    ExTERIOR POWER JACK (Option) Maintenance A switch located on the bottom of the housing operates the power jack. When the jack 1. Every two years remove screws and cover and check grease condition. Use HMP is fully extended or retracted internal limit switches automatically shut off the motor. grease similar to lubricate 630AA and spread on gear teeth, Grease is not required on the nylon timing gears.

  • Page 47

    ExTERIOR TIRES under inflation brings about an increased risk of tread separation, handling difficulties, and possibly tires failure, caused by overheating. Load/Inflation Information for Your Tires IMPORTANT: Lowering tire pressure in the search for a smoother ride is not only Maintaining proper tire inflation pressure is essential for both tire safety and dangerous, it’s relatively ineffective, and as the difference in the ride quality is performance.

  • Page 48

    ExTERIOR WEIGHING YOUR TRAVEL TRAILER each individual tire. Cold Inflation Pressure should be adjusted to handle the maximum OR TOWED VEHICLE tire load, and all tires on the axle should carry the same inflation pressure. than a few miles or before rising ambient temperatures or the sun’s radiant heat affects it. Since a trailer or towed vehicle adds to the load on your RV’s tires, it is crucial to properly weigh towed vehicles.

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    ExTERIOR Proper Inspection and Storage of Tires Tires used on most RVs are driven at or near maximum loads during hot weather and then are left idle for months. In normal use oils in the tire come to the surface during Before taking your RV on a trip or when removing from an extended storage period, flexing and protect the rubber from ultraviolet light.

  • Page 50: Fabric Care

    INTERIOR The interior of all Airstream trailers has been designed for comfort, convenience, du- condition is reached. rability and appearance. How you use it and how you take care of it naturally depends on you. However, if you learn to operate the interior components and take care of them Code W and the trailer properly, this knowledge will add to your pleasure as well as the long life of your trailer.

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    INTERIOR Draperies Shower Stall CAUTION : All drapery materials and mattress covers must be professionally To clean your fiberglass shower stall unit use warm water and one of the stronger liquid dry-cleaned. detergents. Do not use abrasive cleaners, they may scratch and dull the surface of your unit.

  • Page 52

    INTERIOR Dinette Table Aquajet water pump (Optionial Equipment) To open the folding table, lift into a horizontal position and pull the table leg down Water pressure at some campgrounds may be low. The water pump can be turned toward the vertical position until it snaps into place, The leg is hinged at the front edge on to assist the city water hookup pressure.

  • Page 53: Smoke Alarm

    INTERIOR Linoleum Clothes hung in wardrobes should be kept on hangers that snap over the clothes rods to keep them from “jumping” off on rough roads. Evening dresses should be kept in Clean with any standard linoleum floor cleaner the plastic bags like dry cleaning businesses use. No matter how hard you try, if you travel a long dusty section of road the dust will work its way into the trailer and soil Bath Area Remote Switches clothes.

  • Page 54

    INTERIOR 3. Clean and vacuum the openings on your smoke alarm once a month. WEEKLY TESTING OF YOUR SMOKE ALARM 4. Do not open the smoke alarm or try to repair it. For replacement information see the WARRANTY in the Owner’s Manual. 1.

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    INTERIOR TAKING CARE OF YOUR SMOKE ALARM 2. Remove the smoke alarm from the mounting bracket by twisting counterclockwise Your smoke alarm has been designed and manufactured to be as maintenance-free 3. Replace old battery with a fresh one. If your smoke alarm has a safety light, the as possible.

  • Page 56: Gas Detector

    INTERIOR USING THE TAMPER RESIST LOCKING MECHANISM SPECIAL SMOKE ALARM FEATURES To make the smoke alarm somewhat tamper resistant, a “locking pin” has been provided If your smoke alarm has one or more of these special features, read the following: in the base of the unit.

  • Page 57: Fire Extinguisher

    INTERIOR WArNINg WArNINg : It is not recommended that the detector be disconnected : Have a professional check your system if you have from the battery during periods of storage. There is a small heater on the sensor any doubts. of the device, which “burns”...

  • Page 58

    INTERIOR CARBON MONOXIDE ALARM Pushing the test button will silence the alarm once for approximately 4 minutes. The following information is highlights from the folder provided by the alarm After approximately 4 minutes the alarm will once again sound until the unsafe CO manufacturer.

  • Page 59

    INTERIOR WArNINg : USE ONLY THE BATTERIES SPECIFIED. USE OF DIFFERENT BATTERIES MAY HAVE A DETRIMENTAL EFFECT ON THE CO DETECTOR. CLEANING YOUR DETECTOR: To clean your detector remove it from the mounting bracket as outlined in the beginning of this section. You can clean the interior of your detector by using your vacuum cleaner hose and vacuuming through the openings around the perimeter of the detector.

  • Page 60: Plumbing

    pLUMBING LIQUID PETROLEUM GAS (LPG) would be appliances that light but have lower than normal flame or starve out from lack of gas, a substantial reduction in the flame when another appliance is operating, or pilots that are difficult to light. If this should happen, the following steps should FILL VALVE eliminate the condition: Your trailer is equipped with LP tank fill valves called “RV Type I Acme”...

  • Page 61

    pLUMBING AUTOMATIC GAS REGULATOR LPG BOTTLES The following step-by-step procedure gives you the proper method of removing and All models are equipped with a two stage automatic change over gas regulator that installing these bottles: offers the convenience of automatic changeover from empty to full gas cylinders. Both tanks are connected to this regulator.

  • Page 62

    pLUMBING A warning label has been located in the cooking area to remind you to provide WArNINg : Your LP tanks must be filled as directed by the tank manu- an adequate supply of fresh air for combustion. Unlike homes, the amount of facturer.

  • Page 63

    pLUMBING NOTES F - 4...

  • Page 64

    pLUMBING WATER SYSTEM-SELF CONTAINED A) Multiply “gallons of tank capacity” by 0.13; the result is the ounces of bleach needed to sanitize the tank. Fill the water tank by opening the exterior access door and remove screw cap. A B) Multiply “Liters of tank capacity” by 1.0; the result is the milliliters of bleach garden hose can now be inserted.

  • Page 65

    pLUMBING hinged to open expose the pump and filter. expelled from the trailer system. If the water heater is empty it will take some time before all the air is expelled and you get a steady flow of water at the faucet. Once The 28 ft.

  • Page 66

    pLUMBING The 22 foot, 28 foot, and the 30 foot models have exterior water line drain valves. If rior. The plug or valve is usually located in the lower left corner, viewed as you face the you look between your tires you can see a “box” that is a few inches lower than the exterior of the water heater.

  • Page 67

    pLUMBING 14. Remove any items (food, cosmetics, etc.) from trailer interior that might be dam- 5. Turn the pump switch OFF after all water has been removed from the storage tank. aged by freezing - or might damage the trailer if containers break. 6.

  • Page 68

    pLUMBING Water Heater Bypass For Normal Operation Turn water heater by-pass valves to normal flow position. Shut off valve B - open valves A and C. For Winterizing (bypass position) close valves A and C, open valve B. Valve access is: 16 Ft.

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    pLUMBING NOTES F - 10...

  • Page 70

    pLUMBING DRAIN AND WASTE SYSTEM Emptying Tanks Your trailer has a drain and waste system that includes waste-holding tanks made from Almost all campgrounds will have dumping facilities. Park directories such as Woodalls molded plastic, free from corrosion problems, with trouble-free dump valves. and Rand McNally also list dumping stations.

  • Page 71

    pLUMBING BLACK TANK FLUSH (Optional) Drain Systems Cleaning The trailer has a water hose connector marked “black tank flush”. To use, hook up a The only cleaning agents that can be used without causing harm to the system are hose and turn on full force. Within the tank a spray head with a multiple holed head household ammonia and tri-sodium phosphate in small quantities.

  • Page 72

    pLUMBING TOILET Manufacturer: Thetford Corporation 7101 Jackson Road Ann Arbor, MI 48103 313-769-6000 The RV toilet in your Airstream is a design that has been used for many years. There are two pedals. The large pedal opens and closes the slide mechanism, and the smaller pedal opens and closes a water valve.

  • Page 73

    pLUMBING GALLEY FAUCET, MOEN PURETOUCH® CLASSIC (Option Safari) Water Temperature 1-800-374-6542 • Minimum/Maximum faucet operating temperature = 40 degrees – 150 degrees F WATER FILTRATION SAFEGUARDS CAUTION • : Do not filter water above 100degrees F. Your Moen PureTouch® Classic Filtering Faucet System integrates carbon block filtra- MicroTech Filter Flushing Instructions tion technology designed by Culligan International into a faucet spout.

  • Page 74

    pLUMBING MICROTECH™ FILTER INSTALLATION/REPLACEMENT 1. Install a new filter by wetting the outlet ports with To replace filter: water and then inserting into the round filter ports on the faucet head and pushing the filter and head 1. Turn off the faucet. Remove the faucet head by together.

  • Page 75

    pLUMBING OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS Indicate Color Performance A new filter must be flushed with cold water for 5 minutes Controlling The Water after it is installed. Amber & Green This procedure helps clean the filter of loose carbon The PureTouch system has two options for water delivery, unfiltered stream and particles.

  • Page 76

    pLUMBING LAVATORY FAUCET, STANDARD Moen, Chateau Single handled Kitchen Faucet w/Protégé Side Spray Model 7460 For parts and local warranty service contact Moen at 1-800-Buy Moen CARE AND MAINTENANCE All that is needed to clean your faucet is a soft damp cloth. Moen does not recommend the use of scour pads, cleansers or chemicals.

  • Page 77: Electrical System

    ELEcTRIcAL SySTEM OPERATION BATTERY DISCONNECT SWITCH The major portion of electrical power in your Airstream is 12-volt. The 12-volt current The disconnect switch is used to separate the batteries from the 12-volt distribution powers the fans, furnaces, water pump, and water heater ignition. The exceptions panel and converter charging system.

  • Page 78: Battery

    ELEcTRIcAL SySTEM BATTERY Note: Care must be used to make sure soda is not allowed to enter battery cells. CAUTION : A normal battery can discharge by itself in 30 to 40 days when not in To insure maximum battery capacity on the charge and the discharge, the bat- use, therefore, IT IS NECESSARY TO PERIODICALLY CHECK THE BATTERY AND tery terminals and the inside portion of the cable connector should be scraped CHARGE IT AS IS NECESSARY.

  • Page 79: Converter

    ELEcTRIcAL SySTEM For battery service or replacement, go to any service station or dealer who sells and charge. Disconnect the negative battery cable. This will prevent inadvertent discharg- services the make battery installed in your trailer. ing of the battery that may lead to a complete discharge. When being towed, the 12-volt batteries in your trailer are receiving a constant charge Fully charge the battery before putting it in storage and store in a cool place.

  • Page 80

    ELEcTRIcAL SySTEM The power sources above are all electrically connected to the 12-volt distribution fuse 120-VOLT AC PANEL BOARD panel that distributes current to interior branch circuits. The circuits provide power to operate all 12-volt DC lights, pumps, motors and appliances. The AC panel board section of the series 7300 is located behind the decorative door in the upper left-hand corner.

  • Page 81

    ELEcTRIcAL SySTEM C. Using a voltmeter check voltage output between heavy positive and negative wires coming out of converter. D. The voltage must be within 13.8 and 14.0 volts. (The meter of the tester should be calibrated periodically.) E. If converter is not within these voltages, have it serviced by a qualified techni- cian or replace it.

  • Page 82

    ELEcTRIcAL SySTEM NOTES 12-Volt Circuit Diagram Circuit 1 - Bedroom, Bath fan, Storage compartment lights Circuit 2 - Living Area, Galley, Radio Circiut 3 - Water pump, range, Vents/Lights, Refrigerator * - 12 Volt feed from battery disconnect Circuit 4 - TV Jacks Circuit 5 - Ceiling fan, Bath Lights Circuit 6 - Hitch jack &...

  • Page 83: Tv Antenna

    ELEcTRIcAL SySTEM TV ANTENNA Checking Operation 1. Tune TV receiver to nearest station and rotate an- Manufacturer: tenna for best picture and sound. Winegard Company 2. Turn off switch on power supply. Picture on TV 3000 Kirkwood Street receiver should be considerably degraded with the Burlington, Iowa 52601 power off.

  • Page 84

    ELEcTRIcAL SySTEM Maintenance Lubrication To lubricate the elevating gear apply a liberal amount of silicone spray lubricant to the elevating gear with the lift in the down position, then run the lift up and down a few times to distribute lubricant over gears. Lubricating Rotating Gear Housing In the event that rotating the antenna becomes difficult, lubricating the bearing surface between the rotating gear housing and the base plate can restore normal operation.

  • Page 85: Satellite Antenna

    ELEcTRIcAL SySTEM SATELLITE ANTENNA WIRING If you compare the two previous drawings you’ll see wiring for a satellite dish antenna is relatively simple. Units have a faceplate with two coax cable hook-ups. It is located in the TV credenza on all models except the slide-out model with the overhead TV, which is located in the cabinet to the roadside of the TV.

  • Page 86: Solar Panel

    ELEcTRIcAL SySTEM SOLAR PANEL PRE-WIRE 2. A Cat 5 patch cord for the solar panel display runs The Intermountain solar panel has charge controller from the battery buss bar to an area just below the that should be mounted close to the battery buss bars Airstream Travel Trailers...

  • Page 87

    ELEcTRIcAL SySTEM COAXIAL CABLE WIRING SCHEMATIC EXTERNAL RADIO JACK (Optional) Your trailer may have external speaker jacks located by the exterior 110 volt outlet. APPLE I POD / MP3 INPUT. 12V POWER PORT & RCA JACK CONNECTOR PANEL (option) A 12volt port, two RCA jack cords, and a plug in is provided with Audio/Video Upgrade option.

  • Page 88

    ELEcTRIcAL SySTEM 110-VOLT ELECTRICAL SYSTEM or to a cold water pipe. When no water pipe is available drive a metal rod two City Power feet into the ground and attach the ground lug to it, thus providing the unit with proper grounding.

  • Page 89

    ELEcTRIcAL SySTEM GROUND FAULT CIRCUIT INTERRUPTER (GFCI) Many states require trailers which are sold in their state, and which have exterior 110 volt receptacles, to have a ground fault circuit interrupter. Trailers manufactured for sale in these states have type THQL IS amp GFCI breakers installed on the general circuit, since the exterior breaker is on this circuit.

  • Page 90

    ELEcTRIcAL SySTEM While the GFCI circuit breaker affords a high degree of protection, there is no substitute for the knowledge that electricity can be dangerous when carelessly handled 2006 or used without reasonable caution. 2007 WArNINg : The GFCI circuit breaker...

  • Page 91: Appliances

    AppLIANcES AIR CONDITIONER FURNACE Manufacturer: Manufacturer: Dometic Sales Corporation Hydro Flame Corporation 1874 2320 Industrial Parkway P.O. Box 490 South Pioneer Road Elkhart, IN 46515 Salt Lake City, UT 84104 Phone: 219-295-5228 Phone: 801-972-4621 Note: Review the air conditioning literature supplied in your Owner’s Packet before The manufacturer of the furnace in your trailer has been well known in the RV industry proceeding, for many years.

  • Page 92

    110-volt plug can be unplugged. WArNINg : The operation manual for the range is titled “Maytag RV Cooking Appliances”. If this has not been provided with your trailer, contact the manufacturer listed at the top of the page to obtain.

  • Page 93

    AppLIANcES REFRIGERATOR OPERATION Manufacturer: The refrigerator requires 12-volt current to operate even if running on LP or 110 volt modes. The 12-volt is used to power the circuit board that directs the refrigerator Dometic Sales Corporation 2320 functions. When running in a mode such as LP, it means the heat source, by far the Industrial Parkway P.O.

  • Page 94: Water Heater

    AppLIANcES WATER HEATER SAFETY Manufacturer If your water system is full and cold and the water heater is ignited the system can see pressures as high as 120 psi before the relief valve starts to open. Since the water Atwood Mobile Products 4750 system normally operates in the 40-psi range the water expanding does put unusual Hiawatha Drive P.O.

  • Page 95

    AppLIANcES HIGH VOLUME ROOF VENT (OPTIONAL) WHEN EQUIPPED WITH REVERSE SWITCH Manufacturer: 1) Turn fan motor off by: a) Setting 3-speed switch to “O” - OFF. FAN-TASTIC VENT CORP. 4349 S. Dort Hwy. b) Closing Dome. Burton, MI 48529 c) Selecting center position on IN/OUT rocker switch 1-313-742-0330 2) Wait for fan blade to stop.

  • Page 96

    AppLIANcES MONITOR PANEL The monitor system has been calibrated at the factory and should never need another calibration. If you feel the system is not operating correctly, please contact CATCON Micropulse Systems Monitor Products or a local Airstream dealer. The following instructions are provided for quali- CATCON PRODUCTS INC.

  • Page 97

    AppLIANcES MICROPULSE SYSTEMS MONITOR OPERATION INSTRUCTIONS NORMAL OPERATION This example shows the monitor reporting the following: The MicroPulse Monitor will display the condition of each system at all times. The tri-color LED beside the system will indicate the condition of the system using the following color code.

  • Page 98: Specifications

    SpEcIFIcATIONS Note: All weights were made on prototype vehicles. Your production trailer may vary slightly. More information on weighing and loading your trailer can be found under “Weight Rating” in the forward section of this manual. Information pertaining to your trailer can be found in your vehicle on the back of the wardrobe door about 60” up from the floor. The Unit Base Weight (UBW) and the Net Carrying Capacity (NCC) is not the same as the Unloaded Vehicle Weight (UVW) and the Cargo Carrying Capacity (CCC) shown on the Trailer Weight Information tag in your vehicle.

  • Page 99

    SpEcIFIcATIONS Gross Vehicular Weight Rating (GVWR): is the maximum permissible weight of this trailer when fully loaded. It includes all weight at the trailer axle (s) and tongue or pin. Unit Base Vehicle Weight (UBW): is the dry weight of the base unit with bedroom group and w/o options or fluids.

  • Page 100

    INDEx Accessories ............B-10 Cleaning ............... D-1 Emergency Escape Window ......C-1, D-2 Air Conditioner ............. H-1 Circuit Breakers ........G-1, G-4, G-13 Exhaust Fans ............E-3 Antenna TV ............G-7 Condensation ............C-6 Extended Stay ............C-3 Appliances ............H-1 Converter ............G-3, G-12 Exterior Maintenance ...........

  • Page 101

    INDEx Interior ..............E-1 Safety ........A-5, C-1, E-8, F-3, H-4 Upholstery ............E-1 Safety Chains ............B-7 Jacks ........B-6, C-2, C-8, D-3, D-10 Sanitizing ...............F-5 Valves, Drain ............F-6 Satellite Hookup ........... G-9 Vents ..............E-3 Leveling ..............C-3 Screens ..............

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