Alcatel OneTouch Tpop 4010 User Manual

Alcatel mobile phone user manual.
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For more information on how to use the phone, please go to and download the complete
user manual. Moreover, on the website, you can also find answers to frequently asked questions, upgrade the software
via ONE TOUCH Upgrade, and so much more.

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   Summary of Contents for Alcatel OneTouch Tpop 4010

  • Page 1

    4010 For more information on how to use the phone, please go to and download the complete user manual. Moreover, on the website, you can also find answers to frequently asked questions, upgrade the software via ONE TOUCH Upgrade, and so much more.

  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Google Calendar & Clock & Calculator & Setup Wizard ...................109 Office suite ....................110 News & Weather ...............60 Traffic Manager..................110 Google Calendar ..................60 Alcatel Help .....................110 Clock ......................62 9.10 Voice Dailer ....................110 Calculator ....................63 9.11 Voice Search .....................111 News & Weather ..................65 9.12 Other applications .................111...

  • Page 3: Safety And Use

    10.2 Wireless & networks ................113 Safety and use ......10.3 Call settings ....................116 10.4 Audio profiles ...................118 10.5 Display ......................119 We recommend that you read this chapter carefully before using your phone. The manufacturer disclaims any liability for damage, which may result as a consequence of improper use or use 10.6 Location .....................120 contrary to the instructions contained herein.

  • Page 4

    Emergency call numbers may not be reachable on all cellular networks. You should never rely only • PRIVACY: on your phone for emergency calls. Please note that you must respect the laws and regulations in force in your jurisdiction or other Do not open, dismantle or attempt to repair your mobile phone yourself.

  • Page 5: Radio Waves

    • RADIO WAVES: As mobile devices offer a range of functions, they can be used in positions other than against your ear. In such circumstances the device will be compliant with the guidelines when used with headset Proof of compliance with international standards (ICNIRP) or with European Directive 1999/5/ or usb data cable.

  • Page 6

    • Regulatory information The following approvals and notices apply in specific regions as noted. 4010X: 4010D:...

  • Page 7: General Information, Your Mobile

    Protection against theft General information ....Your telephone is identified by an IMEI (phone serial number) shown on the packaging label and in the phone’s memory. We recommend that you • Internet address: note the number the first time you use your telephone by entering * # 0 6 # and keep it in a safe place.

  • Page 8: Keys And Connectors

    This handset may contain materials, including applications and software in executable or source code form, which is submitted by third parties Your mobile ......for inclusion in this handset (“Third Party Materials”). All third party materials in this handset are provided “as is”, without warranty of any kind, whether express or implied, including the implied warranties Keys and connectors of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose or use/third party...

  • Page 9: Getting Started, Home Screen

    Getting started Camera 1.2.1 Set-up Removing or installing the back cover Inserting or removing the SIM card • On Home screen, press to quickly access Settings menu or Notification panel; to launch quick search; to manage You must insert your SIM card to make phone calls. Please power off your applications;...

  • Page 10

    Installing or removing the battery Charging the battery • Insert and click the battery into place, then close the phone cover. • Unclip the cover, then remove the battery. Connect the battery charger to your phone and mains socket respectively. Installing and removing the microSD card •...

  • Page 11: Home Screen

    If you do not know your PIN code or if you have forgotten it, contact your 1.2.3 Power off your phone network operator. Do not leave your PIN code with your telephone. Store Hold down the Power key until the phone options appear, select Power this information in a safe place when not in use.

  • Page 12

    Status icons Touch and Hold For dual SIM model, status icons referring to either SIM1 or SIM2 will be To enter the available options for an item, touch and hold the item. For identified by a colour which you have defined. example, select a contact in Contacts, touch and hold this contact, options Receiving location data from list will then appear on screen.

  • Page 13

    Notification icons Notification panel Touch and drag down the Status bar or press Menu key and touch New Gmail message Call in progress (green) Notifications to open the notification panel. Touch and drag up to close it. From the Notification panel, you can open some functions by touch New text or multimedia Call in progress using (GPS, Bluetooth, etc.), reminders indicated by notification icons, or view...

  • Page 14

    Search by text To create a screen unlock PIN/Password • Touch Search bar from Home screen or press Search key from other • Press Menu key from the home screen, touch Settings, then touch applications screen. Security\Set up screen lock\PIN or Password. •...

  • Page 15

    1.3.5 Personalize your home screen Wallpaper customization Touch and hold an empty area or press Menu key and touch Wallpapers on the Home screen, a popup window named Select wallpaper from Touch and hold an empty area or press Menu key and touch Add on the will appear, offering a range of options.

  • Page 16: Text Input, Using Onscreen Keyboard, Text Editing

    Text editing Text input ......Touch the text you have entered to make an edit. • Touch and hold the text field to zoom in on the text with a magnifying Using Onscreen Keyboard glass. • Touch twice the text you have entered and then touch Select all/Select Onscreen keyboard will display automatically when a program requires word in the pop up button.

  • Page 17: Phone Call, Call Log And Contacts, Phone, Call Log, Contacts

    International call Phone call, Call log To dial an international call, touch and hold to enter “+”, then enter the international country prefix followed by the full phone number and and Contacts ......finally touch Emergency call If your phone has network coverage, dial emergency number and touch Phone ............

  • Page 18

    3.1.3 Calling your voice mail Touch to hold the current call. Touch this icon again to retrieve Your voice mail is provided by your network to avoid missing calls. It works the call. like an answering machine that you can consult at any time. Touch to mute the current call.

  • Page 19: Call Log

    Conference calls Call log ............You can set up a conference call. You can access your call memory by touching from the Home screen • Place a call to the first participant of the conference call. and touching Call log. Touch contact/number to place a call directly. There •...

  • Page 20

    Following actions are enabled: Contacts ............• Search Touch to search for a contact. Contacts enables quick and easy access to the people you want to • Groups Assign contacts to groups so that one SMS/MMS reach. or email can easily be sent to all members. You can view and create contacts on your phone or either SIM and •...

  • Page 21

    3.3.2 Adding a contact 3.3.3 Editing your contacts Press Menu key from contacts list screen and touch New contact. You're To edit contact information, touch and hold the contact whose information required to select the location (Phone/SIM1/SIM2) to save the contact. is to be edited, then touch Edit contact.

  • Page 22

    3.3.4 Communicating with your contacts 3.3.5 Contacts importing, exporting and sharing From the contacts list, you can communicate with your contacts by making This phone enables you to import contacts from SIM card/microSD card a call or exchanging messages. and export contacts to a microSD card which can then be used to back up your information.

  • Page 23

    3.3.7 Joining/Separating contacts Open the Accounts & sync settings screen, touch the account you want to delete, then press Menu key and touch Remove account and To avoid duplication, you can add any new contact information to existing confirm. contacts in a single action (only available for phone contacts). Useful icons: Touch the contact which you want to add information to, press Menu key and touch Edit contact, then press Menu key again and touch Join.

  • Page 24: Google Messaging

    Sending a text message Google Messaging, Gmail/ Enter mobile phone number of the recipient on To bar or touch to add recipients, touch Type to compose bar to enter the text of the message. Email, Google Talk ....When finished, touch Send to send the text message. For dual SIM model, touch Send to select the SIM card for sending.

  • Page 25

    Attach options: 4.1.2 Manage messages • Pictures Access Gallery application/File Manager to select a When receiving a message, an icon will appear on status bar as picture as attachment. notification. Drag down the status bar to open Notification panel, touch •...

  • Page 26

    4.1.3 Adjust message settings Multimedia message (MMS) settings You can adjust a set of message settings. From Messaging application • Delivery reports Select to activate it, then you can touch Menu screen, press Menu key and touch Settings. key from a multimedia message thread, and touch View report to check delivery status.

  • Page 27: Gmail/email

    Gmail/Email • If you do not want to send or save the mail, you can press Menu key and then touch Discard. The first time you set up your phone, you can select to use an existing To add a signature to emails, press Menu key from inbox screen, and touch Gmail or to create a new Email account.

  • Page 28

    Managing Gmails by Label Gmail settings To conveniently manage conversations and messages, you can organize To manage Gmail settings, press Menu key in Inbox screen and touch them using a Label. More\Settings. General preferences To label a conversation when reading a conversation’s messages, press Menu key and touch Change Labels and select the label to assign to •...

  • Page 29: Google Talk

    Google Talk ..........4.2.2 Email ..............Google's instant messaging service, Google Talk, lets you communicate Besides your Gmail account, you can also set-up external POP3 or IMAP with your friends whenever they are connected to this service. email accounts in your phone. To access this feature and sign in, touch from Home screen, then To access this function, touch...

  • Page 30

    4.3.1 Chatting with your friends 4.3.4 To manage your friends To start a chat, touch the name of a friend in your Friends list, then enter Besides adding new friends to your friends list, the following actions are your message and finally touch Send. available for your choice: You can invite other friends to join in a group chat by pressing Menu key, •...

  • Page 31: Google Calendar, Clock, Calculator, News & Weather

    4.3.5 Settings Google Calendar & Clock A series of settings are available for your selection by pressing Menu key from Friends list screen, and touch Settings. & Calculator & News & • Mobile indicator Select to display an indicator icon along with your Weather .........

  • Page 32

    5.1.2 To create new events To add a new event New event You can add new events from any Calendar view. My calenders Touch to show or hide the calendars • Press Menu key from Calendar screen, and touch More\New event to More Settings To set a series of Calendar settings...

  • Page 33

    5.2.1 To set an alarm To switch between panels, select one of the following two ways: • Touch and drag the basic screen to the left to open the Advanced From Clock screen, touch a currently existing alarm or press Menu key panel.

  • Page 34

    News settings News & Weather ........Select news • Check the boxes of news categories which most Use News & Weather to check the weather and top news stories. topics interest you to include them in the scrolling list of News &...

  • Page 35: Getting Connected, Connecting To The Internet

    To activate/deactivate Data roaming Getting connected ....When roaming, you can decide to connect/disconnect to a data service. • Press Menu key from Home screen. • Touch Settings\Wireless & networks\Mobile networks\ To connect to the internet with this phone, you can use GPRS/EDGE/3G Data roaming.

  • Page 36

    6.1.2 Wi-Fi • Touch Settings\Wireless & networks\Wi-Fi settings\Add Wi-Fi network. Using Wi-Fi, you can connect to the Internet when your phone is within • Enter the name of the network and any required network information. range of a wireless network. Wi-Fi can be used on phone even without a •...

  • Page 37: Browser

    To find text on a web page Browser ............• Press Menu key from web page screen, then touch More\Find on Using Browser, you can enjoy surfing the Web. page. To access this function, touch from Home screen, then touch •...

  • Page 38

    Other options: 6.2.2 Manage links, history • Close To close all tabs or minimize the web page. (press Menu To manage a link, phone number or address displayed on a web key on web page screen, then touch Close). page •...

  • Page 39

    6.2.3 Manage downloads To download a web application/view your downloads Before downloading a web application, you need to enable your phone to To access Downloads download web applications (press Menu key from Home screen, touch Downloads gives you easy access to any file downloaded from the Settings\Applications, mark check box of Unknown sources, finally browser, email or another application, and you can manage and store your touch OK to confirm).

  • Page 40

    To open a bookmark 6.2.5 Settings • Press Menu key and touch Bookmarks. A series of settings are available for your adjustment. To access Browser • On the Bookmarks tab, touch the bookmark you want to open. settings, press Menu key from Browser screen, and touch More\ Settings.

  • Page 41: Connecting To Bluetooth Devices

    Mark to show warning if there is a problem with warnings a site’s security. You are recommended to use ALCATEL ONE TOUCH Bluetooth headsets, which have been tested and proved compatible with phone. You can go to www. for more information about ALCATEL ONE TOUCH...

  • Page 42: Connecting To A Computer Via Usb

    To change device name Connecting to a computer via USB To make your phone more recognizable, you can change your phone name With the USB cable, you can transfer media files and other files between which is visible to others. your phone’s microSD card and the computer.

  • Page 43: Sharing Your Phone's Mobile Data Connection, To Safely Remove Microsd Card

    To safely remove the microSD card from your phone Sharing your phone's mobile data connection The microSD card can be removed from your phone any time the phone You can share your phone's mobile data connection with a single computer is powered off.

  • Page 44: Connecting To Virtual Private Networks

    To rename or secure your portable hotspot To connect/disconnect to a VPN To connect to a VPN: When Portable Wi-Fi hotspot is activated, you could change the name of • Press Menu key from Home screen. your phone's Wi-Fi network (SSID) and secure its Wi-Fi network. •...

  • Page 45: Multimedia Applications, Camera

    Zoom in/zoom out Multimedia applications Touch icon to open the Zoom control and slide the scroll bar to zoom in or out gradually. Touch the screen twice to zoom all the way in or out. To shoot a video Camera ............

  • Page 46: Gallery

    Video/Camcorder settings: Gallery ............• Settings Touch to enter a scrolling list of settings: EV, Scene Gallery acts as a media player for you to view photos and playback videos. mode, Color effect, etc. To access this function, touch from Home screen, then touch •...

  • Page 47

    To view a picture/play a video Working with pictures Pictures and videos are displayed by albums in Gallery. You can work with pictures by rotating or cropping them, sharing them with friends, setting them as contact ID or wallpaper, etc. Locate the picture you want to work on, press Menu key from full-screen Touch and scroll the bar to switch.

  • Page 48: Youtube, Music

    7.3.1 Watch videos YouTube ............Touch a video to play it. YouTube is an online video-sharing service where the user can download, share and view videos. It supports a streaming function that allows you to Touch video playing screen to display playback controls with which you start watching videos almost as soon as they begin downloading from the can pause, skip forward or backward, or drag the progress bar to the point Internet.

  • Page 49

    7.4.1 Playing music 7.4.3 Using Sound effects From any of the four library screens, touch a song to play it back. When Sound effects is activated, songs will be played using various different filters preset by you. Press Menu key, then touch Sound effects to enter settings screen.

  • Page 50: Google Maps, Get My Location, Search For A Location

    To zoom in and out of a map, touch the plus or minus side of the zoom control , or you can also zoom in/out by double-tapping a location on Google Maps ....screen. To clear the map history, press Menu key and touch Clear Map. Get My Location Search for a location 8.1.1...

  • Page 51: Star A Location, Get Driving, Public Transport Or Walking Directions

    Star a location Get driving, public transport or walking directions Just like bookmarking a web address on the Internet, you can star any position on the map for later use. 8.4.1 Get suggested routes for your trip 8.3.1 How to star (or unstar) a location •...

  • Page 52: Arrangement Of Layers

    8.4.2 Preview suggested routes and decide on a route 8.4.5 View traffic conditions on your route more preferable or feasible to you At the lower-left corner of navigation view, a traffic light indicates the overall traffic conditions on your route, next to the estimated time of You can preview each turn in your route in Navigation, Satellite, and other arrival at your destination.

  • Page 53: Join Latitude To See Your Friends' Locations And Share Yours With Them, Others

    8.5.2 To open Street View for a location 8.6.1 How to invite friends to share their locations • Touch and hold a location to display a balloon with the address and a • Press Menu key from Latitude screen, touch Add friends. Street View thumbnail.

  • Page 54

    8.6.3 To connect with your friends 8.6.4 To control what you share Select a contact, you can communicate with your friend and set privacy You can control the information you want to share with your friends. options. Touch Latitude and press Menu key, then press Location settings. •...

  • Page 55: File Manager, Notes, Sound Recorder, Fm Radio

    Sound Recorder ........... Others ........To access this function, touch from Home screen, then touch Sound Recorder. Sound Recorder allows you to record voice/sound for seconds/hours. File Manager ..........FM Radio ............To access this function, touch from Home screen, then touch File Manager.

  • Page 56: Battery Saver, Setup Wizard, Office Suite, Traffic Manager, Alcatel Help

    Wizard. Help. Setup Wizard helps to set up your phone in multiple ways: language, Alcatel Help provides help when you have questions or need assistance input method, mobile data connection, account setup and synchronization, when using the phone. system update, etc. This will also be performed the first time you power on your phone.

  • Page 57: Voice Search, Other Applications, Settings, Sim Management

    9.11 Voice Search ..........Settings ......To access this function, touch from Home screen, then touch Voice Search. To access this function, touch from Home screen, and touch Settings Voice Search helps to call your contacts, get directions, send messages, on applications list, or you can also press Menu key from Home screen and to perform a number of other common tasks, in addition to searching and touch Settings.

  • Page 58

    Messaging 10.2.2 Wi-Fi Set default SIM for sending a message. Using Wi-Fi you can now surf the Internet without using your SIM card whenever you are in range of a wireless network. The only thing you have Data connection to do is to enter the Wi-Fi settings screen and configure an access point to connect your phone to the wireless network.

  • Page 59: Call Settings

    For more information of VPN, please refer to section 6.6 Connecting to 10.3 Call settings virtual private networks. Use Call settings to configure normal phone call settings and other special features offered by your carrier. You can also use Call settings to configure 10.2.6 Mobile networks the phone so that it can place outgoing calls only to a fixed set of phone...

  • Page 60: Audio Profiles

    10.3.2 Other settings After connecting the cell phone and TTY machine it connects to a relay service, which converts incoming speech to text for the person using the Fixed Dialing Numbers TTY and converts outgoing text from the TTY machine to a spoken voice Fixed Dialing Number (FDN) is a service mode of SIM, where outgoing for the person on the other end of the conversation.

  • Page 61

    10.4.2 Silent 10.6 Location This profile will silence all sounds except media & alarms. Use the Location settings to set your preferences for using and sharing your location when your search for information and use location-aware 10.4.3 Meeting applications, such as Google Maps. When this is selected the phone will not ring or beep by default unless an 10.6.1 My Location...

  • Page 62

    EPO settings 10.7 Security • Auto download Mark the check box to permit applications to Use the Security settings to define your usage preferences. You can also download data according to their own schedule. configure settings that help secure your phone and its data. •...

  • Page 63

    10.7.5 Credential storage Manage applications Touch to manage and remove installed applications. Use secure credentials Mark the check box to allow applications to access your phone’s encrypted Running services store of secure certificates and related passwords and other credentials. Touch to open a list of services—applications or parts of applications that Credential storage is used to establish some kinds of VPN and Wi-Fi provide services to other applications, or that run even when their main connections.

  • Page 64: Development, Background Data, Auto-sync

    Development 10.9 Accounts & sync The Development screen contains settings that are useful for developing Use the Accounts & Sync settings to add, remove, and manage your Google Android applications. For full information, including documentation of the and other supported accounts. You also use these settings to control how Android applications and development tools, see the Android developer and whether all applications send, receive, and synchronize data on their web site (

  • Page 65

    10.9.2 Manage accounts Factory data reset Erase all of your personal data from internal phone storage, including The rest of this screen lists the Google Accounts and other accounts information about your Google Account, any other accounts, your system you’ve added to the phone. If you touch an account in this screen, its and application settings, and any downloaded applications.

  • Page 66

    Erase SD card 10.12.3 Android keyboard Permanently erases everything on a microSD card and prepares it for For phones with physical keyboards, unmark to disable the onscreen use with your phone. You must unmount a microSD card before you can keyboard.

  • Page 67

    • Input languages If you don’t have speech synthesizer data installed, only the Install voice data setting is available. Touch to set input language. • Quick fixes Listen to an example Correct commonly typed mistakes. Touch to play a brief sample of the speech synthesizer, using your current settings.

  • Page 68

    Language 10.15 Date & time Touch to open a dialog where you can select the language of the text you Use Date & Time settings to customize your preferences for how date and want the synthesizer to read. This is particularly useful in combination with time are displayed.

  • Page 69: About Phone

    10.17 About phone Status This contains the status of the Battery status, Battery level, SIM status, IMEI Actually this contains information about a lot of things ranging from Legal information, Wi-Fi MAC address, Bluetooth address, Up time. information, Model number, Firmware version, Baseband version, Kernel version, Build number to those listed below: Battery use System updates...

  • Page 70: Android Manager, One Touch Upgrade

    PC. • Videos Download ONE TOUCH Upgrade from ALCATEL ONE TOUCH website It allows you to insert video files from PC for playback and then upload ( and install it on your PC. Launch the tool and to handset folder.

  • Page 71: Telephone Warranty

    Supported Operating Systems Telephone warranty ..Windows XP/Vista/Windows 7. 11.2.2 FOTA Upgrade Your phone is warranted against any defect or malfunctioning which may Using FOTA Upgrade tool you can update your phone's software: occur in conditions of normal use during the warranty period of twelve (12) months from the date of purchase as shown on your original •...

  • Page 72

    The latest generation of ALCATEL ONE TOUCH GSM mobile phones offers a built-in handsfree feature that allows you to use the telephone from 2) Connection to any equipment not supplied or not recommended by a distance, placed on a table for example.

  • Page 73: Troubleshooting

    My phone cannot charge properly • Make sure you are using an ALCATEL ONE TOUCH battery and the charger Troubleshooting ....from the box • Make sure your battery is inserted properly and clean the battery contact if it’s dirty. It must be inserted before plugging in the charger Before contacting the service centre, you are advised to follow the instructions •...

  • Page 74

    I am unable to connect my phone to my computer The sound quality of the calls is poor • Install ALCATEL ONE TOUCH Android Manager first of all • You can adjust the volume during a call by pressing the Volume key •...

  • Page 75: Specifications

    How to make your battery last longer • Make sure you follow the complete charge time (minimum 3 hours) Specifications • After a partial charge, the battery level indicator may not be exact. Wait for at least 20 minutes after removing the charger to obtain an exact indication •...

  • Page 76

    H.263, H.264 (playback only) • Rechargeable Lithium-ion battery Battery • Capacity: 1300 mAh ALCATEL is a trademark of Alcatel-Lucent and is used under license by microSD™ memory card TCT Mobile Limited. Expansion Slot (Availability of microSD card depends on market) ©...

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