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Logitech TV730 Setup Manual

Mini controller.
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Setup Guide
Enjoying the ideal companion for your
Google TV™ system is just moments away.

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    Setup Guide Enjoying the ideal companion for your Google TV™ system is just moments away.

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    From HD video calling on your couch to house-of-the-future touch screen remotes. Logitech accessories for Google TV make communication more personal, information more accessible and entertainment more fun.

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    Logitech® Mini Controller Unpack the box Logitech® Mini Controller (TV730) Unifying receiver USB cable extender Li-ion battery Power adapter...

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    Logitech® Mini Controller Mini Controller at a glance 8 9 10 17 18 21 22...

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    Logitech® Mini Controller 1. Cover Functions as an on/off switch: open 11. Dual-mode touchpad Functions as a to turn on controller; close to put controller directional pad in Navigation mode for in standby mode navigating menus and web pages, also functions as a touchpad in Pointing mode 2. Mute Mutes volume...

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    Logitech® Mini Controller Insert battery in Mini Controller 1. Open the back cover of the Mini Controller by sliding the tab up. 2. Match the contacts on the left side of the battery with the pins on the left side of the battery compartment.

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    Logitech® Mini Controller Connect power to Mini Controller 1. Plug the AC cable into the power port on the side of the Mini Controller. 2. Plug the AC adapter into a wall socket to start charging the Li-ion battery. A full charge takes about four hours for up to ten days of use. A ten-minute charge provides about one day of use.*...

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    Logitech® Mini Controller Connect the Mini Controller Setup with a Google TV-based Smart TV system Plug the Unifying receiver into a USB port in your Google TV–based Smart TV system. If, while using the Mini Controller you notice performance issues (e.g., sluggish pointer movement or commands not being quickly recognized, etc.), try using...

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    Logitech® Mini Controller Setup with a Logitech Revue Companion Box 1. Turn ON the Companion Box (sold separately). 2. Close the top cover of the Mini Controller to turn it OFF. 3. Press and release the pairing button on the back of the Companion Box. This button is located under the Unifying logo.

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    Logitech® Mini Controller Power everything on Your new Mini Controller cannot control your devices until you complete the on-screen setup. 1. To begin, turn on all devices using your current method of control. 2. Open the Mini Controller’s top cover to turn ON the unit.

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    Logitech® Mini Controller How changing modes affect the touchpad The Mini Controller offers two operating modes: Navigation mode for navigating menus and web pages, and Pointing mode for moving the screen Touchpad mode pointer. Use the Touchpad mode slider to switch slider between these two modes.

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    Logitech® Mini Controller Scrolling with the touchpad To scroll in either Navigation or Pointing mode, hold down the Shift/Scroll key, and then move your finger (or thumb) up the touchpad to scroll up; move your finger down the touchpad to scroll down.

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    6 for more information. • Is your Mini Controller paired with the Logitech Revue™ Companion Box (sold separately)? To pair the Companion Box with the Mini Controller, please refer to Setup with a Logitech Revue™ Companion Box on page 9.

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    Logitech® Mini Controller Problem: In a Logitech Revue™ setup, my TV, STB (set-top box), or AVR (audio-video receiver) is not responding to the Mini Controller. Solution: Check the following: • Is the device IR controlled? Some home theater devices are controlled by line-of-sight, infrared communication (IR), and others are controlled by high-frequency radio waves (RF).

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    What do you think? Please take a minute to tell us. Thank you for purchasing our product.

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