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Nokia antenna owner's manual digital multimedia terminal.
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Owner's Manual
Part 2
Operating System



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   Summary of Contents for Nokia DIGITAL MULTIMEDIA TERMINAL

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  • Page 2: Important Information

    Important Information Please be aware that ASTRO will update your Digital Multimedia Terminal (DMT) with new software from time to time. This can change the functionality of the DMT. There- fore, it is important that your DMT be put in Stand-By mode whenever it is not in use, as this is the mode in which it will receive this new software.

  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    CONTENTS CHAPTER 1 : Basic Operations CHAPTER 2 : Changing Channels Using Numeric Keypad (0..9) Using the Programme Buttons P+ or P- Using the Channel List CHAPTER 3 : Using the Channel Guide CHAPTER 4 : Using the Channel Pilot Programme Information of Current Channel Programme Information of Other Channels CHAPTER 5 : Using the Parental Lock...

  • Page 4: Chapter 1 : Basic Operations

    CHAPTER 1 : Basic Operations When you switch ON the mains AC power switch on the wall socket, your DMT will be put into Stand-By mode. In Stand-By mode, you will notice that the front panel display will show the current time. While in Stand-By mode, you will need to switch ON the DMT in order to view ASTRO programmes.

  • Page 5: Using The Channel List

    Using the Channel List The channel list is an alternative way of viewing the channels that are available on ASTRO. The list will display details of all available channels superimposed over the programme you are currently watching, and will also indicate which channels have been selected as your favourites, or channels that have been locked.

  • Page 6: Chapter 3 : Using The Channel Guide

    CHAPTER 3 : Using the Channel guide When you are watching ASTRO programmes, you can display the current and future programme information using the Channel Guide. The Channel Guide contains programme information for all available channels up to 7 consecutive days ahead. •...

  • Page 7: Chapter 4 : Using The Channel Pilot

    CHAPTER 4 : Using the Channel Pilot Channel Pilot displays the same information as the Channel Guide but in a different form. The main purpose of the Channel Pilot is to be able to acquire programme information on the current and next programmes on every channel very quickly, while being able to watch the selected programme at the same time.

  • Page 8: Chapter 5 : Using The Parental Lock

    CHAPTER 5 : Using the Parental Control Feature Parental Lock is a parental control feature which enables you to block access to any particular channel. When a locked channel is selected for viewing, your PIN code will be prompted. Only those who know your PIN code will be able to unlock the channel for viewing.

  • Page 9: Watching Locked Channels

    Watching Locked Channels Once you have locked all the required channels, you can regain access to these channels by performing the following. • When you select a channel that has been locked you will not be able to see or hear the locked channel, and the banner on the right will be displayed. •...

  • Page 10: Chapter 6 : Using The Personalized Scheduler

    CHAPTER 6 : Using the Personalized Scheduler The “Personalized Scheduler” function enables you to programme your DMT to switch ON and OFF at the beginning and end of a selected pro- gramme, for up to 8 different programmes. Your video recorder can then be set to record ASTRO programmes at the designated time and date.

  • Page 11: Chapter 7 : Using The Favourite Channel List

    CHAPTER 7 : Using the Favourite Channel List The favourite function allows you to group your most frequently watched channels into a favourite list, which are then easier and faster to access. When using the P+ and P- buttons to change channels with the favourite mode set to ON, only channels contained in your favourite list will be selected.

  • Page 12: Chapter 8 : Using The Message Function

    CHAPTER 8 : Using the Message Function Your DMT has the ability to display messages that have been sent to you by ASTRO, perhaps about a special offer or details of your current subscription package. You will know that a new message has been sent to you by ASTRO when the symbol appears on your TV screen.

  • Page 13: Chapter 9 : Update List Of Services

    CHAPTER 9 : Update List of Services This function is normally only used when first installing your DMT or when you wish to search for new channels that may have been newly launched by ASTRO. • While watching ASTRO programmes, press MENU. The main menu screen will appear.

  • Page 14: Chapter 10 : Update New Dmt Software

    CHAPTER 10 : Update New DMT Software Your DMT has the capability to be updated over the air. This process may update certain menu functions and add new features. But don’t worry, the basic operation of the DMT will remain the same. When the software update process is initiated, the DMT will search for new software broadcast by ASTRO.

  • Page 15: Chapter 11 : Viewing Options

    CHAPTER 11 : Viewing Options Your DMT offers 6 settings to maximize your viewing enjoyment. To edit these options follow the steps below. • While watching ASTRO programmes, press MENU. The main menu screen will appear. • Press on the numeric keypad to select “Options” •...

  • Page 16

    Channel Info. This option allows you to disable or enable the channel banner that appears on the screen whenever a channel is selected. • Select ON to display the channel banner. • Select OFF to not display the channel banner. Set PIN This option allows you to change your PIN code.

  • Page 17

    Set Maturity Rating Maturity Rating is a Parental Control function that allows you to restrict the viewing of certain programmes with “18 and above” maturity rating. • Press to highlight the “Set Maturity Rating” option and press OK. • The U Rating is always ticked to indicate that programmes with U rating can always be viewed.

  • Page 18: Chapter 12 : Check Your Satellite Signal

    CHAPTER 12 : Check your Satellite Signal Your DMT is equipped with a signal strength indicator to show the relative signal strength of your satellite antenna/dish. If for any reason, your satellite antenna/dish is out of alignment with the Measat Satellite, the signal strength indicator will show a low signal strength condition.

  • Page 19: Chapter 13 : Installation Setup And Setting

    CHAPTER 13 : Installation Setup and Setting The options contained within the installation setup menu enable you to check the status of your DMT. This is not something you should ever need to do during normal operation. It is only required in the unlikely event of a problem occurring with your DMT.

  • Page 20: Manual Configuration

    Manual configuration This option allows you to manually edit your DMT’s technical parameters, and is PIN code protected. • While watching ASTRO programmes, press MENU. The main menu screen will appear. • Press to select the “Installation Setup” option • Press to select the “Manual configuration”...

  • Page 21

    Base Frequency Base frequency is an ASTRO transmission parameter. This setting should normally be set to 10.982 GHz unless otherwise advised by ASTRO. Code Rate Code rate is an ASTRO transmission parameter. This setting should normally be set to 7/8 unless otherwise advised by ASTRO. Symbol Rate Symbol rate is an ASTRO transmission parameter.

  • Page 22: Technical Parameters

    Technical Parameters This option contains technical information pertaining to the operations and reception status of your DMT. The information displayed is for review only. This information is only intended for trouble shooting purposes, while you are being advised by ASTRO’s Customer Service Officers over the tel- ephone.

  • Page 24

    NOKIA is a registered trademark of Nokia Corporation ASTRO is a trademark of MEASAT Broadcast Network Systems Sdn. Bhd (240064-A) 66 76949-11 © 9927...

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