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Goodman Mfg HUM-FP User Manual

Goodman mfg. co. lp. humidifier user manual.
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Width of cutout (13-1/8") is equal to the
width of this sheet.
Length of cutout (16-1/2") is equal to the
length of this sheet.
No. 000-0752-077 • Rev 5/05 HBP
Installation Instructions and Mounting Template for
Model HUM-FP
or void all warranties.
1. Disconnect electrical power to the furnace before starting installation to avoid serious injury or electrocution.
2. Use care when cutting plenum openings and handling ductwork. Sharp edges may cause serious injury.
3. Do not cut or drill any air conditioning or electrical accessories during installation. Electrocution is possible if you
come in contact with a live electrical wire. Blindnes can occur if refrigerant contacts your eyes.
1. Do not install the unit where freezing temperatures could occur, or where temperatures
5. Do not set humidity up to recommended levels if there is condensation on the inside
could exceed 180ºF.
windows of any living space. Condensaion damage may result.
2. Do not install the unit on a furnace jacket.
6. Do not install the unit on any plenum where static pressure exceeds 0.4" W.C.
3. Do not install the unit on a plenum face where the blanked-off ends of the cooling coil
7. Do not install the unit where water pressure exceeds 125 psi. Leakage may result.
4. Do not set humidity higher than recommended. Condensation damages may result.
codes, ordinances and regulations.
4. Remove the cover by
5. Pull out the drip tray
turning the thumb screw
control wires by grasping
and evaporator pad
(circled) counter clockwise
assembly by grasping the
Tilt and lift the cover
and pulling straight out.
top lip and tipping out.
1. Tape the template (this
off the frame.
entire sheet) onto the
warm air furnace plenum,
2. Trace around the
making sure it is level.
template. (Cutout size is
13-1/8" wide by 16-1/2"
Mount the Model HUM-FP
long.) Remove the template.
Fan-Powered Flow-Thru
Accurately cut the plenum
10. Position the humidistat
on either an interior wall of
the home or the return air
plenum of the furnace. In-
stall by following the instruc-
6. Place the mounting
7. Stand
8. Place the drip tray on
tions in the parts bag.
frame into the plenum
the evapo-
top of the pad. Reinstall
9. Reattach the cover
opening so that the frame
rator pad
the evaporator pad and
assembly by hooking it at
hooks over the bottom of
upright with
drip tray.
the top of the mounting
the opening. Screw the
the black index mark on
frame. Secure the cover
frame to the plenum.
top. Make sure the wick is
by turning the thumb
seated securely in the drip
shown in relation to the
screw at the bottom clock-
AC cooling coils.
Toll-free Contractor Helpline: 888-SKUTTLE (758-8853)
Contractor E-line:
See Additional Instructions on Back
Goodman® is a registered trademark of Goodman Manufacturing Company, L. P.
Amana® is a trademark of Maytag Corporation and is used under license to Goodman Company, L. P.
All rights reserved.

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    Placement Information 1. Tape the template (this entire sheet) onto the warm air furnace plenum, making sure it is level. Mount the Model HUM-FP Fan-Powered Flow-Thru WARM AIR PLENUM ONLY. 6. Place the mounting frame into the plenum opening so that the frame hooks over the bottom of the opening.

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    INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS (cont'd.) WARNINGS: Shut off power before wiring. DO NOT wire the Model HUM-FP UNLESS the board connections are 120 VAC. If, and only if, they are 120 VAC, install a receptacle and wire it to the board connections. Plug the...

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