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Elektra Beckum SPA 2001 W Operating Instructions Manual Page 6

Elektra beckum dust extractor operating instructions.
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used as a vacuum cleaner for vacuuming
4) Close both latches (1) : The container is
14) Apply new silicon sealing agent and leave
deposited wood dust or chips, and
raised and forms a tight seal with the dust
to harden/bond (min. 6 hours) - do not
corresponds to applicable regulations, even
switch on or move.
for oak and beech wood dust.
15) Assemble in reverse order.
Here, the minimum volume flow is also
11 Replacing the bag filter
monitored at the pressure gauge. For a
12 Rectifying faults
cleaning nozzle with a connector diameter of
After longer operating periods, the filter bag
100 mm, the filter must be dedusted if the
slowly becomes clogged with fine dust
Pointer on the pressure gauge is in the red
pointer on the pressure gauge is in the red
embedded deep in its pores. The cleaning
area: see Sections "10 Dedusting the filter",
area of the 100 mm extractor connection
device can no longer remove this trapped
"9 Monitoring the minimum volume flow rate"
piece diameter being used.
dust. In this case, the filter bag must be
replaced. Replacement filter, see Section 13.
If during operation the volumetric flow of the
dust extractor is considerably reduced or
9 Dedusting the filter
The person replacing the bag must
stops altogether, the intake hose is probably
wear a dust mask (filter mask with
If the pointer of the pressure gauge is in the
class 2 particle filter) and
red area, the filter must be cleaned.
appropriate eye protection. Avoid
Wear a dust mask (filter mask with
covering third parties with dust.
class 2 particle filter). To remove
Clean the machine after it has been used, the
the blockage, disconnect the hose
filter should be dedusted a minimum of once
1) Pull out the mains plug
and take it outside or to a room with
a day!
2) Secure the lockable machine roller.
extraction facilities. Hold the hose vertically or
hang it up. Beat the outside of the hose lightly
3) Clean the filter thoroughly once more by
1) Switch off the wood-processing machine
to loosen the dust clogged in the hose. This
actuating the hand lever (3).
2) Switch off the dust extractor at the on/off
activity must be carried out without harming
4) Fold down both latches (1) simultane-
switch (6)
uninvolved third parties.
ously: The container is lowered.
3) Wait until the rotor on the ventilator
5) Roll the container forwards.
The dust extractor is fitted with an overload
comes to a halt (otherwise cleaning will
protector that switches the dust extractor off
be inadequate).
6) One recommendation here is to carefully
to prevent damage. Pinpoint and rectify the
lay the dust extractor on its back in order
4) Actuate the cleaning lever (3) on the filter
cause. Then press the button (5) to return the
to reach the components more easily. If
housing several times.
overload protector to its normal position.
the dust extractor is not laid on its back, a
If the pointer on the pressure gauge is still in
ladder will be required.
The machine may experience temporary
the red area after cleaning and start-up:
7) On the inside of the filter housing (d):
reductions in voltage if mains power
Unscrew the 5 hexagon nuts (g) (WAF
conditions are unfavourable.
1) Check whether the maximum filling
10) and remove the wiper arm (f) from the
capacity in the container (8) has been
vibration rod (h).
If the impedance at the connection point to
reached (top edge of the top viewing
the public mains power supply is greater than
8) Replace worn wiper elements (e).
window (9)). If necessary, empty the
0.2 ohms, other measures may be required
container (see Section 11).
9) Loosen the screw (j) (Torx 20) and
before the machine can operate correctly at
remove together with the washer (i).
2) Check whether the extraction hose is
this connection point.
blocked. (See Section 13).
10) Remove vibration rod (h).
If necessary, consult the local energy supply
3) Is the suction hose being used too long?
11) Unscrew star handle (a) on filter cover.
company regarding impedance.
If necessary, reduce the suction hose to a
Remove filter cover (b).
standard 2.5 m.
4) To avoid kinks and constrictions, do not
13 Spare parts and accessories
lay the suction hose around sharp
Filter bag set with fitted filter plate (as a
Order no. 0913059441
5) If the pointer is still in the red area, the
filter bag must be replaced (see Section
Dust bags (pack of 10)
Order no. 0913059433
Suction hose (as a replacement), flame-
retardant, dia. 100 mm, 2.5 m in accordance
10 Disposing of collected dust
with Regulation ZH 1/139
Order no. 1013690533
Wear a dust mask (filter mask with
class 2 particle filter). Avoid
Universal adapter
Order no. 0913031288
covering third parties with dust.
Dust must be only disposed of in
Cleaning nozzle
Order no. 0913031270
authorised locations (disposal as per local
Transfer ring
Order no. 0913031300
When the dust bag reaches the maximum
filling level in the container (level with the top
14 Maintenance
edge of the top viewing window) remove and
replace it with a new one.
Regular maintenance consists of three
Removing the full dust bag:
The following inspections should be
1) Secure the lockable machine roller.
carried out on a daily basis:
2) Fold down both latches (1) simultane-
ously: The container is lowered.
Visual inspection to determine whether
3) Roll the container forwards.
− the machine or components thereof are
4) Carefully close the dust bag.
− Suction performance check.
5) Lift the dust bag from the container or tip
the container upside down and place it on
The following maintenance should be
the ground - the dust bag can be removed
carried out on a monthly basis:
more easily using the second method.
6) Stand the container the correct way up
Visual inspection to determine whether
− the machine or components thereof are
Inserting a new dust bag:
− there are any leaks.
1) Insert new dust bag in the container
− the minimum volumetric control (pressure
(make sure that the dust bag rests as
12) Use a sharp knife to cut though the silicon
gauge) is functioning correctly.
flush against the container wall as
seal between the filter bag cover (c) and
− Suction performance check.
possible) and fold approx. 6-10 cm over
the filter housing (d). Pull the filter bag
the edge of the container minimising
upwards and remove, place in a dust bag,
creases while doing so.
The following general inspections should
order no. 0913059433, close the dust bag
be carried out on an annual basis:
2) The dust bag should rest flush in the area
and dispose of in accordance with local
around the viewing window so that the
Visual inspection to determine whether
filling level can be seen clearly.
13) Insert a new filter bag (c) - make sure the
− the filter is OK (dust indicator).
3) Roll the container under the dust
vibration rod is in the correct position.
− the machine or components thereof are

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