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Drolet ECO-65 Owner's Manual

Drolet stove user manual.
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Owner's manual - 52 pages
Installation and operation manual - 102 pages
ECO - 65
Warning: If your appliance is not properly installed a house fire may result. For your safety, follow the
installation directions. Contact local building or fire officials about restrictions and installation inspection
requirements in your area. These authorities should be consulted to determine if there is a need to obtain a
PLEASE read this entire manual before installation and use of this pellet fuel-burning room heater. Failure to
follow these instructions could result in property damage, body injury, or even death.
Save these instructions.
Some surfaces become hot at higher feeding rates. To prevent potential burns, avoid contact with those areas.
This heating unit must serve as a supplementary heat source. An alternative heat source should be available in
the home if needed. The manufacturer cannot be responsible for additional heating costs associated with the
use of an alternative heat source.
It is highly recommended that the user buys this product from a retailer who can provide installation and
maintenance advices.
Manufactured by:
Stove Builder International Inc.
St-Augustin-de-Desmaures (Quebec)

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  • Page 1

    It is highly recommended that the user buys this product from a retailer who can provide installation and maintenance advices. PROFESSIONAL INSTALLATION IS HIGHLY RECOMMENDED Manufactured by: Stove Builder International Inc. 45433A St-Augustin-de-Desmaures (Quebec) 25/10/2010 CANADA...

  • Page 2

    SAFETY PRECAUTIONS INTRODUCTION Thank you for purchasing the ECO-65 pellet stove. You are now prepared to burn pellet in the most efficient, convenient way possible. To achieve the safest, most efficient and most enjoyable performance from your stove, you must do three things: 1) Install it properly; 2) Operate it correctly;...

  • Page 3: Safety Precautions


  • Page 4

    REGISTER YOUR WARRANTY ONLINE To receive full warranty coverage, you will need to show evidence of the date you purchased your stove. Keep your sales invoice. We also recommend that you register your warranty Registering your warranty online will help us...

  • Page 5: Table Of Contents

    UNIT CONTROLS (See Figure 16) ... 18 2.7. OPENING DOOR ... 19 2.8. CONVECTION BLOWER (ROOM AIR FAN) ... 19 2.9. IF THE STOVE RUNS OUT OF PELLETS ... 19 2.10. REFUELING ... 20 2.11. SHUTDOWN PROCEDURE ... 20 2.12.

  • Page 6: Table Of Contents


  • Page 7: Installation, Features, Preparation, Clearances

    Also, the stove must be leveled using threaded legs. 1.3. CLEARANCES The Drolet ECO-65 has been tested and listed for installation in residential and mobile home. (refer to figure 1 & 2) FLOOR PROTECTION: minimum of 6” in the front and 6” on each side of the door opening.

  • Page 8: Combustion Air Supply

    OUTSIDE SOURCE OF COMBUSTION AIR. A 4” inside diameter metallic pipe, either flexible or rigid, must be attached to the inlet at the stove‟s rear (refer to figures 5, 6 & 7). A rodent guard (minimum ¼” wire mesh) must be used at the terminus (refer to figure 6).

  • Page 9

    FIGURE 6. The fresh air intake damper FIGURE 8 FIGURE 7 Fresh air supply Fresh air supply...

  • Page 10: Anchor The Stove, Venting

    1.5. ANCHOR THE STOVE The stove must be anchored to the floor with screws. Please use the two holes located on each side of the pedestal. (See Fig. 9) 1.6. VENTING In Canada, we recommend that you use a listed pellet vent that meets the ULC S-609-M89/ORD C441-M90 Standard.

  • Page 11: Equivalent Vent Length (evl), Installation Configurations, A) Horizontally Through Wall

    NOTE: Follow vent chimney manufacturer‟s instructions. 1. Position stove, adhering to clearances shown in Figures 1 & 2. 2. Locate position of hole in wall; directly behind stove exhaust vent (refer to figure 5). 3. Always maintain 3” clearance from combustible materials.

  • Page 12

    4. Install Vent wall thimble per Vent manufacturer‟s instructions. 5. Attach enough piping to penetrate and extend at least 6 inches beyond the exterior wall. There should always be at least one foot of vertical rise for each foot of horizontal run (see Appendix A). At least 3 feet of vertical rise are needed in all cases.

  • Page 13: B) Vertically With New Chimney System

    OPTION: Install Vent elbow in place of clean-out tee. Locate stove. Drop plumb bob to center of tee outlet, mark point on ceiling. Install ceiling support and Vent pipe per Vent manufacturer‟s instructions.

  • Page 14: C) Vertically Into Existing Chimney System

    FIGURE 13 Venting through roof c) VERTICALLY INTO EXISTING CHIMNEY SYSTEM (Refer to Figure 14) As an alternative, 4” Vent can be run inside existing chimney to termination (Figure 12). This is the preferred method. Follow guidelines for equivalent vent length. FIGURE 14 Venting through existing chimney...

  • Page 15: D) Vertically Into Existing Masonry Fireplace, E) Installation Through Side Of Masonry Chimney

    (Refer to figure 16) NOTE: Follow Vent chimney manufacturer‟s instructions. 1. Position the stove, adhering to the clearances in Figures 1 & 2. Mark the center of the hole where the pipe is to pierce the masonry chimney. 2. It will be necessary to break out the masonry around the location of the pipe center mark. Use a 5-inch diameter hole for 4-inch pipe.

  • Page 16

    7. If desired, once the horizontal pipe is in place, the space between the pipe and masonry may be filled with high-temperature grout. Install the trim collar. An adjustable pipe length and adapter may be needed to finish the connection to the stove. Figure 16 Venting through side of...

  • Page 17: Operation, Proper Fuel, Where To Store Bags Of Pellets, Pre-start-up Check, Building A Fire

    Pellets made of wood and hay will produce more ash than straight wood pellets. The wood and hay pellets that have been tested in your Eco-65 consisted of 1/3 hay and 2/3 wood. Make sure that any wood and hay pellets you put in your Eco-65 respect that mix (+/- 10%).

  • Page 18: Lighting Procedure, Unit Controls (see Figure 16)

    2.6. UNIT CONTROLS (See Figure 16) The blowers and automatic fuel supply are controlled from a panel on the right-hand side of the ECO-65. The control panel functions are as follows. MODE SWITCH When the mode switch is pressed, you will be able to choose the Manual or the Thermostat mode, or to turn off the appliance.

  • Page 19: Opening Door, Convection Blower (room Air Fan), If The Stove Runs Out Of Pellets

    HEAT LEVEL By pressing “+” or “-”, you can set the pellet feed rate and hence the heat output of your stove. The levels of heat output will incrementally change and each LED indicates the level from 1 to 6.

  • Page 20: Refueling, Shutdown Procedure, Safety Features, Operating The Stove Using A Thermostat, Thermostat Installation

    2.11. SHUTDOWN PROCEDURE Turning your Drolet stove off is a matter of pressing the “MODE” control panel switch, until the “OFF” led goes on. The blowers will continue to operate until internal firebox temperatures has fallen to a preset level.

  • Page 21: Thermostatic Mode

    #1 (lowest) until the thermostat calls for heat again. The convection blower will also slow to its lowest speed. When the thermostat calls for heat again, the stove will increase its feed rate to match the heat setting selected.

  • Page 22: Operating Safety Precautions

    (#1) but will not shut down (this is the PILOT ON mode). The stove will remain at the lowest heat level until the thermostat calls for heat again. It is also possible that the unit shuts down as soon as the thermostat stops calling for heat.

  • Page 23

    Do not service or clean this appliance without disconnecting the power cord. If the stove is installed in a room without air conditioning, or in an area where direct sunlight can shine on the unit, it is possible this can cause the temperature of the stove to rise to operational levels; one of the sensors could then make the blowers start on their own.

  • Page 24: Maintenance, Cleaning The Burn Pot, Maintenance Of The Exchangers And Blower Housing

    Before cleaning the heat exchanger, remove the decorative panel and the air jacket access panel located on the left hand side of the stove. Then, remove the three clean out traps to perform the maintenance. It is important to start from the top and finish at the bottom. Use a scraper and an ash vacuum to clean the heat exchanger.

  • Page 25: Venting System Maintenance, Dealing With A Chimney Fire

    Regular chimney maintenance and inspection can prevent chimney fires. If you have a chimney fire, follow these steps: 1. Immediately turn off the stove; 2. Alert your family of the possible danger; 3. If you require assistance, alert your fire department;...

  • Page 26: Soot And Flyash – Formation And Need For Removal, Ash Removal And Vacuum Use

    5. Check outside to ensure that sparks and hot embers coming out of the chimney are not igniting the roof; 6. Do not use the stove again until your chimney and stove have been inspected by a qualified chimney sweep or a Fire Department Inspector;...

  • Page 27: Door Adjustment, Door Gasket Maintenance

    3.5. DOOR ADJUSTMENT In order for your stove to operate properly, the door should be adjusted periodically to provide an air tight fit. To adjust: • Remove the lock pin (spring pin) by pulling and turning it using pliers ("wise grip") •...

  • Page 28: Glass Care, Removal And Replacement Of Broken Door Glass

    Drolet Dealer for repair or replacement. The glass used for the ECO-65 is a high temperature ceramic glass (1400ºF). If the glass breaks, it must be replaced with an identical ROBAX (ceramic glass) 5 mm thick with the dimensions : 10‟‟5/32 x 14‟‟21/32. Your authorized Drolet dealer can help you to obtain this genuine replacement part.

  • Page 29: Recommended Maintenance Schedule

    3.9. RECOMMENDED MAINTENANCE SCHEDULE Use this as a guide under average-use conditions. Components Burn Pot Glass Heat Exchanger Tubes Exhaust Channels (through access traps) Ash Drawer Combustion Chamber Exhaust Blower Combustion Blower Pressure Switch Tap Venting System Gaskets Hopper *Cleaning frequency may vary depending on the type of fuel used. Fuel with higher ash content will increase cleaning frequency.

  • Page 30: Troubleshooting Guide

    TROUBLESHOOTING GUIDE When your stove acts up, your first reaction may be to call for help.This guide may save time and money by enabling you to solve simple problems yourself. Problems can be caused by only five factors: 1) poor fuel; 2) poor operation or maintenance;...

  • Page 31

    Then rotate the bottom end of the auger shaft down towards you until you can pull the shaft down out of the stove. After you have removed the shaft, inspect it for bent flights, burrs, or broken welds. Remove any foreign material that may have caused the jam.

  • Page 32

    The igniter or the pump is defective or the wiring harness shorted. Remove the control board cover and check if the F1 fuse appears to have blown. Replace it with a 5 Amp 250V fuse. Plug the stove back on and try to start the unit.

  • Page 33

    Then, rotate the bottom end of the auger shaft down towards you until you can pull the shaft down out of the stove. After you have removed the shaft, inspect it for bent flights, burrs, or broken welds. Remove any foreign material that might have caused the jam.

  • Page 34

    Possible Remedy : The stove will restart on the initial setting once it cools off. Note: For a short power failure (less than 5 seconds), the stove will continue to function at the selected speed.

  • Page 35

    SMOKE SMELL OR SOOT BUILD-UP Because it is a wood-burning device, your Drolet ECO-65 may emit a faint wood-burning odor. If this increases beyond normal, or if you notice an unusual soot build-up on walls or furniture, check your exhaust system carefully for leaks.

  • Page 36: Electrical Diagram


  • Page 37: Fuse Access

    FIGURE 25 FIGURE 26 5.1. FUSE ACCESS All fuses are located inside the pc board box, you must remove the pc board cover to access the fuse. To do so, simply remove the 5 screws securing it in place. Make sure you put the pc board box back in place before you restart the unit.

  • Page 38: Replacement Parts

    REPLACEMENT PARTS Contact an Authorized DROLET Dealer to obtain any of these parts. Never use substitute materials. Use of non- approved parts can result in poor performance and safety hazards. COIL HANDLE SCREW PLATE GASKET EXHAUST BLOWER GASKET HOPPER SCREW PLATE GASKET...

  • Page 39: Appendix A

    Instead, if the installation consisted of a horizontal vent coming out at the back of the stove on a total distance of 4 feet, followed by a Tee and a 6-foot vertical rise, it would be acceptable. The installation end should be within the allowable configuration zone on the chart since it would have at least one foot of vertical rise for each foot of horizontal run.

  • Page 40: Appendix B


  • Page 41

    *Pictures required Shall your unit or a components be defective, contact immediately your DROLET dealer. Prior to your call make sure you have the following information necessary to your warranty claim treatment: Your name, address and telephone number;...

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