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Cub Cadet Z - Wing 48 Operator's And Service Manual

Cub cadet hydrostatic zero turn commercial riding mower operator's and service manual.

Hydrostatic Zero-Turn
Commercial Riding Mower
Professional Turf Equipment
Z - Wing 48

Summary of Contents

  • Page 1

    Hydrostatic Zero-Turn Commercial Riding Mower Professional Turf Equipment Z - Wing 48 OPERATOR’S AND SERVICE MANUAL...

  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    TABLE OF CONTENTS Foreword............. . . 3 General Safety Operations .

  • Page 3

    FORWARD The Z-Wing 48 Hydrostatic Zero-Turn Commercial Riding Mower provides superb maneuver- ability, mid-mount cutting capability for professional landscapers, commercial lawn service companies, professional turf managers and golf course superintendents. The machine incor- porates many safety features that should be studied by all operators and maintenance person- nel before use.

  • Page 4: General Safety Operations, A.danger, B. Warning, C. Caution, Safety Precautions, A. General

    GENERAL SAFETY OPERATIONS A. DANGER Do not operate machine in confined areas where exhaust gases can accumulate. Do not operate machine without mower chute deflector in place and operational. Do not carry passengers. This is a narrow track Zero-Turn mower, and it should not be operated on steep slopes.

  • Page 5: B. Related To Fuel, C. When Mowing

    10. Lead-acid batteries generate hydrogen and oxygen gases which form an explosive mix- ture. Keep sparks and flames away at all times. 11. When looking for oil leaks, never run your hand over hydraulic hoses, lines or fittings. Never tighten or adjust hydraulic hoses, lines or fittings while the system is under pressure.

  • Page 6: Safety Decals


  • Page 7: Specifications

    SPECIFICATIONS Engine: 23HP Kohler Type: Vertical air cooled V-Twin Air Cleaner: Paper Element Lube System: Pressurized with oil filter Starter: 12-volt electric Traction Drive: Variable-speed hydraulic pumps with wheel motors on each drive wheel Hydraulic Tank: 2 quart capacity, One pint filter, 5W40 full synthetic oil Cutter Deck;Drive: 48"...

  • Page 8: Operating Instructions, A. General

    OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS Figure. 1 Electric Blade Clutch Switch Ignition Switch A.General 1. When Mowing: a. Keep adults, children, and pets away from the area to be mowed. b. When operating this mower, in the forward direction, do not allow the steering levers to return to Neutral on their own.

  • Page 9: B. Controls

    b. Avoid turning downhill if possible, if not use extra care and go slowly. c. Avoid turning when going downhill, traction is at a minimum going downhill. d. Do not operate with discharge side of the mower toward streets, buildings, play- grounds, parking lots, other machines, ani- mals, and other people.

  • Page 10

    Steering Levers Deck Lift Handle Brake Figure. 3 4. Electric Blade Clutch Switch: (See Figure 1.) Located on the seat support beside the ignition switch. This is an “on/off” push pull switch that controls the electric blade clutch which supplies power to the cutting blades through the PTO.

  • Page 11: C. Initial Adjustments, D. Zero Turn Break-in And Operating Procedures

    C.Initial Adjustments 1. Check the fluid levels and tires: Note: These checks should be made daily, before starting the engine. a. Fuel: Using a good grade of unleaded, regular gasoline (for a gasoline engine), fill the fuel tank (beside the engine on the left or right side of the mower).

  • Page 12

    the body if needed — safety eye glasses, gloves, earplugs, boots, hats, etc. WARNING: Hearing Protection is required for all operator exposure exceeding two (2) hours. b. Ensure that the area is free of animals and bystanders, especially children! c. Survey the area where the equipment is to be used to make sure it is free of debris, sticks, stones, wires, bones, and other for- eign objects which could cause injury to...

  • Page 13

    the traction surface and the tire. If the lap bar on the turn side is not brought all the way to neutral, then the turn side tire will continue to rotate and a “U-turn” will be executed with a low potential for turf defacement as well as traction surface and tire damage.

  • Page 14: Maintenance And Service, A. Mower Deck

    Fold in the steering levers to the operating position. WARNING: When operating this mower forward, do not allow the steering levers to return to the neu- tral position on their own. Always maintain a firm grip on the steering levers, operate them smoothly and avoid any sudden movements of the levers when starting or stopping.

  • Page 15

    Figure. 5 Remove three hairpins from the deck (See Fig. 5). Remove the (2) hairpins on the left and right rear side of the cutter deck, and (1) hairpin from the front of the deck. g. Turn front caster wheels outward. h.

  • Page 16: B. Hydraulic Oil

    Figure. 6 d. Remove tension of the PTO belt by moving the belt tensioning rod. Loosen the belt retaining bolt. e. Pull the tensioner pulley away from the belt and remove the PTO belt then remove the blade drive belt. Reverse the process to install the belt.

  • Page 17

    caps and drain oil from both left and right pumps. Replace and retighten nuts. Hydraulic pumps Unfasten hose and drain from this side of both pumps. Coat new filter seal with oil before installa- tion. Install new hydraulic oil filter filled with new oil.

  • Page 18

    other electrical components. This is a stan- dard plug-in type automotive fuse rated at 7.5 amp. Safety Switches: There are five safety switches in the electrical circuit which control the engine. They are (1) the blade clutch switch, (2) the parking brake switch, (3) the left and (4) the right steering lever switches and (5) the seat switch.They operate so that in order to start the engine, the blade clutch...

  • Page 19: D. Tires

    seat against spring pressure, and swing one of the steering levers up to the operat- ing position. Release the operator’s seat and the engine should stop. If the engine does not stop, the seat switch must be replaced. With both steering levers folded out in the neutral position, the parking brake engaged and the blade clutch switch in the “off”...

  • Page 20: E. Brakes, F . Hydraulic System

    opened-out position. If your mower creeps do the following. a. Jack up rear of unit. b. Place Lapbars in neutral opened-out posi- tion. c. Locate jam nuts. (Reference control assembly in parts list). d. Loosen jam nuts on both ends of rod con- nectors.

  • Page 21:

    Note: The pumps are not owner-repairable. If a pump fails, contact your Cub Cadet Com- mercial dealer. Do not disassemble the pump. Steering Lever Adjustments: Place the mower on level ground with the engine run- ning, parking brake off and steering levers opened out to the neutral position.

  • Page 22: Maintenance Schedule

    leys and blades. (Be careful not to get any oil on the drive belts.) d. Lubricate the mower. e. Drain the engine oil. The engine should be warm so that all the oil drains. Replace the engine oil filter and refill the crankcase with fresh oil.

  • Page 23

    OIL CHART Apply a few drops of SAE 20W-50 engine oil or use a spray lubricant. Apply the oil to both sides of pivot points. Wipe off any excess. Start engine and operate mower briefly to insure that oil spreads evenly. Number of Oil Points Description DAILY...

  • Page 24: Performance Adjustments, A. High Speed Tracking Adjustment

    Performance Adjustments A. High Speed Tracking Adjustment If mower tracks to one side with both lap bars in fully forward position: Check air pressure in all four tires: a. Pressure should be within specified ranges and balanced side-to-side. b. Rear tires 8-10 psi. recommended (20 psi MAX.) c.

  • Page 25: C. Deck Corner Ball Wheel Roller Settings, D. Deck Center Anti-scalp Roller Settings

    C. Deck Corner Ball Wheel Roller Settings Matching the set heights of the ball rollers on the four corners of the mower deck to the desired cut height will prevent edge scalping and minimize any side-to-side variance in cut height. There are three height adjustment holes in the bracket that mount the ball rollers to the deck.

  • Page 26: F. Deck Leveling Procedure, G.deck Lift Cable Adjustment Procedure

    F. Deck leveling Procedure Park the mower on a flat paved surface, engage the parking brake, shut off the engine, remove the key from the ignition switch, disconnect the spark plug wires and using the transport lever, lower the mowing deck into the 4" height of cut position.

  • Page 27

    Front of Unit Left Side Point B Jam Nuts threaded bolt Jam Nut Right Side Figure. 11 Eyebolt Point B...

  • Page 28: Wiring Diagram


  • Page 29: Slope Gauge


  • Page 30


  • Page 31


  • Page 32

    Cadet Commercial dealer subject to the above time and coverage limitations. Upon completion of your purchase, the Serial Number/s of the unit will be registered with the Cub Cadet. This will initiate and validate your limited warranty and the applicable Warranty Period.

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