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Roku HD1000 User Manual Page 17

Roku hd1000 digital media receiver: user guide.
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The HD1000 treats MPEG2 video clips in your media folders as
images. If you play a slideshow that contains a supported video clip,
• Press the Play button to start a slideshow beginning with the
the clip will play with the same timing as the rest of your images
highlighted image.
in the slideshow. For example, if your delay time is 5 seconds, and
• If there are more thumbnails than can fit on the screen, press
your clip is 10 seconds long, only the first 5 seconds will play, and
Zoom In to page up; press Zoom Out to page down.
then the slideshow will advance to the next image or video clip.
(If your clip is shorter than the selected delay time, it will play the
• To rotate an image to the proper orientation before viewing,
clip all the way through and continue playing the beginning again
highlight the image and press the Rotate button. This is quicker
until the delay time has been reached.) If you would like to play a
than rotating in the full-screen view.
video clip all the way through, navigate to the clip using the Browse
• To exit the Image Viewer and return to the Main Menu, press
button, highlight the clip, and press Select on your remote. The clip
Menu or Exit on your remote control. Exit takes you to the prior
will play all the way through, then loop to play from the beginning
again. This continuous play will continue until you press Pause or
Exit on the remote.
Viewing MPEG Video
The HD1000 has the capability of playing ATSC-compliant MPEG2
Playing MPEG2 Video Clips Using Roku's StreamPlayer Utility
transport streams. This is the type of signal typically broadcast over
Roku's StreamPlayer utility, available as a free download from
the air by a local digital television station. These streams may be
Roku's website, allows playback of ATSC MPEG2 transport stream
either standard- or high-definition, and may include multichannel
files, including seamless sequential playback of multifile recording.
audio (Dolby Digital 5.1).
Visit for details.
There are a number of PC-based products (tuner cards) that allow
the recording of digital broadcast television to a computer hard
Playing Music
disk as a transport stream.
Select Listen to hear your digital music files. The HD1000 offers
familiar music playing features and controls. To play music, insert a
There are also some PC utilities for converting video files of other
card from your MP3 player into one of the front slots, then choose
types into a transport stream that may be compatible with the
the Listen option; or press Menu to navigate to a shared media
HD1000, although we have not had the opportunity to test these
source that contains your music files.
conversion utilities.
The music player screen shows the songs on the media source
along with the artist and album.

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