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Start Here
Easy Setup Instructions
Photo Printer
Unpack the Printer
Please confirm the included items against the illustration printed on the lid of the packing box or in the Quick Start Guide.
A USB cable is necessary to connect the printer with your computer.
When cleaning the exterior of the printer, use a soft cloth to wipe it gently. For details, refer to "Cleaning Your Printer" in the Quick Start Guide.
Prepare the Printer
Install the Print Head
Install the Ink Tanks
Place the printer on a flat and
Remove the Print Head from its
Push the Print Head to hold it in place,
Close the Top Cover.
Loading Paper
For the ink tanks compatible with this printer, refer to
horizontal surface, and do not place
and lower the Print Head Lock Lever
the back cover of the Quick Start Guide.
any objects in front of the printer.
This printer offers two paper sources to load
Pull the orange tape in the direction of
printing paper; the Rear Tray, found at the top
Open the Rear Tray and extend the Paper
of the printer, and the Front Tray, found at the
the arrow to peel off the protective film
Support. Open the Front Tray, and extend the
front of the printer.
Output Tray Extension.
and remove the film completely.
At purchase, the printer is set to feed from the
Rear Tray. If you are printing without changing
Before turning on the printer, remove all the ship-
paper source settings, load paper in the Rear
ping tapes.
Tray. For details on how to change the paper
source, refer to "Printing from Your Computer" of
the Quick Start Guide.
There may be some transparent or light blue ink
You cannot load paper other than A4, Letter,
If the air hole is blocked with the remaining film, ink
on the inside of the bag the print head comes in,
or B5-sized plain paper (such as Canon Super
may leak out or may not eject properly.
or the inside of the protective cap - this has no
White Paper SW-201) in the Front Tray. When
effect on print quality. Be careful not to get ink on
Twist off and discard the orange
using any other type of paper, load it in the Rear
yourself when handling these items.
If the Top Cover is left open for more than 10
protective cap located on the bottom of
minutes, the Print Head Holder moves to the right.
Remove the orange protective cap from
the ink tank.
Close and reopen the Top Cover to return the
the Print Head and discard it.
Rear Tray
Holder to the center.
Protective Cap
The printer starts operating. Wait about 2 min-
utes until the printer stops making noise.
Electrical Contacts
Make sure that the Print Head is
Do not press!
When printing for the first or second time after
Print Head Nozzles
installed correctly.
setup, the print will take a minute or two before it
becomes ready to print.
Front Tray
Ink Port
Plug the power cord in the back of the
If the ALARM lamp on the printer flashes orange after
printer and connect the other end to the
Loading Paper in the Rear Tray
you have closed the Top Cover, refer to "ALARM Lamp
wall outlet.
Flashes Orange" in "Troubleshooting" of the Quick
Load the paper into the Rear Tray
Start Guide.
with the print side facing UP.
Align the paper stack against the
Hardware setup is complete.
Cover Guide on the right side of
the Paper Support.
Pinch the Paper Guide and slide
Electrical Contacts
it against the left side of the paper
Do not touch the electrical contacts.
Do not touch the ink port.
Insert the ink tank into the right-hand
Make sure that the Cover Guide is set upright
when you load paper in the Rear Tray.
slot and press the
mark on the ink
Print side
tank until it clicks into place.
facing UP.
Protective Cap
Cover Guide
Do not connect the USB cable until after the
software is installed.
Do not touch the print head nozzles and the electrical
Plug the power cord all the way in, since it may
be difficult to plug.
Be sure that the Print Head Lock Lever is pressed
Firmly raise the Print Head Lock Lever
all the way down, and that the Print Head is locked
Press the POWER button to turn on the
until it stops. The Print Head Lock
firmly in place. If the Print Head is tilted forward, or
Paper Guide
Lever may feel heavy.
the Print Head Lock Lever is pressed only halfway
Loading Paper in the Front Tray
down, raise the Print Head Lock Lever and remove
Load the paper into the Front Tray
the Print head, and then reinstall the Print Head.
with the print side facing DOWN
and the leading edge to the far
Align the right edge of the paper
stack against the inner face of the
Front Tray.
Make sure the ink lamp lights red.
Align the near and left edges of
the paper stack with the Paper
Size Mark.
Install all ink tanks in order
Insert the Print Head.
from right to left according
Pinch the Paper Guide and slide it
to the colored label.
Open the Top Cover. The Print Head
until it lightly touches the left side
Holder moves to the center.
of the loaded paper stack.
If the Paper Guide is pressed too firmly
against the side of the loaded paper, the
paper may bend and not feed properly.
Print side facing DOWN.
Top Cover
Do not touch!
Paper Guide
For details, refer to the Quick Start Guide.

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    Make sure the ink lamp lights red. Important When cleaning the exterior of the printer, use a soft cloth to wipe it gently. For details, refer to “Cleaning Your Printer” in the Quick Start Guide. Close the Top Cover. Important Protective Cap •...

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