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Asus NB Probe User's Manual

Asus nb probe software: user guide.

NB probe
User's Guide

Summary of Contents

  • Page 1

    NB probe User’s Guide...

  • Page 2

    Chapter 1 NB probe...1 Introduction ...1 How to get your notebook’s information ...1 1.2.1 Summary tab ...1 1.2.2 Drive tab...2 1.2.3 System Information tab...3 Contents...

  • Page 3

    Chapter 1 NB probe 1.1 Introduction This utility could help you to monitor the status of your computer, including below function: Monitors CPU, disk, and drive status for the user Monitors the current system and provides system information to the user.

  • Page 4

    1.2.2 Drive tab In the Drive tab, it shows you each partition of your disk. In each partition tab, you could get detail information of this partition, including file system, used space, free space & total space etc.

  • Page 5

    1.2.3 System Information tab There are 2 sub-tabs under System Information tab: System information & Link. When you click “System Information” sub-tab, it shows you the configuration of your notebook. When you click “Link”, you have 3 options to choose.

  • Page 6

    If you click “Display Properties” button, it will link to Windows display properties. If you click “System Properties” button, it will link to Windows system properties.

  • Page 7

    If you click “DirectX Diagnostic Tool” button, it will link to Windows directX diagnostic tool.

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