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RCA Home Theatre P46924 Brochure Page 2

Thomson/rca projection stereo monitor-receiver product brochure.
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Master Touch
High-Performance Video System
Glo-In-The-Dark Remote,
Advanced circuitry delivers outstanding picture performance with up to 900 lines of horizontal resolution
Ergonomic design with glo-in-the-
• Adaptive Video
• Dynamic BlackStretch
dark buttons provides complete
Computer-aligned 10-bit digital
Noise Reduction
TV operation plus control of the
circuitry provides precise and
Video noise filter greatly reduces
Extends black levels in bright
primary functions of virtually every
consistent picture performance
noisy picture interference by
scenes to enhance contrast
brand of remote-controllable
from the moment the TV is
automatically adjusting to the
and detail.
VCRs and cable boxes, and RCA
turned on. Combined with
incoming signal level, providing
Systems. Also controls
Dynamic Focus, it maximizes
a cleaner and more consistent
most functions of RCA DVD
Automatically maintains natural
picture brightness with sharper
overall picture.
Players and select functions of
tones and color fidelity from
corner focus ensuring a
• Auto Color Balance
some brands of audio com-
channel to channel and scene
beautifully detailed picture
(also called Auto Kine
ponents. Frequently used buttons
to scene.
across the entire screen.
Bias — AKB)
glow in the dark, making it easy
• Adjustable Color Warmth
3-Line Digital Comb Filter
Resets individual picture tube
to find the correct functions even
Customer-selectable color
Digital separation technology for
guns (Red, Green, Blue) to main-
at night.
temperature system allows for
color and edge detail dramatically
tain consistent overall picture
background color balance
enhances picture resolution by
quality for the life of the tube.
adjustment of the picture to
eliminating blurred edges
• Wide Band
personal preference. Setting
between colors and reducing
Video Amplifier
choices are Cool, Warm,
dot crawl, producing a new level
Delivers high resolution and
or Normal.
of picture sharpness and detail.
clarity by extending the video
• Contrast/Color
• Dynamic Focus
frequency response. Optimizes
Tracking System
Improves corner and edge focus
performance from high-
Synchronizes contrast and
for an overall sharper picture.
resolution sources such as the
color settings to maintain
System, DVD
vibrant images.
players, and S-Video signals
(S-VHS, Hi8).
• Adjustable Picture Control
fresnel lenses to deliver bright
• Preferred Picture Presets
Custom picture settings are just a
images over a wide viewing area.
Optimize the picture by selecting
button press away. Adjust and
the correct setting depending on
• High Output, Liquid
store Contrast, Color, Tint, Black
the lighting conditions of the
Level, and Sharpness settings for
room. Choose between four
Picture Tubes
personal picture performance
settings for bright lighting,
High output picture tubes are
depending on your own
normal lighting, dim (soft) light-
liquid coupled to a precision
individual tastes.
ing, and a customer-selectable
optical system to deliver bright,
and savable "personal" setting.
• Custom Convergence
clear images.
• Deluxe Shielded Tuner
• High Transmittance
When the Earth's magnetic field
with 181-Channel Tuning
Lens System
interferes with the Projection TV
Hybrid glass/acrylic lens system
alignment, adjustable conver-
Special shielding dramatically
optimizes focus while providing
gence provides fine tuning for
reduces ghosting caused from
maximum brightness.
red, blue, and green Projection
off-air pick-up when watching
TV tubes. The 8-bit D/A (digital-
cable channels. Digitally-
• First Surface
to-analog) converter allows much
controlled frequency synthesis
Reflective Mirror
finer alignment for restoring
tuning system "locks on" to
Provides maximum picture
picture performance to its
cable and standard signals
brightness and sharpness by
original setting.
with unsurpassed accuracy.
reflecting more light from the
front surface of the mirror.
• High Resolution,
High Gain Screen
Utilizes double lenticular and
Stereo Amplifier
• Low-Noise Audio System
• Second Audio Program
Built-in 10-watt amplifier enhances
Delivers a 60dB signal-to-noise
stereo performance.
ratio for spectacular quality sound.
Decodes the second audio
program available on some
• Broadcast Stereo with dbx
• Front-Fired Speaker System
Noise Reduction
Front-fired full-range frequency
Improves the clarity and fidelity
drivers provide excellent imaging
• Sound Logic
Audio Leveler
of stereo broadcasts by restoring
while localizing voices at the
When turned on, eliminates the
dynamic range and suppressing
annoying "blast" of sound during
unwanted noise.
commercial breaks.

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