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Audi A6 Quick Reference Manual

Audi automobile alarm user manual.
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Dear Audi Driver,
This quick reference guide gives you a brief introduction
to the main features and controls of your vehicle.
However, it cannot replace the Owner's Manual and the
other manuals supplied with the vehicle; these contain
important information and safety warnings.
We wish you safe and enjoyable motoring
with your Audi.
Locking and unlocking the vehicle
advanced key
advanced key allows you to lock
and unlock the vehicle and start the engine
Audi A6/A6 Avant
without handling the key itself. You only need to
have the remote control key on your person.
Quick reference guide
Unlocking the vehicle
Take hold of one of the door handles or press the release
Remote control keys
catch on the boot lid/tailgate. The door (or the boot lid)
Press the required button.
will be unlocked automatically.
Unlocking button: Open one of the doors
Note: The driver's door will be unlocked as well when
within about 60 seconds, otherwise the vehicle will
one of the other doors is unlocked.
lock itself again automatically.
Locking the vehicle
Unlocking button for boot lid/tailgate:
Press the exterior locking switch
on one
Press the button for at least 1 second.
of the door handles.
Locking button: The turn signals flash once
Note: If you press and hold the exterior locking switch
to confirm that the doors and boot lid/tailgate are
this will also close the windows and the sun roof.
properly closed and locked.
Folding out the master key:
Opening boot lid/tailgate
Press the release button.
If you
Folding in the master key:
press the
button on the remote control key,
Press the button and fold in the key.
Note: Press and hold the appropriate button on
or pull the
button on the driver's door,
the remote control key to open or close all the
or press the catch on the boot lid/tailgate,
windows and the sun roof automatically.
this will unlock the boot lid/tailgate. The boot lid/
tailgate will spring open slightly.
Closing the tailgate
(only on Avant)
The doors and windows cannot be opened from in-
Press the close button inside the open tailgate.
side the vehicle if it has been locked from the outside.
Anti-theft alarm
The alarm system is automatically set when you lock the car, and switched off when you unlock the car with the remote
control. If you unlock the vehicle by inserting the key in the driver's door, the ignition must be switched on within
15 seconds, otherwise the alarm will be triggered. If you unlock the boot lid (only on saloon with lock cylinder) by turning
the key in the slot, the alarm will be triggered immediately.
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  • Page 1: Quick Reference Guide

    We wish you safe and enjoyable motoring with your Audi. AUDI AG Locking and unlocking the vehicle Audi A6/A6 Avant Quick reference guide Remote control keys Press the required button. Unlocking button: Open one of the doors within about 60 seconds, otherwise the vehicle will lock itself again automatically.

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    Sun roof Opening and closing With the ignition switched on, turn the control to position and hold it there until the roof reaches the desired open position. When you let go of the control it will auto - matically return to position .

  • Page 3

    Infotainment/MMI MMI control console The Audi MMI (Multi Media Interface) enables you to quickly and easily oper ate the electronic features of your vehicle from a central control console: p NAV (Navigation) p INFO (Traffic information) p CAR (Vehicle settings)

  • Page 4

    © 2007 AUDI AG L band AUDI AG reserves the right to alter any part of the vehicle, its equipment and technical specifications. No legal commitment can be implied by the infor- mation, illustrations or descriptions in this publication. No part of this pub- lication may be reprinted, reproduced or translated without the written per- mission of AUDI AG.

  • Page 5

    The messages are displayed for about 5 seconds. Note: If required, you can call up a message again by briefly pressing button. CHECK Audi A6/A6 Avant Kurzanleitung englisch 5.07 281.562.741.20 Instruments and controls 1 ...Seat memory 15 ...Release button for glove box...

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    [5] Turn signal and main beam lever with button for lane assist Button for lane assist Right turn signals (with ignition off: right parking light on) Left turn signals (with ignition off: left parking light on) Main beam headlights Headlight flasher [9] Control switches on multi-function steering wheel The multi-function steering wheel offers fast and simple control of selected functions of the MMI system.

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    [26] ENGINE START button/ENGINE STOP button With the Audi advanced key you can start the engine without having to insert the key in the ignition lock. You only need to have the remote control key on your person. Switching on the ignition: Press the START button...

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    Instruments Coolant temperature gauge Rev counter Warning and indicator lamps Speedometer Reset button for trip recorder Check button for: p Activating mileage recorder display and clock Press button with ignition switched off. p Calling up driver messages again Press button briefly when warning symbol appears. p Setting speed warning 1 Press button briefly when desired speed is reached.

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