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Pioneer CDJ-2000 Firmware Update Manual page 3

Professional multi player
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3. A message [Connect the USB storage device to the USB port] appears on the display. Then release the both
4. Insert the USB memory device containing the firmware files into the USB port.
Updating will start. The display shows [NOW UPDATING] that message blinks. Also [AUTO BEAT
LOOP] LED blinks.
(If the version of your firmware is the latest one, updating will not start. The display shows "Connect
USB storage device into top USB port.")
Do not turn the power off during the update.
The update will be completed in approx. 2 minutes.
A following message appears when the update is completed.
[Firmware update is completed. Turn the power off before using. ].
5. Turn the power off and remove the USB memory device after the update has been completed.
If the progress indicator does not progress during updating and update completed message does not appear
after 5 minutes, or if the message [MAIN firmware update failed], [GUI firmware update failed], [PANEL
firmware update failed] or [SERVO DRIVE firmware update failed] appears, contact our customer support


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