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Charging Your Asus Tablet - Asus me572c E-Manual

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Charging your ASUS Tablet

Your ASUS Tablet comes partially charged but you must charge it fully before using it for the first
time. Read the following important notices and cautions before charging your device.
• Use only the bundled AC power adapter and micro-USB cable to charge your ASUS Tablet. Using a
different AC power adapter and cable may damage your device.
• Peel off the protective film on the AC power adapter and micro-USB cable before using it with your
• Ensure to plug the AC power adapter to a compatible power outlet. You can plug the AC power
adapter to any compatible 100~240 V outlet.
• The output voltage of the AC power adapter for this device is DC 5.2V, 1.35A.
• When using your ASUS Tablet while plugged-in to a power outlet, the power outlet must be near
your device and easily accessible.
• To conserve electricity, unplug the AC power adapter from the power outlet when not in use.
• Do not place heavy objects on top of your ASUS Tablet.
• While charging, your ASUS Tablet can become warm. This is normal, however, if your device
becomes unusually hot, disconnect the micro-USB cable from your device and send the device,
including the AC power adapter and cable to an ASUS-qualified service personnel.
• To prevent any damage to your ASUS Tablet, AC adapter, or micro-USB cable. Ensure that the micro-
USB cable, AC adapter, and your device are connected properly before charging.
Chapter 1: Get your Zen ready!


Table of Contents