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Install Blower - KitchenAid KSDG950ESS Installation Instructions Manual

Slide-in downdraft ranges
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Install Blower

Install Blower Cover
1. Locate blower motor cover.
2. Run the blower motor wires with strain relief through
the small opening in the blower motor cover, starting from
the inside and feeding out.
3. Feed blower motor wire through opening and place the
strain relief bracket to the inside of the blower cover. Install
and tighten the two (2) provided #8–18 x
secure the strain relief bracket.
4. Reposition the blower motor cover retainer spring
as illustrated.
5. Remove paper from the rear of the rectangular felt pad
and apply adhesive side of felt to the bellow flange.
NOTE: This step is important to ensure maximum blower
6. Apply blower motor cover to the blower. Slightly spread the
7. Rotate blower motor cover so the bellows are facing
Strain relief
" screws to
8. Move blower motor wire to the front of the installation.
9. Remove the cardboard or hardboard from under the range.
10. Remove the front lower access panel of the range by gently
11. Using 2 or more people, gently move the range into its final
12. Check to ensure the flexible metal gas connector and
13. Verify that the anti-tip bracket is installed and engaged.
14. Rotate blower motor cover so the bellows are in their final
15. Secure the front of the blower bellow flange to the range
cover retainer spring to allow the cover to drop into position
on the blower motor.
NOTE: The blower motor cover will not properly install
if the motor wire is on the top of the motor.
towards the front of the installation.
lifting on the panel then pull outward.
electrical cord are not kinked. Use a flashlight to look
underneath the bottom of and behind the range.
a. Use a flashlight to look underneath the bottom
of and behind the range.
b. Visually check that the rear range foot is inserted
into the slot of the anti-tip bracket.
position. Ensure the rear of the bellow flange is engaged
in the retaining bracket.
Rotate cover
frame with the supplied #8–18 x
Final position
" screw.

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