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KitchenAid KSDG950ESS Installation Instructions Manual page 15

Slide-in downdraft ranges
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Floor Venting
1. Determine where within the template area that the vent
will exit. Mark the vent hole for the type of venting you are
IMPORTANT: Check for obstructions (plumbing, electrical,
etc.) before marking the vent hole location.
2. Draw and cut the vent hole in the floor.
3. Install the blower outlet adapter to the blower vent using
three 8-18 x
" screws. Seal the connection with aluminum
foil tape.
4. Remove three felt pads from the gasket strip.
5. Remove the paper backing from the felt pads and apply
the bottom of a blower motor tabs.
NOTE: Felt pads reduce motor noise and aid in mounting
to uneven floors.
6. Position the blower motor in the cabinet opening so that
the blower exhaust venting aligns with the vent hole cut
in Step 2.
IMPORTANT: Make sure the blower motor is positioned
within the area as shown on the template.
7. Connect the house vent system to the blower outlet adapter
using a vent clamp; then wrap connection with aluminum
8. Drill three
" (3 mm) pilot holes using the blower motor
tabs as guides.
9. Remove the template.
10. Mount the blower motor to the floor with three #10 x 1"
screws provided.
11. Go to the "Make Gas Connection" section.
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