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Voyager 1400g series
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Reading Techniques

The view finder projects an aiming
beam that should be centered over the
bar code, but it can be positioned in any
direction for a good read.
Hold the scanner over the bar code,
press the button, and center the aiming
beam on the bar code.
The aiming beam is smaller when the
scanner is closer to the code and larger
when it is farther from the code. Hold
the scanner close to smaller bar codes,
and farther away from large bar codes
to get a proper read.
If the bar code is highly reflective (e.g., laminated), you may need to
tilt the scanner at an angle so the bar code can be scanned.
Note: PDF bar codes can only be read by Voyager models
1400gPDF or 1400g2D and cannot be read by model
1400g1D. 2D bar codes can only be read by Voyager model
1400g2D and cannot be read by models 1400g1D or

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