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Epson P-2000 Product Support Bulletin page 2

Multimedia storage viewer
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Firmware Update Procedure:
Download the file epson13819.exe for Windows or epson13820.dmg (Mac OS X) for
Macintosh from the Epson website.
To verify the firmware version, power on the unit, select Settings in the
Home Menu and press the OK button. The firmware version is located in the
lower right-hand corner of the screen, as shown below.
1. Install a blank memory card into a Memory Card Reader/Writer and copy the
"PSVFIRM1" folder (including all the files in the folder) to the root directory of your
memory card.
2. Verify that the battery is installed in the P-2000
3. Connect the AC adapter to the P-2000, but do not power on the unit.
4. After the firmware file has been downloaded to your memory card, insert the
CompactFlash or SD memory card into the P-2000 as shown below.
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