Care And Maintenance - Honeywell 3014D Owner's Manual

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You may bolt the safe to the floor to increase protection from theft and resistance to tipping.
This safe was manufactured with bolt down hole(s) pre-drilled in the floor panel. To secure
your safe to the floor:
1. Unlock the safe and Pull the file drawer out until it stops.
On each of the drawer glides there is a small plastic latch.
To remove the drawer you need to simultaneously push
down on the right side latch while pulling up on the left
side latch and pull the drawer forward as you do. This will
release the drawer from the drawer glides and allow the
drawer to be removed.
2. Locate the pre-drilled hole(s) on the floor panel
3. Anchor the safe using the mounting hardware kit, which includes lag screws and anchors.
NOTE: Bolting/unbolting of the unit is at the consumer's expense and discretion. LH Licensed
Products is not responsible for any costs incurred.
If you have any questions about mounting the safe, please check with your local home
center/hardware retailer or independent contractor.


When properly maintained, your safe will continue to operate for many years. In order to
ensure optimum performance of your safe, please follow these simple precautions:
CLEAN HANDS - Never attempt to operate the digital keypad if your hands have excessive
dirt, debris or liquids on them.
CLEAN SAFE – To clean the surface of your safe, it is recommended that you use a mild
cleaner (e.g., window cleaner) to avoid scratching or discoloring the surface. Always wipe dry
and NEVER use abrasive cleansers on the safe or digital keypad.
MOISTURE – We recommend that you place delicate items such as pictures or intricate
jewelry into an air-tight container before storing them in your safe. Avoid placing your safe in
areas of high humidity. For optimum performance, the safe should be opened and aired out for
at least 20 minutes every two weeks.
For future reference, store this Operation and Installation Guide in a secure area away from the



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